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Mutt Lange Now, New Wife, Net Worth, Daughter

Mutt Lange was once a huge part of singer Shania Twain’s life. So it is only natural for him to be discussed in Netflix’s documentary Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl. The show explores the singer and music producer’s personal life and career. But, you might wonder where is he now or today? Is he still making music? Who is his new wife?

Let’s explore the available details regarding Mutt Lange’s life right here.

Meet Mutt Lange, Shania Twain Ex

After Shania Twain shot to fame, Robert John “Mutt” Lange tried to get in touch with the singer for collaboration. She called her record label and asked for her number and met her at the country festival named Fan Fair in 1993 in Nashville. Mutt’s genuine desire to collaborate with the singer they talked over the phone before the festival which lasted for three hours.

“I didn’t want to be too forward,” Shania said in the film, referring to her call with Mutt, “but in my mind, I’m saying, ‘Oh wow, if this guy made my music sound like that, that would be the dream’.” The strictly professional relationship between the two turned romantic and in December of the same year, they exchanged wedding vows.

After their marriage, Mutt and Shania worked together on her successive four albums titled; The Woman in Me (1995), Come On Over (1997), Up! (2002), and Greatest Hits (2004). They also expanded their family as they welcomed their son Eja D’Angelo Lange on August 12, 2001.

Fans of Shania and the music industry saw them as a power couple and nothing could go wrong. But, the singer’s voice started to falter and she also struggled with Lyme disease as well as dysphonia diagnoses.

Shania then decided to focus her entire attention on raising their son so they moved to Switzerland. But when things couldn’t go any wrong for Shania, her marriage crumbled after she discovered that her husband might be having an affair. It was in 2008, that Mutt approached Shania with a proposal to end their 14 years of union.

Never in her wildest dream did she suspect that the woman whose husband start an affair would be her best friend and her employee Marie-Anne Thiébaud. According to Belfast Telegraph, the singer had hired Marie to work for her in Switzerland to look after their 46-room chateau.

Living just half a mile apart, the women had been pregnant together and when Shania worried that her marriage was on the rocks, it was Marie-Anne she confided in. While appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she told Marie, “Marie-Anne, don’t you think my husband is acting strange?” Marie replied by saying, “No, I don’t see anything strange”.

It inevitable couldn’t be avoided and they ended up getting divorced and finalized it on 9 June 2010. As for Shania, when she felt that she would sink into the sorrow that the divorce brought, Marie-Anne’s then-husband Frédéric Thiébaud was present in her life and saved her from it.

Eventually, they tied the knots in 2011, in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

What Is Mutt Lange Doing Now?

Mutt Lange is reportedly still active in the music industry. He is still producing music for several artists like Muse. He chose to stay away from the media attention and not much is known about him publicly ever since his divorce from Shania.

The now-73-year-old has done it all, including producing all of Muse’s 2015 album “Drones,” co-writing Radioactive’s 2022 song “Move It,” and producing a few tracks on Bryan Adam’s most recent 2022 album “So Happy It Hurts.” In other words, in addition to Shania Twain, Mutt has collaborated with pop-rock bands, solo singers, and metal bands, including AC/DC, Def Leppard, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Nickelback.

Mutt Lange New Wife

Though there is no supporting evidence Mutt Lange is believed to have married Marie-Anne Thiébaud. They are believed to be living in Switzerland together ever since.

Is Johanna Mutt Lange’s Daughter?

No, Johanna Thiébaud is the daughter of Frédéric Thiébaud and Marie-Anne Thiébaud. She was born in 2000 and is a year older than Mutt and Shania’s son Eja. After Shania and Frédéric’s marriage, Johanna likely stayed with her father.

Johanna is on Instagram (@johanna.thb) but her profile is private. She seems relatively inactive on the platform as it only contains 3 posts. According to her IG bio, she is currently 21 years old.

Mutt Lange Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mutt Lange should be worth $225 million.

Mutt started working seriously in his music production profession in 1976, although he didn’t create any successful singles until a few years later. He began collaborating with the British band City Boy in 1976 and worked with them until 1979, producing five of their albums. He created “Rat Trap” for The Boomtown Rats in 1978, which topped the U.K. charts. Mutt also worked on Ipswich Town’s “Ipswich Get That Goal” FA Cup final single. Because Colin Viljoen, a player on the squad who was born in South Africa, was on it, he consented to do it.

He produced the hard rock album “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC in July 1979. The album peaked at number eight on the U.K. charts. By producing two more AC/DC albums notably “Back in Black” in 1990, one of the best-selling albums of all time, he extended his collaboration with the band. Additionally, he contributed to Foreigner and Def Leppard albums. He specifically contributed to “Adrenalize,” “High ‘n’ Dry,” “Pyromania,” and “Hysteria.”

Mutt had a short sabbatical from Def Leppard for a while. But he made a comeback in 1999 for their “Euphoria” album. Anthony Michael Hall portrayed Mutt in the 2001 television movie “Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story”. The movie also included his work with Def Leppard.

Lange began working with Bryan Adams in the 1990s and created his album Waking Up the Neighbors. He co-wrote the song Everything I Do, I Do It For You. Song used in the Kevin Costner movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. In the 1990s, he also worked with Michael Bolton, Stevie Vann, and The Backstreet Boys among others. (

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Mutt Lange Live Today?

Mutt Lange is believed to be permanently living in Switzerland.

  • How Old Is Mutt Lange?

In July 2022, Mutt Lange is 73 years old.

  • Is Mutt Lange On Instagram?

No, Mutt Lange doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

  • Does Mutt Lange Appear On Netflix’s Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl?

No, Mutt Lange doesn’t appear on Netflix’s Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl.

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