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Lucero Gonzalez Bio, Age, Today, Worst Roommate Ever

Netflix’s true crime offering, Worst Roommate Ever was a five-part documentary released on March 1, 2022. It unveiled the stories of four different former roommates, all trying to cover up their very dark pasts. Our star, Lucero Gonzalez comes into this scene as the sister of Maribel Ramos, who was murdered by her roommate KC Joy.

Let’s learn more about her as this Lucero Gonzalez Bio proceeds. 

Meet Lucero Gonzalez, Maribel Ramos Sister On Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever

“Violent con artists. Stone-cold killers.” These terrifying true stories gave birth to Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever. Among them, the story about how KC Joy murdered his roommate Maribel Ramos was featured on the very first episode of the inaugural season. This episode also had Maribel Ramos’ sister Lucero Gonzalez brought in to share about the difficult time the family went through when Maribel suddenly went missing.

The day Maribel was reported missing, she was expected at a baseball game. “She was supposed to get there and play, and she didn’t show up,” Lucero shared. So, after everyone played the game, they went to her house. And since no one answered, they called the cops right away.

Later, as they checked a surveillance camera, they saw Maribel at her apartment complex in Orange, California, on May 2, 2013 (a day before the baseball game), depositing her rent check. Also, reports shared that while Maribel’s car was still parked at the apartment, her phone, keys, and purse were missing.

Thus, the police then went on to speak with KC, about Maribel’s disappearance.

According to Lucero, KC looked like a nice older man who didn’t have any family — never had a wife or children. So, she thought he would be a good fit as a roommate for her sister, as she can work and do her school, and not worry about the things that you worry about when you have a younger roommate.

However, it seems that KC had developed feelings for Maribel, and talked about it with Lucero, only to be told that they were no match. “You’re older; she’s young. The type of partner that she needs is not you. I’m sorry, but my sister will never like you like that,” Lucero recalled her words.

Eventually, the police then discovered Maribel’s body in a remote canyon after monitoring KC’s online activity at the local library. Unfortunately, her cause of death was never determined because of how decayed her corpse was.

As for KC Joy, he was convicted of murdering Maribel Ramos and sentenced to 15 years in state prison.

Where Is Lucero Gonzalez Today?

After Maribel Ramos’s disappearance, Lucero Gonzalez went on to become the family’s spokesperson, taking a break from her job and attending interviews. She did everything possible to find her sister and kept Maribel’s name in the spotlight till she was found.

Unfortunately, it was too late by the time she was discovered, too late to even deliver proper justice. As prosecutors argued if KC was responsible for Maribel’s death or not, Maribel shared that there was no doubt in her mind the man who killed her sister, did so out of fear — the fear of losing his roommate because it became clear she did not want him.

“He has nothing. She became his god long ago,” Lucero made a statement outside an Orange County courthouse.

KC’s defense at the time was — although he was in love with Maribel, she was unstable and may have killed herself. The only thing KC did wrong was disposing of her body improperly, by allegedly leaving her in a remote canyon after discovering her dead in the apartment they shared.

Today, Maribel still lives in Santa Ana in Orange County, California, still missing her sister each day. “I can’t even explain to you the pain and the anger, but God got me through it,” she shared.

And she isn’t only enraged because Maribel was her sister. Her sister was a “wonderful example of a Latina woman (who) served the military,” and a lady who “accomplished all of her goals.”

“She made the American dream for herself,” Lucero explained.

Lucero Gonzalez Age

Lucero Gonzalez was 38 years of age when she first appeared on Worst Roommate Ever in 2022.

However, she was only 30 years of age when her 6-year-older sister Maribel was murdered in 2013.

The convicted murderer, KC Joy was 53 at the time.

Lucero Gonzalez Job

Lucero Gonzalez took a break from her job ever since her veteran sister passed away in 2013. We have no idea what she’s doing today.

Maybe the lady was busy the past year filming Worst Roommate Ever.

Is Lucero Gonzalez Married?

Yes, Lucero Gonzalez was likely at least once married in the past.

She has a daughter named Giselle Candejas (22 as of 2022) from her relationship.

Also, it was her daughter who received a diploma from Cal State Fullerton on Maribel’s behalf after her death.

The aunt-niece were very close. During Maribel’s search, one of the banners even showcased their picture captioned “COME HOME!”

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Lucero Gonzalez Reside?

Lucero resided in Orange County, CA as of 2022.

Reportedly, Maribel was born in Mexico, while Lucero was also born within the US.

  • Is Lucero Gonzalez On Instagram?

No, Lucero had no social media presence.

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