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Who Are D Smooth Parents: Anthony And Michelle Mitchell?

Anthony Mitchell and Michelle Mitchell are the parents of The Voice‘s D Smooth. Who are his folks? How old are they? What do they do for a living? Are they still married?

The answer unfolds as this article proceeds.

The Voice: Who Are D Smooth Parents?

The Voice competitor D Smooth is the son of Anthony Mitchell and Michelle Mitchell. He was born to his folks as David Mitchell.

Growing up in the close-knit rural community of Mulga, just north of Birmingham, D.Smooth began singing in a church choir, just like many other Southerners do. According to NBC shared, “D.Smooth grew up in the rural countryside and his entire extended family all lived on the same street. He feels blessed that his family was close by to keep him grounded.”

“It was one way in, one way out, with two churches in the neighborhood,” D.Smooth said. D. Smooth used to play in a jazz band as a child. He was pushing himself as a multi-sport student-athlete through high school and college, though, at the same time.

Talking about D Smooth, he is 25 years old. David performed Ed Sheeran’s Perfect on his audition season 23. “It was very strategic with me picking that song,” D.Smooth said. “I knew the coaches knew it.” As he started, D.Smooth’s nerves were undoubtedly a little raw. He was singing behind the celebrity judges Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson as well. That is how “The Voice” operates. The coaches must be sufficiently awed by you for them to want to turn around.

What made D Smooth choose the Grammy-winning Texas singer/songwriter in addition to purchasing the great Team Kelly jacket, which he claimed to have been wearing constantly? “Kelly, she captures me,” D.Smooth said. “I love Kelly, and I’m a big fan of her, and what she stands for in the music realm. She’s just an A-list person. An A-list vocalist. Country and Southern roots, just like me.”

D Smooth arrived in Montgomery in 2016 while attending Faulkner University. “I don’t have no family here, but we have ties in Montgomery,” D.Smooth said. “My mom went to Alabama State, and I have a plethora of family that went to Alabama State.”

He started performing music gigs at 18. It wasn’t a completely “smooth” process for him, he admits. After a year-and-a-half at Faulkner, D.Smooth went back to Birmingham for a while to work. But Montgomery called him home in 2019.

D Smooth nearly found himself in the national limelight in 2021. He had been chosen to participate in “The Voice’s” blind auditions for that season. “That was my first time even getting on a plane, to be honest, let alone going to California,” he said.
“I’m grateful I got to experience everything that came with it. I was on the last day to go, and the teams got filled before it was my turn, so I didn’t get to audition.”

“Music became my wife then,” D.Smooth said. “At first it was like my girlfriend, or like my side piece. But it became my wife, and I treat her right now.”

Meet Anthony Mitchell, D Smooth Father

D Smooth or David Mitchell’s dad is named Anthony Mitchell. On his father’s 50th birthday in February 2020, he wished his dad, “Good person, hustler, selfless, gentleman; better father. Y’all help me wish Amp/Peanut/Ant a happy 50th! Thank you for growing me up the right way to be an even better man! Never been absent & I’m Forever grateful pops. Love u OG 💙 Anthony Mitchell.”

On Father’s Day the same year, D Smooth wished his dad, “Happy Father’s Day to my very talented, OG. I appreciate you & love u big dawg! 🖤 Anthony Mitchell.”

  • Anthony Mitchell Age

Anthony Mitchell was born in February 1970. He is currently 53 years old.

  • Anthony Mitchell Job

Based on the Facebook post of Anthony Mitchell, he is likely running a bakery business in Birmingham, Alabama. He attended Minor High School.

  • Is Anthony Mitchell On Instagram?

No, Anthony Mitchell is not on Instagram. But, you can find him on Facebook.

Meet Michelle Mitchell, D Smooth Mother

D Smooth’s mother is named Michelle Mitchell. On Mother’s Day 2022, David wished his mother, “Happy Mama Day to the boss lady! Love you and grateful for you mama! Michelle Berry- Mitchell.”

In March 2023, before D’s audition on The Voice, she supported him via a Facebook post writing, “Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow March 6, and Tuesday, March 7 for the premiere of “The VOICE”!! Be sure the follow David’s music page Dsmoothmusic for all the updates! Tune in on NBC or stream on Peacock TV! #thevoice #nbc #nbcthevoice Let’s get it! Team D.Smooth!.”

  • Michelle Mitchell Age

Michelle Mitchell’s birth year is 1971. So, in March 2023, she turned 52 years old.

  • Michelle Mitchell Job

Michelle Mitchell is an educator at Jefferson County Board of Education according to his LinkedIn. Besides that, there are no further details about Michelle’s career.

  • Is Michelle Mitchell On Instagram?

Michelle Mitchell is not on Instagram. You can find her on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are D Smooth Parents Still Married?

Yes, D Smooth’s parents are still married to each other. Michelle and Anthony went to high school (class of 1989) together so they have been together since their time as a teenager.

  • Where Do D Smooth Parents Reside?

D Smooth’s parents reside in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • How Many Kids Do D Smooth Parents Have? 

D Smooth has an older sister named Breonna Mitchell. Breonna is currently 29 years old.

She is currently residing in Mulga, Alabama, and is currently living in Minor, Alabama.

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