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Madison Shamoun Parents: Rebekah And Wamidh Shamoun

People have loved to see Madison Shamoun in her portrayal of Billie on the show The Lake, which now also streams on Amazon Prime. Prior to this, the UCLA alum also appeared on All American and BlackAF. Now, in the remaining writing, we shall tell you about her parents.

Who Are Madison Shamoun’s Parents?

Madison Shamoun was born on 10 April 1996 in San Diego, California. She was also raised here by her parents.

Madison’s parents are really proud of her. In September 2020 for instance, her mother took to her Facebook to tell everyone Madison, her “princess” has grown into a Queen. She then praised her work ethic and about how she lives and loves so deeply. She gushed that her daughter has been coordinating everything including eating well working out, having multiple jobs, and the auditions and rejection. Madison is not just hers but the whole family’s inspiration she said.

Meet Rebekah Shamoun, Madison Shamoun’s Mother

Madison Shamoun’s mother is Rebekah K Shamoun. She reached the age of 50 on 26 February 2023. Also, she is the daughter of Vergennes, Vermont residing Pamela “Pam” S Cross who turned 73 in October 2022. “Happy Birthday to you Mom! Hope we can see each other soon and be silly together. We all love and miss you!”, Rebekah wrote on her Facebook on 23 October 2020.

Scott E Cross is Rebekah’s father, it seems. Besides, she has a sister called Lisa DeMilt, a former Mount Abraham Unified High School student. Lisa reached the age of 55 in June 2023.

Speaking of Rebekah’s family tree, her maternal grandfather Ernest S. Clifford (who died on 5 October 2014 at the age of 91) was born in North Pomfret to Elton W. and Constance M. (Strong) Clifford. On her father’s side, her grandmother Marie F. Cross of Essex Road, Willsboro (passed aged 84 on 28 July 2019) was born in Lewis to Graydon and Gertrude (Havens) Jenney. She later married Charles L. Cross who predeceased her on 15 January 2004.

As for Rebekah’s job/career, it is not known what she has been doing up until now.

Meet Wamidh Shamoun, Madison Shamoun’s Father

Madison Shamoun’s father is Wamidh Shamoun. He reached the age of 45 on 16 August 2022. On the same day in 2016, his wife Rebekah had taken to her Facebook to wish him a ‘happy 39th birthday’.

Wamidh, unlike his family, can not be found on social media. Even so, it is known that he has had a career as a salesman at Baker Electric Home Energy, which is a solar panel installation, heating, and cooling company built on over 85 years of electrical contracting expertise. They have been enabling Southern California homeowners to generate, manage and use their power to save money, enhance their family’s lifestyle and protect the planet. On their website, we can see clients reviewing their service. Many have rated it well and written good things about its employee Wamidh. “He was knowledgeable, honest, not pushy, and helpful from the first call thru the entire installation process. He took the time to check and explain my pool pump and how it functioned”, one consumer reviewed.

Related FAQs

  • Are Madison Shamoun’s Parents Still Married?

Yes. It seems so.

From the look of things on the Shamouns’ social media, we can likely believe that Madison Shamoun’s parents are still together and married.

Rebekah especially on her Facebook, often mentions her husband and gushes how great he is and all. On 21 June 2020, next to a solo picture of him, she wrote “Happy Father’s Day to the one we all adore Wamidh Shamoun!❤️”.

Also, back in 2016, when she wished him a happy birthday, a friend of theirs commented “Happy Anniversary!” below the post and Rebekah replied her saying “We did meet on his Birthday 21 years ago. But it’s his B-Day. Thx!”. That means Madison’s parents met back in 1995 and have been together ever since.

  • How Many Kids Do Madison Shamoun’s Parents Have?

Madison Shamoun’s parents have two more kids. They are her sister Sophia and brother Max, AKA Maximos. Often, Madison and her mother mention them on their respective social media platforms. And from these, one can tell the matriarch is just as proud of her other kids.

On 3 November 2015, when Sophia turned 12, her mom shared on the internet, some of the prettiest pictures of them together and next to it wrote “Happy 12th Birthday to Sweet Sassy Sophia!!!😘❤️👧🏽🎁🎂🎈”.

Again on national daughter’s day once, Rebekah celebrated her daughter on Facebook writing, “Happy National Daughter’s Day to these two beauties! My heart is so full and I am incredibly grateful to call them my daughters.”

On 28 June 2020, most lately, Rebekah congratulated her son Maximos for graduating from college that year. “We are so proud of you!❤️”, she gushed.

Speaking of Madison, her passion for musical theater and talents for acting, dancing, and singing were very early on discovered by her parents. The self-described “weird, witty, hard-working” Madison is looking to grow in her craft and challenge even more in the coming days.

  • Where Do Madison Shamoun’s Parents Reside?

Madison Shamoun’s parents originally hail from El Cajon, a city in San Diego County, California, in the United States. To unversed, the city takes its name from Rancho El Cajón, which was in turn named for the box-like shape of the valley that surrounds the city, which is also the origin of the city’s common nickname of “the Box”.

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