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Makayla Halstead Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Temptation Island

Makayla Halstead is a flirty free spirit who was known to bail when the honeymoon phase wears off. But after three years of being single, she’s ready for a long-term commitment, and thus, has joined the cast of Temptation Island season 5.

Let’s get to know her better as this Makayla Halstead Bio proceeds.

Makayla Halstead On Temptation Island

USA Network’s Temptation Island is back for its fifth installment, and it brings eight single women and seven single men to the Island to party with four couples as they figure out where their relationships stand. Obviously, the presence of these singles — wandering around and partying it up in the villa — isn’t making things easier for the couples. But then again, this is exactly what they signed up for, give into temptation or stay loyal to their one true love!

Our star, Makayla Halstead was one of the 13 singles bringing in the heat in season 5. However, unlike a few, she wasn’t on the show to just have a good time. She’s already done so for the past few years. Now,  the self-proclaimed ghoster is prioritizing relationships.

“Makayla is ready to commit to a partner who’s as independent and passionate as she is,” her USA Insider bio read.

Joining Makayla for the fifth installment of the show were the ladies Abby Bryan, Alexius Adams, Desiree Almeida, Marjorie Guaracho, Nafeesah Terry, Tamie Lawson, and Tia Hairston. As for the single men, they were Brice Robinson, Griffin Grady, Kristian Barbarich, Tahjicc Smith, Christian Tesoriero, Sebastian Barraza, and Michael Zappa.

Makayla Halstead Boyfriend

Makayla Halstead was in a six-year toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She  “lost herself” to be with him, and she ended up doing whatever the other person wanted to do. Thankfully, the two separated before 2019, and thereafter, Makayla stayed single for three years before appearing on Temptation Island.

In the experimental dating show, Makayla connected with Hall Toledano almost immediately. The former said that Hall “reminds her of her family, so it feels very homely,” and feelings reciprocated, the latter picked Makayla to go on a date with during the show.

Unfortunately, Makayla and Hall couldn’t work things out as the latter was still hoping to mend his relationship with his fiancee Kaitlin Tufts, which they did!

Hall and Kaitlin started their relationship eight years before participating in the reality TV show. However, three years into their relationship, Hall broke things up with Kaitlin because he was feeling terrified of commitment and also because he wanted to date other women.

Knowing that confessing was better than cheating, Kaitlin accepted Hall’s request and they parted ways.

However, a year and a half later, the duo resumed their relationship, with Hall claiming that even when he was with other women, she was all he could think about. But while the proclamations of love did make her happy, Kaitlin was still hurting. That’s why, even after getting engaged, she was skeptical that they would be able to make it through.

“I was really blindsided by the breakup, so I was really hurt,”  Kaitlin said.

On the other hand, Hall’s hopes for marriage only continued to increase. “Hopefully, we’ll be married soon after this and be together and have a wonderful, loving life,” he said in the show.

So, ironically, Makayla saved their relationship.

How Old Is Makayla Halstead?

Makayla Halstead was 25 years of age when Temptation Island premiered in 2023. But she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Also, she is 11 years younger than Hall.

Makayla Halstead Family

Makayla Halstead comes from a family of four.

Her father, Taylor Halstead is a Linn–Benton Community College graduate who said that he’s “married to the greatest woman in the world,” Makayla’s mother Robyn Halstead.

Taylor and Robyn both turned 57 in 2022.

Unfortunately, her little brother Hunter Halstead was born with autism. Thus, Makayla took it upon herself to teach and support Hunter by working through his homework with him every night at the age of 6.

Trivia: Makayla has an uncle named Rod Halstead who worked as a Foreman at Fairview Apiaries.

How Tall Is Makayla Halstead?

Makayla Halstead stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her distinct features include emerald eyes and a voluptuous body.

Makayla Halstead Job

Makayla Halstead is a social media star, educator, babysitter, and dance teacher.

By 2023, she had already been teaching dance at Revolution Academy of Dance for almost 7 years and babysitting at for over 12 years.

As per Makayla’s parents, her calling to pursue teaching began at a young age when all she wanted to do was teach her stuffed animals about her day at school. Then, she tutored her autistic little brother at home, and soon, she was tutoring students from various elementary schools to help them better understand Math, Science, and English.

In September 2010, she then officially started her career as a teacher at Periwinkle Elementary. But she left the school in 2016, to study at Oregon State University, followed by Northern Arizona University where she got her Bachelor of Education – BEd, Elementary Education and Teaching degree.

Now, Makayla has also joined Levitt Medical Aesthetic as its Receptionist, answering phone calls, managing emails, understanding computer systems, managing clients, and more.

Besides this, the reality star has turned to a life of a content creator and has already garnered thousands of fans on her social media — IG and Playboy’s OnlyFans-style app, Centerfold.

On top of this, Makayla seems to have dabbled in modeling as well.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Makayla Halstead Birthday?

Makayla receives her birthday wishes on March 12 and is of the Pisces zodiac.

  • Is Makayla Halstead On Instagram And Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @makayla.halstead and Facebook @makayla.halstead.

Also, here’s her TikTok @makaylahalstead0 and Twitter @MakaylaRenne.

  • Where Is Makayla Halstead From?

Makayla hails from Albany, OR.

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