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Bawselady Meek Bio, Age, Real Name, Husband, Net Worth

Meet Bawselady Meek, one of the casts of Lifetime’s TV show Million Dollar Hustle. Although the business in the show was labeled “pyramid scheme” the show seems pretty intriguing for young entrepreneurs. The show was filmed in Florida, Miami.

From here on, you’ll learn about Bawselady Meek. This article uncovers age, real name, career, husband, and kids.

Bawselady Meek On Million Dollar Hustle

The new Lifetime TV show was created by female entrepreneurs who want to improve the financial status of other women. Viewers will see luxurious lifestyles supported by a harsh, competitive world of selling things and events at all costs, as well as self-branding at all costs, on the show.

The show follows Stormy Wellington, a health and fitness influencer, author, entrepreneur, and self-made millionaire, and her Circle of Bosses, an elite club of unstoppable leaders.

One such leader is Bawselady Meek entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and mindset coach. Joining her are Maniya Essence Canty, Bianca Shadai, Ana Cantera, Dianna Williams, Tammy Price, and Nathalie Nicole Smith. The show premiered on 17 March 2022 on Lifetime.

Bawselady Meek Net Worth

Bawselday Meek has a total net worth above $3 million but it wasn’t always like that for her.

She had a humble beginning and grew up in a single-parent household. Her mother, a Jamaican immigrant, worked three jobs so she boasts that she raised herself on several social media posts. Nevertheless, her mom enrolled her at Catholic High School and paid for her tuition. At 14, she got her first job.

Bawselday became a teenage single parent and college wasn’t her option because she had to take care of her daughter. At age 18, she worked two jobs. She moved from Philadelphia to Miami and started working at Brandsmart USA as a cashier. She then worked as a saleswoman selling TVs for 10 years until she got fired.

Bawselady used $50 out of her last check to buy 5 rings at GoJane and started her jewelry business in 2013. She re-invested her profit in her business. In 2014, her business started booming but spent over $1 million on materialistic stuff to look like people on social media. And in 2015, she was back to where she started.

But, she learned from that process and thrived starting from 2015.

In an interview with Bossip, Bawselday shared, “I only made $180 in my first month. My goal was to double up everything and I just kept pushing. The following year in February 2014, I made $120,000 in 28 days. I just grinded those shapers, God just blessed the business because he helped people to see my authenticity. That shapewear brand, in February 2022 It’ll be nine years. I’ve been in business for nine years selling those same shapers.”

Bawselady has over 7 streams of income that pay for her needs. She inspires other women with her platform Foundation to Elevation. She holds Foundation to Elevation seminars in different places. According to her, the seminar is “about setting your foundation in every area of your life, love, relationships, finances, parenting, credit, starting a business, investments and so much more.”

She has also registered a company named Endless Kreations LLC. The company was registered in February 2013. You can visit her website for more information.

Bawselday also works with Total Life Changes in networking marketing.

Does Bawselady Meek Have A Husband?

Bawselady Meek is married but shared almost no information about her husband. However, she has revealed on her Facebook that she has been with her husband since 2005. They shared their wedding vows in 2013. In September 2015 she posted on her Facebook, “Happy Anniversary to US 10 years together 2yrs of marriage”.

In December 2016, Bawselday shared another detail on her FB post, “Got him on the 1st night….11 years and counting when your not boring you can do that”. The only thing that we know about her husband is he celebrates his birthday on 2 July.

They share two daughters — Sahnai born on 27 May 2009 and Arianna Milan born on 12 June 2019.

Coming to her children, Bawselday had her first daughter Amani in 2001 as a teenager. Amani is currently 20 years old and celebrates her birthday on 6 May.

What Is Bawselady Meek Real Name?

The real name of Bawselady Meek is Sharmeeka T Brooks.

Bawselady Meek Age

Born in July 1982, Bawselady Meek turned 39 years before 2022.

Bawselady Meek Measurements

Bawselady stands tall at 5 feet 4.5 inches. over the years, she has gone through physical changes. At one point she reportedly weighed 221lbs. She tried dieting but it didn’t work for her. So, she resorted to exercise and promotes such practices with her followers.

Now she proudly flaunts her measurements of 35-25-37 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Bawselady Meek Birthday?

Bawselady Meek celebrates her birthday on 25 July.

  • Where Is Bawselady Meek From?

Bawselday Meek currently lives in Miami, Florida. She is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Is Bawselady Meek On Instagram?

Bawselady Meek is on Instagram (@_bawselady_), Twitter (@_BawseLady_), and Facebook (@BEAUTYPHULMEEKA).

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