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Maniya Essence Canty Bio, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Lifetime’s Million Dollar Hustle was all about Stormy Wellington aiding the female leaders — personally and financially — succeed in their hustles. And surprisingly, the cast also included Stormy’s own daughter, Maniya Essence Canty, all set up to follow in her mother’s footsteps and add another million to her net worth.

Keep reading this Maniya Essence Canty Bio to learn all about her.

Maniya Essence Canty On Million Dollar Hustle

Million Dollar Hustle season 1 premiered on Mar 17, 2022, and there appeared Stormy Wellington with her “Circle of Bosses” including Maniya who faced off each other to be in Stormy’s inner elite circle.

Joining Maniya this season were her co-stars — Dianna Williams, Nathalie Nicole Smith, Ana Cantera, Bawselady, Tammy Price, and Bianca Shadai.

But meanwhile, every participant competed to be close to Stormy; Maniya, who already is the self-made millionaire’s daughter, was featured more from the personal life story of Stormy. For instance, the mother-daughter was captured having a fallout after Maniya unknowingly had dinner with a woman that her mother did not like.

Later, though an IG live, Maniya even revealed that her mother kicked her out of the house for that reason. “You don’t do that to your child,” she shared in the IG live. Also, though she acknowledged the fact that her mother loved her, she wasn’t happy about Stormy’s “weird way of showing it.”

But that’s all in the past now, Maniya and Stormy have since mended their relationship. In an IG post (dated Feb 28, 2022), Maniya shared a picture alongside her mother, captioned, “You only get one mom, cherish her. – Note to self.”

Likewise, Stormy made an IG post herself accusing those around her of trying to come between them. “She knows my heartbeat from the inside @maniya_ you sickos really tried to separate us.. this is how I learned spiritual attacks!!! You won’t win though my God is in control,” she wrote.

Wondering how much of the show is real? Well, as for as well know the show’s totally legit. If you feel like Stormy and her fellow Circle of Bosses are a little much at times, it’s only because they share the same confidence which got them where they are today.

Maniya Essence Canty Net Worth

Maniya Essence Canty’s reported net worth was around $1 million in 2022.

Growing up, watching her mother build herself from the scratch, Maniya had entrepreneurship instilled in her. She now runs Pure Essence University, an educational community designed to provide guidance, inspiration, and resources to entrepreneurs.

Also, Maniya is the owner of a clothing line, Pre Essence fashion. Her company was incorporated in February 2022 and was scheduled to relaunch again in 2022.

Besides this, Maniya is also a health influencer. She has had a lot of positive reviews from her clients including Terri Aulder, an entrepreneur. “Thank You So Much To My Coach @maniyaessence For Showing Up And Motivating Me To Show Up For Myself,” Terri once wrote over her IG.

As an influencer, Maniya has also endorsed brands like Fruit Punch Instant Tea, NutraBurst, and Náutica Sea Moss.

Furthermore, Maniya has also added the “reality star” title to her portfolio. However, IMDb had yet to enlist her to Million Dollar Hustle credits, as of March 2022.

Who Is Maniya Essence Canty Father?

Maniya Essence Canty’s father remained anonymous.

Though the show featured the personal side of Stormy Wellington, it never really focused on her love life. However, we do know that Stormy was once married to Deandre Pearson, with whom she bears a son named Hennessy Pearson. And their divorce, she went on to marry Darryl Jones and had another son named Darryl Jones Jr.

So, that makes Hennessy Pearson, Maniya’s older half-brother. As of 2022, Hennessy (25 years of age) lived in Miami, Florida, and was working as a fitness instructor. Also, he is the owner of the “Eat.Live.Fit” app. He’s established himself pretty well in the fitness industry and flaunts over 140K followers over his IG @iamhennessyfitness.

As for Maniya’s younger half-brother Darryl Jones Jr, we don’t have much information about him. But we did spot him once over Stormy’s IG on May 26, 2019. He was still a kid then.

Maniya Essence Canty Age

Maniya Essence Canty was 22 years of age when she appeared on Million Dollar Hustle in 2022.

She was probably the youngest cast that season.

Maniya Essence Canty Measurements

Maniya Essence Canty’s body measurements were 34-25-39 inches.

Her distinct features include — dark hair, an oval face, and a fit body.

Does Maniya Essence Canty Have A Boyfriend?

Maniya Essence Canty remained private about her relationship. So, we’ve no idea if she has a boyfriend or not.

But looking at her determination, one thing’s confirmed — Maniya will never let her relationship hinder her work ethic.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Maniya Essence Canty Birthday?

Maniya receives her birthday wishes on November 15, making her of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • Is Maniya Essence Canty On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @maniya_ and @maniyaessence.

Also, here’s her Facebook @maniya.canty.14.

  • How Tall Is Maniya Essence Canty?

Maniya stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

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