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Mallory Zapata Bio, Family, Height, Age, Job, Love Is Blind

Usually, participants of Love is Blind are looking for love for themselves, but Mallory Zapata came as a package deal. She and her really big German Shepherd Rosie (who shed a lot) were in search of that one guy who’d just treat them right.

Let’s explore more of this contestant’s life as this Mallory Zapata Bio proceeds.

Love Is Blind 2: Are Mallory Zapata And Salvador Perez Still Together?

Yes, we believe Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez are still together, as of 2022.

Netflix’s Love is Blind season 2 aired on Feb 11, 2022, and there appeared a cast of 30 singles (15 male and 15 female), based in Chicago, ready to blind date in pods and get engaged without ever laying eyes on one another.

Among those 15 males, Mallory Zapata felt a spark the moment she came across Salvador Perez. And it wasn’t just Salvador’s alluring voice that caught Mallory’s attention. The two shared the same Latino heritage and family values, came from big households with 3 siblings each, and they even seemed to be on the same page about everything related to their beliefs. No wonder, the conversation went smooth.

But since this was a dating show, Mallory had to explore other opportunities as well. And by other opportunities, we meant her interest in Jarrette AKA her “JerBear.” The two bonded quite well — they played a game of Never Have I Ever, talked about future expectations, and Jarrette even performed an original song he’d prepared for his date.

However, when Jarrette asked Mallory what she’d do if he were to propose, she couldn’t help but be true to herself that she was already taken by Salvador.

So, there arrived Salvador down on one knee, “I know you will take nothing more than my best. You have, like, my best in your hands right now, and falling in love with you has changed me as a person. Mallory, will you marry me?” he proposed. Of course, Mallory replied “Yes!”

The two then got engaged, headed for a romantic getaway to Mexico, and always talked things out when things got heated.

Though they didn’t reveal much about the other over socials, we believe they were together.

Mallory Zapata Age

Mallory Zapata was 32 years of age when she first appeared on Love is Blind in 2022.

She is a year older than Salvador who was born on March 29, 1991.

Mallory Zapata Job

Mallory Zapata is a communications manager. As of 2022, she was working as a “strategic communications consultant” at Public Communications Inc. for over 9 years.

According to Mallory, her job there was to manage project management, client and media relations, and do the writing and researching used in client programs.

Before joining Public Communications Inc, Mallory completed a 3-month summer fellow internship program at Big Shoulders Fund. There she reportedly, designed, produced, and distributed marketing materials to increase awareness for primary and secondary Catholic education.

This  Love is Blind star has also been the brand ambassador of Banana Republic from March 2010  to Jan 2011.

Also, she once worked as a promoter for OnSite Promotions from June 2005 to July 2007, where she pitched marketing campaigns and promotions to the Hispanic community at events such as the Puerto Rican festival in Chicago.

In light of her achievements, Mallory has been honored with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Skyline Awards two times so far.

As for her education, Mallory graduated with a BA in Public Relations and Advertising from Loyola University Chicago in 2011.

Is Mallory Zapata On Instagram?

Yes, as of Feb 2022, Mallory entertained 2.8K followers over IG @malloryzapata. Most of her posts then featured her family, friends, and her dog.

Also, here’s her Twitter @MalloryZapata1.

Mallory Zapata Family

Mallory Zapata comes from a family of at least five. 

Her parents, Paul and Sharon Zapata, were still together as of 2022, running in their 50th year of marriage. According to Mallory, it was her dad and mom who taught her “how beautiful marriage can be but also how much hard work it takes to make it last.”

Furthermore, Mallory described her mother to be a kind-hearted lady who always worked at Mallory’s school to be near them, and help everyone she can. “I have people of all ages come up to me all the time and tell me how much they love my mom and the difference she made in their lives,” she explained.

Her mother, Sharon turned 70 on April 11, 2021.

Likewise, Sharon’s dad was above 70 too. He celebrates his birthday on Jan 16.

Talking about Sharon’s siblings, she has a sister who showed her how to be “a strong, independent woman.”

Also, Mallory is blessed with a handsome nephew who graduate high school in 2018.

Sadly, Mallory’s maternal grandfather has already passed away.

Mallory Zapata Height

Mallory Zapata stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mallory Zapata Birthday?

Mallory receives her birthday wishes on March 16, making her a proud Pisces.

  • Where Is Mallory Zapata From?

She hails from Chicago.

  • How Much Is Mallory Zapata Net Worth?

Mallory Zapata garnered a net worth of above $400 thousand by 2022.

For reference, her job as a Communications Manager paid an average of around $85 thousand per annum in the Chicago, IL Area.

And With all that hard-earned money, Mallory bought her first home back in 2018.

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