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Marie-Anne Thiébaud Bio, Today, Age, Mutt Lange

Singer Shania Twain’s new documentary Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl premiered on Netflix. The show also touched on the singer’s painful divorce and her ex-husband cheating on her with her one-time best friend. Learn where Marie-Anne Thiébaud is today.

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Marie-Anne Thiébaud And Mutt Lange: Affair, Still Together?

Marie-Anne Thiébaud was singer Shania Twain’s best friend and personal assistant. She was involved in an affair with Shania’s ex-husband Mutt Lange which resulted in the crashing down of Shania and Mutt’s 14-year-long marriage.

Robert John “Mutt” Lange and Shania met each other in 1993 at the country festival called Fan Fair. Robert “Mutt” who reached out to her record label got her number from the label and connected to her. The Zambian composer and producer married Shania in December of the same year after their six-month professional relationship took a romantic turn.

They became a power couple after that personally and professionally.

“As a producer, he is very much a director as well; very hands-on and very talented. So, he was driving in the direction of the sound. He didn’t drive the direction of my voice and never tried to change me,” Shania told The Guardian in 2018. She added, “He was never part of the creative development in that sense. He drove the instrument choices, the sound, the groove. He was a bass player as a musician, and he was very driven by the rhythm”.

The married couple welcomed their son Eja on 12 August 2001. After her vocal cords started to falter, she chose to raise her son in Switzerland.

When it seemed like nothing could go wrong, Mutt approached Shania with a decision to end their marriage. Shania chose to turn to her best friend and “confidant” Marie-Ann. According to Belfast Telegraph, the singer had hired Marie to work for her in Switzerland to look after their 46-room chateau.

Living just half a mile apart, the women had been pregnant together and when Shania worried that her marriage was on the rocks, it was Marie-Anne she confided in. While appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she told Marie, “Marie-Anne, don’t you think my husband is acting strange?” Marie replied by saying, “No, I don’t see anything strange”.

But, she painfully learns from Marie-Ann’s husband Frédéric Thiébaud that his wife was having affair with Shania’s husband Mutt. Fred told in Oprah’s show, “I said, ‘Guys, now you have to tell her. This is ridiculous. You just owe her that”. Once they refused, Fred who later became Shania’s second husband revealed it to her.

The singer of Any Man of Mine said that Frédéric was the one who truly notified her about Marie-relationship Anne with Lange during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres in 2011. Twain recalled, “I didn’t believe him and I thought for sure he was making it up. I was obviously just in denial on my part”.

Shania told Oprah, “Fred and Mutt were good friends, and Marie-Anne and I were good friends”. Shania confronted Marie-Anne calling her over to clarify what was going on. But, she refused to reveal that anything happened between her and Mutt.

In 2011, on New Year’s Day, Shania married Frédéric in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Frédéric has one daughter named Johanna Thiebaud who is currently 22 years old.

As for whether Mutt and Marie-Anne are still together, it is not clear whether they are still together or if they were ever married.

What Is Marie-Anne Thiébaud Doing Today?

In the 2011 memoir From This Moment On, Shania Twain noted that she only saw Marie-Anne once after learning of the affair. She was too nervous to say anything of note. “You panic in those situations. I didn’t know what to do,” she told The Boot. “I think there are some people in life you would say, ‘I wish I hadn’t met that person,’ or, ‘I would have been better off not knowing that person.’ But I can’t say I’d be better off because I think I’ve learned a lot from all of that.”

“I’m not even really confused because it’s obvious life just has to play out the way it’s meant to, and how can I complain with the way it ended up?” she told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show that May. “Of course it was painful. It’s more difficult, to be honest, to talk about other elements of my life with the public because the divorce and the betrayal were already splattered all over the tabloids without me having anything to do with it, and I’ve already gone through that humiliation and embarrassment. For me, I’ve already gone through that part, in the public, and now it’s easier to talk about than a lot of other things.”

She told Oprah, “I never did get any of the details. I phoned Marie-Anne, of course, and she changed her number and that was it”.

But, Marie-Anne denied all the allegations. “When marriages break up, they break up for all sorts of complicated reasons – it’s never just one reason. And those reasons should be kept private,” Thiebaud said to E! News over a phone call not long after in 2008. “If you’re looking for a person that broke up a marriage, then you have the wrong person. I’m not that person”.

She is living a completely private life so it is unclear where she is today and what is she doing.

Marie-Anne Thiébaud Age

As of 2022, Marie-Anne Thiébaud should be at least 50 years old. At the time when Shania learned about the affair in 2008, Marie-Anne was reportedly 37 years old.

Marie-Anne Thiébaud Job Now

Marie-Anne Thiebaud’s job now is unclear.

Is Marie-Anne Thiébaud On Instagram?

No, Marie-Anne Thiebaud doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Marie-Anne Thiébaud Nationality?

Marie-Anne Thiébaud is reportedly a Swiss national.

  • Did Marie-Anne Thiébaud Appear On Netflix’s Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl?

No, Marie-Anne Thiébaud didn’t appear on Netflix’s Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl.

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