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Maribel Ramos Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Obituary, K.C. Joy

On the second episode of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever titled Be Careful of the Quiet Ones, viewers learned about the Orange County native Maribel Ramos. She became the victim of K.C. Joy, her roommate. So, learn about her story and also the updates on her family members.

Tag along with this Maribel Ramos Bio to learn more.

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever: What Happened To Maribel Ramos?

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever premiered and the five-part series gave chills to the viewers. The second episode of the show was about Maribel Ramos, a Hispanic woman with a bright future. However, her roommate K.C. Joy ruined everything for her after allegedly killing her.

It all started when Maribel needed a new roommate, as it does in every horrible roommate story. In her instance, though, allowing this new roommate into her home would be fatal. Ramos was on her way to earning a criminal justice degree from Cal State Fullerton at the time. But that wasn’t an easy road to take. She had always wanted to work in law enforcement and began her career after high school by working security at a department store.

To fulfill support for her education expenses, Maribel joined the Army and served two combat tours in Iraq. She then met K.C. via an internet ad searching for a roommate. When Joy moved in, he was quiet and reserved, hence the Worst Roommate Ever title, “Be Careful of the Quiet Ones.”

K.C. didn’t have many friends or family and feeling sorry for him, Maribel invited him to different events and the two of them became best friends. But, as they grew closer, Joy started making changes to his body like getting tattoos and plastic surgeries to look younger.

According to the show, K.C. stopped paying money to Maribel, and they were having arguments on the finances. She disappeared on 3 May 2013 but eleven days before she had called 911 to report that she was scared of her roommate.

Before her disappearance, she had another fight and she had told her boyfriend about it.

To narrow down the suspect, authorities used a search warrant to tap the computer at the local library and watched him search in real-time. They discovered him exploring the satellite for a location that led them straight to Ramos’ body. He was also seen looking into how long it takes for a human body to degrade, according to police.

His search history was so surprising that it was enough to put him in prison. They suspected that K.C. Joy smothered her in asleep and dropped her body where they found it weeks later. Joy was in love with Ramos and to keep it under control police suspected that he took her life.

Maribel Ramos Autopsy

When police discovered Maribel’s body, it was extremely decomposed to do an autopsy and confirm a definitive cause of death. But officers identified her via the dental records. So, what exactly caused her death remains unknown and it was never determined what Joy did to her.

Maribel Ramos Age At The Time Of Her Death

At the time of her death, Maribel Ramos was 36 years old.

Does Maribel Ramos Have An Obituary?

No, there was no formal obituary of Maribel Ramos.

Did Maribel Ramos Have A Boyfriend?

Yes, Maribel Ramos was dating her boyfriend Paul Lopez at the time of her death. They reportedly met each other on the online dating site Plenty of Fish. He was questioned by Orange County Police Department Detective Joey Ramirez. Using cell phone records and surveillance footage as evidence, they cleared him as a suspect.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Maribel Ramos Born?

Maribel Ramos was born in Mexico. She arrived in the United States as a baby.

  • What Do We Know About Maribel Ramos Family?

Maribel Ramos has a sister named Lucero Gonzalez who shared about the difficult time Ramos’s family went through. Lucero thought that KC was a nice old man who didn’t have a wife or child so she thought he would be a good partner for her sister. After her sister’s disappearance, she quit her job and started attending interviews.

The whole family did everything possible to find her sister. Maribel’s sister still lives in Santa Ana in Orange County, California. She has a daughter named Giselle Candejas who is 22 as of this writing. Giselle received a diploma from Cal State Fullerton on her late aunt’s behalf.

Furthermore, Maribel and Lucero lost their mother in 2009.

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