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Natalie Lee Bio, Height, Parents, Age, Job, Love Is Blind

It’s been 2 years since the pioneer season of Love Is Blind aired on Netflix. And now, seeing a fresh batch of 30 faces on its season installment, fans are super excited to learn about each participant. But among them, Natalie Lee was making quite a wave, after viewers saw her quavering, “I think I’m at a breaking point” on the show’s trailer.

So, who is she? This Natalie Lee Bio explores her life.

Love Is Blind 2: Are Natalie Lee And Shayne Jansen Still Together?

From the looks of it, Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen don’t seem to be together as of 2022. Why? Well, let’s go back to the moment when Natalie first met Shayne.

Among the 15 males who competed on Netflix’s Love is Blind season 2, Natalie was instantly hit by Shayne’s charm and his unique voice. However, Natalie wasn’t the only one. She had a competitor, Shaina Hurley (a hairstylist looking for a godly man), who mostly flirted with the ripped guy.

Moreover, things got complicated when Shayne mistook Natalie’s voice for Shaina’s and instantly asked what she was wearing. But he also made things all right the very next day, offering Natalie the label of girlfriend. And meanwhile, Shayne amended for not recognizing Natalie, Shaina decided to back off entirely.

Thus, with her competitor out of the way, Shayne was completely Natalie’s. The two discussed their family, profession, and future expectations (on the second day itself) and felt secure about the other beyond a doubt.

Finally, on the decision day, Shayne got down on his knee and purposed to Natalie. However, be he could do that, Shaina (engaged to Kyle) again came back into the picture to confess that she had deep feelings for him. Naturally, she was shut down!

The connection between Natalie and Shayne was just as electric as their emotional one. Some even labeled them to be the strongest couple that season. Although they did have their fair share of issues, due to Shayne and different communication styles, the two managed to work things out.

Unfortunately, the couple didn’t seem like they were in touch as of 2022 — not even on social media. But do keep in mind that neither of them confirmed or denied their relationship at the of writing this article.

Natalie Lee Age

Natalie Lee was 29 years of age when she first appeared on Love is Blind in 2022.

She is three years youngest than the then 32-year-old real estate agent Shayne.

Natalie Lee Job

Natalie Lee is a consulting manager.

For those who don’t know, her job as a “consulting manager” enables her to initiate and implement performance reviews/contract compliance reviews for state commissions and utilities. Also, she is the one who communicates with clients to manage their expectations, lead change efforts and ensure satisfaction.

A consulting manager in Chicago, IL, reportedly made around $138 thousand per annum.

Besides that, Natalie now is also a reality star.

Promoting herself, Natalie took it to her IG on Feb 2, 2022, to write, “Watch my journey starting Feb 11th on @netflix @loveisblindnetflix.”

As for her Love is Blind partner, Shayne Jansen is a real state broker, who was working at RNP Group Real Estate. The guy started his career in 2012, after grafting from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Back then, he worked as a business intern at Eastbay, F&W Media, and Hassel.

Who Are Natalie Lee Parents?

Natalie Lee didn’t reveal her parents’ names. However, we do know that they are still in her life.

The last we saw Natalie with her dad was when they visited Park and National Palace of Pena, Sintra, Portugal in Feb 2019. Also, later that year, Natalie went on a vacation with her mother and sister to a nostalgic lighthouse. She even uploaded two comparison pictures 19 years apart, posing from the same place.

Trivia: Natalie has a cousin named Kaylen Berling who lived in  Dublin, Ohio with her husband Alex. She is a Business/Marketing graduate of The Ohio State University who went on to become a client solutions manager at Meta.

Natalie Lee Height

Natalie Lee stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

Her distinct features include — dark hair, brown eyes, and an oval face.

Is Natalie Lee On Instagram?

Yes, as of Feb 2022, Natalie entertained 4.8K followers over Instagram @natalieminalee. Most of her posts then featured herself and her adventures.

Also, here’s her TikTok @natalieminalee.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Natalie Lee Birthday?

Natalie Lee reportedly celebrates her birthday in March, making her either of Pisces or Aries zodiac.

Whereas, Shayne celebrates his on May 10 and is of the Taurus zodiac. 

  • Where Is Natalie Lee From?

She hails from Chicago, which she “don’t miss.”

Well, considering the places Natalie has been to, it’s no wonder she doesn’t miss her hometown. So far, Natalie has visited Portugal, Korea, Tanzania, and a few states in the US.

  • How Much Is Natalie Lee Net Worth?

By 2022, Natalie Lee garnered a net worth of under $500 thousand.

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