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Manasseh Samone Bio, Height, Family, Dating, The Voice

The Voice contestant, Manasseh Samone has a voice so good, she skipped the Knockout rounds and directly advanced to the Playoff rounds after judge Chance used his first Playoff Pass on her.

Keep reading this Manasseh Samone Bio to learn more about her.

Manasseh Samone On The Voice

After receiving no chair turns on The Voice auditions season 22, Manasseh Samone returned to the competition the next year with Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” Mesmerized judge Chance then immediately turned his chair around.“These folks crazy,” the rapper said. “They didn’t turn around! This is the biggest blessing of the show so far. I can’t believe I just got you like that!”

Judge Kelly, who didn’t turn her chair around, then chimed in labeling Manasseh’s performance “incredible.” She also revealed that the only reason she didn’t turn around was that Manasseh was “still fighting with the tug-of-war of like technique and passion.”

Nial agreed with Kelly. 

As for Blake, he congratulated her at the end. “That was incredible,” he said. Couldn’t be more happy for you. You made it onto The Voice, so congratulations.”

Naturally, Manasseh then became a part of Team Chance.

Fast-forward to the March 27 ep of the season, she went up against the trio of Sorelle on Adele’s “Someone Like You,” before Chance announced the show’s first-ever Playoff Pass.

“She’s heads and tails above the competition in my eyes,” he explained. “She has the strongest voice, she has the experience of being on this stage before and I think Manasseh totally deserved to skip the next round.”

Elated, Manasseh later shared in an interview, “The playoff pass is very rewarding. Everyone else has to battle it out and you can just sit back and watch.”

However, Manasseh might be the first one to get a playoff pass, but she wasn’t the only one. Mary Kate Connor from Team Blake, Ryley Tate Wilson from Team Niall, and D. Smooth from Team Kelly, also received the newly introduced pass.

How Old Is Manasseh Samone?

Manasseh Samone was 23 years of age when she appeared on The Voice in 2023.

She is the same age as her co-contestants Holly Brand, and Rachel Christine Gebel.

Manasseh Samone Family

Manasseh Samone comes from a family of at least. Sadly, her parents separated when she was young, and her father disappeared from her life until late 2022.

On the other hand, her mother Vanessa Allen has always been there for her. The singer revealed that her mother was the strongest person she knew. “Mom you are the best that has ever happened to us. Cause even after everything that we’ve gone through you always find a way to stay true, and encouraging to us,” she wrote on FB.

Also, on Vanessa’s birthday (i.e. on August 11) in 2019, she took to her FB to share that her mother has been “nothing but a magnificent compassionate kind caring loving person.” She added, “You have so much in you then you don’t even realize. I am beyond grateful to call you my mother and I am beyond grateful for you being here another year.”

Talking a little about what her mother like — Vanessa loves Italian salad, she likes Gospel music, her favorite animals are Birds and dogs, and her favorite sweet is Bundt Cakes 

Find her on Facebook @Vanessa Allen.

Now, coming to her siblings, Manasseh loves her 5-year-older brother Quiness Durham. You might have seen him in her TikTok videos. “I love you soo much and I love how selfless you are. how caring you are and compassionate you are. I love the heart you have for people,” Manasseh praised him on FB.

Also, Manasseh’s close to her supportive sister Arza SoLuxury Amor.

Arza’s a Digital creator who worked at Black Girl Luxury. In 2023, she lived in  Dallas, Texas, with her daughter Destini, who was born on August 26, 2012.

Manasseh Samone Job

Manasseh is a professional singer. She’s trained in classical and opera music. However, as of 2023, she has yet to release her own song.

When Manasseh’s not singing, she loves to play video games. Infact, Manasseh’s good at shooting games so much that her sister tagged her as a “gamer.”

As for Manasseh’s education, she attended Cedar Hill High School and Richland Community College.

Manasseh Samone Height

Manasseh Samone stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Fun Fact: Manasseh once asked her TikTok followers to guess her height — but the comment section was empty!

Is Manasseh Samone Dating Anyone?

Manasseh Samone was single when she appeared on The Voice in 2023, and she intended to keep it that way. According to her, she has been “put last” in every relationship she’s ever been in. So, she’s got no more “lover girl” in her.

The last man she dated was still featured on her FB post (dated May 22, 2022).

Check out her ex-boyfriend out here.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Manasseh Samone Birthday?

Manasseh celebrates her birthday on January 3 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • Where Is Manasseh Samone From?

Manasseh didn’t reveal her hometown. But in 2023, she resided in The Colony, Texas.

  • Is Manasseh Samone On Instagram And Facebook?

As of May 2023, find her on Instagram @manasseh.samone with 11.3K followers.

Also, here’s her TikTok @manassehsamone and Facebook @ManassehSamone.

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