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Nathan Chen Parents: Hetty Wang And Zhidong Chen

Nathan Chen’s ability to land quads in the rink was unparalleled. No wonder, he went on to represent America at Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. But while the world knew Nathan as a two-time Olympian, to his parents, Nathan Chen was just their son.

So, who are his proud parents: Zhidong Chen and Hetty Wang? Keep reading to find out.

Who Are Nathan Chen Parents?

Nathan Chen’s parents, Zhidong Chen and Hetty Wang are Chinese immigrants, whose experiences drive him every time he steps onto the ice. Having come to the U.S. with nothing, and seeing them come this far, Nathan shared, “it’s inspirational to see how far they’ve come and how hard they worked for us.”

Talking about their journey, Nathan’s parents immigrated to the US from Tianjin, China back in 1988 on Zhidong’s study visa. The Chen family then resided in  Carbondale, Illinois, before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, with no relatives or friends whatsoever.

Furthermore, Nathan’s mother couldn’t even speak English.

So, “it must have been so difficult,” Nathan said before revealing they tend not to talk too much about their struggles.

Nathan Chen Dad: Zhidong Chen

Nathan’s father, Zhidong Chen was the one who bought the family to the U.S. on his study visa.

  • Zhidong Chen Age

Zhidong Chen was 64 years of age when his son Nathan partook in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

This also means that Zhidong was 42 when he had Nathan.

  • Zhidong Chen Nationality

Nathan Chen’s dad, Zhidong Chen is a Chinese who immigrated to the U.S. in 1988.

His hometown is a rural place.

  • Is Zhidong Chen On IG?

No, as of 2022, Zhidong wasn’t on IG. He wasn’t on any of the socials.

However, you can find his pictures on Nathan’s IG @nathanwchen.

  • Zhidong Chen Job

Zhidong Chen is a medical research scientist who received his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Utah.

As of 2022, he was working as the president of MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals LLC in Salt Lake City. Reportedly, he joined the company in 2008.

Besides that, Zhidong also spent time as a senior scientist at Genta Incorporated and SalusTherapeuticals then.

Nathan Chen Mom: Hetty Wang

It was Nathan Chen’s mom Hetty Wang who first brought the Olympian to a public skating session, and he’s been hooked ever since.

However, Nathan doesn’t remember his first time on the ice.

But Hetty surely does! “He didn’t want to leave. He just stood there and cried and cried,” Hetty recalled.

  • Hetty Wang Age

Nathan Chen’s mom, Hetty Wang was 60 years of age in 2022.

Meaning, Hetty was 38 when she had Nathan.

  • Hetty Wang Nationality

Hetty Wang is from Beijing, China, where her son went on to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

She moved to the US in 1988 with her husband.

  • Is Hetty Wang On IG?

No, Hetty wasn’t on IG or any socials.

But like her husband, she was the star of her son’s socials. The last we saw her, she and her children met up got vaccinated in 2021.

  • Hetty Wang Job

Hetty Wang worked most of her life as a medical translator, and the free time she earned herself was all spent on pushing her children

According to Hetty, all of her children are unique, she pulled them toward a certain sport or hobby equally, but it was only Nathan who moved.

Putting her son in the rink, Hetty would ask him to mimic other kids on the ice. She even signed him up for skating, gymnastics, piano, ballet, woke him up before the sun to get to the rink, took him to Hawthorne Elementary and then to Ballet West Academy at night.

If she overheard what his ballet instructor asked Nathan to do, she wouldn’t talk him home until he performed it correctly.

However, Hetty never envisioned her son being in the Olympics. She didn’t want Nathan to bring home a medal or stand on a podium. Rather, it was all about letting him find joy in what he enjoyed doing, and stick to it.

Related FAQs

  • Did Nathan Chen Parents Adopt Him?

Nathan Chen wasn’t adopted.

The only time Nathan jokingly claimed he was adopted was when he posted a family pic in September 2018.

  • When Did Nathan Chen Parents Tied The Knot?

It was sometime before 1988, Nathan’s parents got married.

  • How Many Kids Do Nathan Chen Parents Have?

Nathan Chen’s parents have five kids, and he is the youngest.

Their oldest, Alice Chen @alicefchen worked in social media for Apple News and resided in New York City. Also, he owned her own candle company called We Are Social Club, and has worked for Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club and production company, Hello Sunshine.

Below Alice is Janice Chen @janiceschen, a University of California, Berkeley graduate who went on to become the founder of Mammoth Bioscience. She’s also earned her Ph.D. from Doudna Lab at UC Berkley, and gave a TedTalk in 2018 about CRISPR diagnostics.

Finally comes the brothers, Tony @runtxc and Colin Chen. They were also ice athletes who played hockey.

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