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Mark ‘Bez’ Berry Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Gogglebox

Early 2022 was a good time for Mark ‘Bez’ Berry as he saw himself on two big shows — Gogglebox season 4, and ITV’s Dancing On Ice. But while he certainly seemed to have fun reminiscing, it also brought back painful memories such as a serious tumble on the ice during his training.

Let’s explore his life a little more as this Mark ‘Bez’ Berry Bio proceeds. 

Is Mark ‘Bez’ Berry Married?

No, Mark ‘Bez’ Berry wasn’t married yet (as of 2022). However, he already had a fiancee named Firouzeh Razavi.

The figure skater started dating the love of his life back in 2014 and proposed to her in Dec 2021 on a mountain-top accompanied by friends and family. “My lovely Firouzeh said ‘yes’ and what a lovely day with my boys, close friends, and Firouzeh’s family. Picnic and proposed on top of the mountain,” Mark took it to his IG to share the good news.

Later, Mark also went on to reveal that Firouzeh was so taken aback that she forget to say “yes!’

The lovebirds were scheduled to tie the knot on September 3, 2022.

Who Is Mark ‘Bez’ Berry Wife To-Be, Firouzeh Razavi?

Mark ‘Bez’ Berry’s to-be wife, Firouzeh Razavi is a personal trainer and singer, who inspired him to be a better person each passing them. The figure skater even launched his very own fitness YouTube channel in Jan 2021, motivated by her.

And some of that motivation came from 23 age difference between them, and him, struggling to keep up in the bedroom. “I hope after this my missus fancies me again! She’s super-fit so I’ve got to keep up in the bedroom!” he once shared.

Besides being a fitness trainer, Firouzeh was also a vocalist for the metal bands “Control the Storm” and “Queen Bee and The Drones.” The band did several tours all around the US in 2021.

Also, Firouzeh previously was the vocalist for Liquid Sky.

Mark ‘Bez’ Berry Net Worth

Mark ‘Bez’ Berry garnered a net worth of above $500 thousand by 2022.

A figure skater, percussionist, dancer, and DJ by profession, Mark was best known for playing maracas for the 1990s indie rock band Happy Mondays.

This Energizer Bunny indie icon signed to Factory Records through Happy Mondays and has been an integral member of the band ever since. Even when the band reformed, he was always virtually ever-present proving his immutable magic of the beats.

Thanks to his uncanny drumming talent, some even labeled him the friendly Peter Pan of indie.

Over his decades of career, if there’s one thing Mark learned, it was to step back when things got heated.

As for his TV career, Mark starred on Gogglebox season 4 with his best friend Shaun, and ITV’s Dancing On Ice as a contestant. If you’ve watched the latter and noticed how Mark always wore a helmet, unlike others, it’s because of a traumatizing injury he faced during his second day in training for the series.

Reportedly, Mark fell to the ground on his back and hit his head on the ice. No wonder, he now takes his helmet to the rink whenever possible 

His accident was also included on “the top 10 of the worst accidents of all time” on  Dancing On Ice by the Hellomagazine.

Besides these, we may also label Mark as an actor. He’s appeared in TV shows and movies such as Creation Stories (2021), Escape Plan C (2012), Skins (2010), Dirty Tricks (2005), and many more.

Who Are Mark ‘Bez’ Berry Parents?

Mark ‘Bez’ Berry didn’t reveal his parent’s name, but they certainly didn’t like him.

If you haven’t heard, he was kicked out of the home at 16, after being in troubles like  “petty crime and all sorts of things.” And considering, Mark’s dad was a policeman, it only seemed like the right thing to do. The percussionist then went on to be homeless for 6 years before finding fame with Happy Mondays.

“I lived in sheds, I kipped under bushes, sofa surfing – I went through the whole array of it,” Mark recalled.

However, Mark has a good early childhood as he had yet to fall into his delinquent way. He even often visited his grandparents on both his father and mother’s side who later would take him in after he gets kicked out of his home.

Now that Mark has seen better days, he often helps charities that work toward eliminating homelessness.

Does Mark ‘Bez’ Berry Have A Brother?

We’ve no information about his bother. But Mark ‘Bez’ Berry does have a sister who went to Oxford University. She is 18 months younger than him and worked in the City as a high-flying lawyer.

For those of you wondering, Shaun Ryder from Gogglebox is not Mark’s brother.

Did you know: Mark became a father for the first time in 26. His sons, Arlo, Jack, and Leo were 30, 28, and 12 years of age, respectively, in 2022. Also, he’s not a granddad as well.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Mark ‘Bez’ Berry?

Mark was born on Apr 18, 1964, making him 57 years of age in 2022.

We’ve no idea how Mark got his Nickname “Bez.”

  • How Tall Is Mark ‘Bez’ Berry?

Percussionist Mark ‘Bez’ Berry stands tall at a height under 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

  • How Many Episodes Of Gogglebox Features Mark ‘Bez’ Berry?

In 2020, Mark appeared in 7 eps of Celebrity Gogglebox.

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