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Mark Billy Billingham Wife: Who Is Julie Colombino?

Let us introduce you to Mark Billy Billingham’s wife Julie Colombino. The couple actively features each other on their respective socials. In January 2023, Mark is the star of a new TV show on Fox TV, called Special Forces. Learn all about his wife’s age, career, and relationship here.

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Meet Julie Colombino, Mark Billy Billingham Wife

Julie Colombino is the beloved wife of Mark Billy Billingham. The pair shared their wedding vows in 2019 in the month of March.

Their first anniversary occurred right when COVID hit the US and was on a verge of a lockdown. Mark took to his Facebook and posted, “12 months ago I married this amazing woman. @juliecolombino It’s been tough at times due to work commitments but an amazing journey she is truly one in a million. Unfortunately due to the circumstances, we are apart for our first anniversary. Love and miss you every day.”

However, Julie announced via an Instagram post in April 2020 that she had been given permission to see her husband in the UK. And they adopted Alf, the puppy they later adopted and publicized. So, the couple’s COVID experience went nicely. In November 2020, the married couple made it on DailyMail after revealing a grueling ‘SAS-style’ workout.

In June 2020, on Billy’s birthday, Julie wished her husband, “Happy, happy birthday my love. 💕🥂💕Absolutely no one can light up my life like you. Wishing you the greatest adventure, peace, and fulfillment in this special year. Can’t wait to make more memories. I love you more and forever. XX @billingham22b.”

On their anniversary in 2022, Billy wished his wife, “Happy 3rd Anniversary to this awesome woman, My Wife, and Bestie ❤️❤️ @juliecolombino.”

Before Billy married Julie, he was once married before. But, there isn’t much information about his ex-wife.

Mark Billy Billingham And Julie Colombino Children

Billy Billingham and Julie Colombino might’ve been lucky to find love with each other, but we cannot say the same about the part when they tried having children. In March 2022, Julie announced that she struggled with infertility. She wrote, “1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. 1 in 4 women miscarry. Billy and I have the incredibly unfortunate membership to both clubs.”

“My family just reminded me that “fanm fò”, meaning women are strong. But damn, this experience has made me stronger than I ever wanted to be. Then I should have to be…. We pray you will never lose hope even if your story isn’t what you thought it would be and that you will find love and kindness from everyone in your life,” Julie wrote further.

Billy is the father of at least three kids, including one son Jake and two girls called Kayleigh Billingham (@kayleigh_billingham) and Michaela Billingham (@mickybillingham.x). On June 9th, Jake will turn 26. Jax, Luna, and Keddy are among Mark’s three at least grandchildren.

Julie Colombino Age

Julie Colombino is 43 years old as of Jan 2023. She was reportedly born in December 1979.

Julie Colombino Job

By trade, Julie Colombino is a fashion designer working at Deux Mains. Deux Mains was created in a time of disaster, yet thrives in its wake. When a catastrophic earthquake decimated Haiti in 2010, Deux Mains founder and creative director Julie experienced a country at its worst.

“Witnessing the desperate need for dignified employment in Haiti became the catalyst and greatest inspiration behind the brand. Now, with each collection, we honor the ancestral wisdom, talent, and perseverance Julie found in the people of Haiti.”

First-generation Italian American Julie has a varied history that includes work as a professional dancer, aerialist, and MBA with experience in a global crisis. She found her first lesson from the ladies she met there: “I don’t need water, I need a job.” Her inspiration for clothes is rooted in the beauty and extremes of Haiti. As a result, Julie started a distinct kind of fashion company that specializes in luxury items that are sustainable and beneficial for the environment.

Due to the resilience of the Haitian people, Deux Mains has grown into a center for job creation where the value of artisans is upheld. Each collection is cleverly conceived, constructed, and produced in our solar-powered Port-au-Prince facility.

By providing the world with exquisitely crafted bags with multiple uses, sandals made from genuine materials found on the island, and fashion accessories made from opulent leathers, Julie hopes to strike a balance between the possibilities of an economically free and healthy Haiti and the realities of the present.

Julie is also a founder at Rebuild Globally. Moreover, she studied at UcF and graduated in 2008. Before that, she attended FIU and graduated in 2003. She completed her high school education at Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

Is Julie Colombino On Instagram?

Yes, Julie Colombino is on Instagram (@juliecolombino).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Julie Colombino Birthday?

Julie Colombino celebrates her birthday on 10 December.

  • Where Is Julie Colombino From?

Julie Colombino calls Port-au-Prince, Haiti, her hometown.

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