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Marcel Radlein Today, Still Working At Villalobos?

When Tia Maria Torres decided to do Pit Bulls & Parolees, the Animal Planet show in 2009 viewers were also introduced to many people in Tia’s life. In fact, the businesswoman’s two daughters Tania and Mariah, and twin sons Kanani and Moe played a major role in the show’s success.

Fans loved seeing Tia’s sons interacting with their wives, and this show also featured another even more popular couple, Mariah Torres and her boyfriend Marcel Radlein. They looked cute together and had made each other as they both worked for Tia Maria Torres’s Villalobos Rescue Center. So, has this shared passion for helping animals kept them together today? Are they still working at Villalobos? Here’s what we know.

Pitbulls & Parolees: What Happened Between Marcel Radlein And Mariah Torres?

Born into a family of dog rescuers, Mariah Torres grew up around pit bulls. She has been wholeheartedly helping her mother’s cause since her childhood. This very devotion of hers also brought her close to Maechel Radlein when he started at Villalobos as a volunteer. They rescued many abandoned dogs and puppies from dangerous situations, fell in love, and even got married in Vegas, sometime in 2016.

However, this union was not able to go the distance as they reportedly parted ways and even got divorced, in 2018.

Naturally, Mariah was bombed on social media with questions concerning the status of their relationship. So, while replying to some of those Instagram comments, she revealed that they divorced a few months into the marriage because they realized that they want different things in life.

As for Marcel, he chose to only be open about his relationship status as being ‘divorced’, via his Facebook page.

Yet, memories of them together still was existing on Mariah’s social media at the time of this writing. In an Instagram post dated 11 February 2017, she mentioned that they made it two years. Again, one can tell from Mariah’s social media that she and Marchel were in an open relationship since 20 December 2015.

So, if it is any consolation, Mariah had once revealed that the two are still friends and that Marcel comes over sometimes to help with the dogs. But, of course, this is an update from a year back.

Mariah, as of September 2022, claimed to have found peace while living in Texas. All along, she continued to speak about the rights of the breed, the evils of dog fighting, and the underserved pit bull stereotype. And apart from the rescue, she helped manage the family’s various other businesses, including the Tahyo Tavern restaurant and Tahyo Dog Boutique.

Where Is Marcel Radlein Today?

When the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) Educational Foundation announced their winner in October, it was known that he was awarded a $2,500 scholarship sponsored by Moen. Marcel, at this point, was studying plumbing installation, service, and repair in the PHCC Plumbing Program of N.C. Some 59 nine students were selected to receive this scholarship award totaling $155,500 and Marcel was one of them. Other times, Marcel was making comments like Elon Musk being just short for “elongated muskrat” on his social media.

Is Marcel Radlein Still Working At Villalobos?

As of 2022, Marcel Radlein was not working at the Villalobos Rescue Center anymore.

On his LinkedIn, he was described as a plumber at Bolton Construction & Service of WNC, Inc. But, it was not known when he started or if he was still working there.

As per IMDB, Marcel appeared in a total of 27 episodes of the Pit Bulls and Parolees series between 2016 and 2018. In the show, he was always the spirited one. He was ready to even take risks to rescue the dogs. One time he even went under an apartment with fire ants to save some puppies. The other time, we saw him promise a dog that he would not move until the dog feels comfortable enough to trust him.

Marcel Radlein Age

‘Marcel’ apparently is not his full name. Because in most places, especially for official purposes, he is identified as  Anton “Marcel” Radlein-Jap.

About his age though he turned 32 years old in 2022. He was born as the oldest child of Laurie Radlein in 1990. So, you know, Marcel’s mom studied Public Administration at the University of Central Florida.

Is Marcel Radlein On Instagram?

Marcel Radlein did have an Instagram account (@onewaytrax) at one point. But, he was no longer using it by November 2022. So, until this time, he was just on the ‘Anton Marcel Radlein’ Facebook account where his BIO read “Don’t wait to thunder till your six feet under”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Marcel Radlein From?

Marcel Radlein comes from his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2022 though he had been staying around Asheville of North Carolina.

  • When Is Marcel Radlein Birthday?

According to Marcel Radlein’s mom, his birthday is on June 20th. Based on this, one can that Marcel’s birth sign is Gemini.

  • How Tall Is Marcel Radlein?

Marcel Radlein stands below 6 feet in height. When he showed up on TV fans not only thought he was handsome but also were obsessing with his tattoos. So, at the time, Marcel even talked about the tales of it on the show. For instance, he introduced one of the tattoos on his hand as a Cthulhu, which is like a fictional character from H.P. Lovecraft. He also described Cthulhu as the beast that comes when the world ends.

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