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Who Is Jimena Alarcon? Meet Chris Sharma Wife!

Jimena Alarcon is the wife of none other than Chris Sharma, one of the greatest and most influential rock climbers of all time.

Chris discovered climbing as a kid in the Pacific Edge Climbing Gym, and today he owns several climbing gyms both in California and Spain. In 2023, he also finally introduced to the world the first ever climbing competition series, a television show on HBO called The Climb, with none other than Jason Momoa (his childhood friend). But, in the rest of the writing, we shall talk less about his triumphs and more about his beautiful wife Jimena Alarcon, and also enough about their marriage.

Meet Jimena Alarcon, The Climb Host Chris Sharma’s Wife

The Climb host Chris Sharma married Jimena Alarcon on August 2015, from what Jimena writes on her Facebook. But, while we saw Chris wishing his beautiful wife on their anniversary on August 17th, the latter was also seen doing the same on January 5th (2021). It could be that they married twice.

Anyway, in January 2021, when Jimena celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, she wrote on Instagram “they always say that behind a great man there is a great woman, the reality is that as long as we are next to each other everything will be fine.” Then, to her partner and father of her “dwarves”, and her forever crush, she said one has to celebrate life with him, today, tomorrow, and always.

Having said that, not much is known about how the couple first met, or when they actually started dating, before they decided to get married.

Chris Sharma And Jimena Alarcon Children

Chris Sharna and Jimena Alarcon are the parents of a daughter named Alana Sharma and a boy named Julian. Alana, the eldest was born on 6 June 2016. Julian followed two years later on September 19th. So, in 2022, as he turned four his dear mom and dad made sure their “chipi”, aka Juju, had a great time with his besties, Sonic, and Tales.

Jimena and the family as seen in September 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Jimena and Chris often show off their beautiful young ones to their respective people on social media.

Sometime before Alana was born, Santa Cruz, California-born Chris was heard saying he was super excited about starting a family. In one of these interviews about climbing, he said that starting a family is something he has always wanted and looked forward to.

Jimena Alarcon Age

Jimena Alarcon was born in 1980. So, she turned 42 years old in 2022.

Where Is Jimena Alarcon From?

Jimena Alarcon is a Venezuelan and she identifies with the country of Venezuela. So she should have been born and brought up there. On her Facebook, she only cared to mention moving to Barcelona, Spain in 2014. And as of January 2023, she and her family had been calling Gavà Mar, a neighborhood in Spain, their home.

While Jimena is yet to tell us who her parents and siblings are she did mention cousins Silvia Ros and Elena Alarcón on her Facebook.

Jimena Alarcon Job

A reportedly-Venezuelan model and television personality, Jimena Alarcon had her first vacation in three years in April 2022. So, she has had a very busy schedule in the past years while being a working mom and a wife.

Jimena also proudly admitted to being the director general at Sharma Climbing Barcelona. At the time of this writing, she seemed to be working at Women’s Health España as well.

About Sharma Climbing, it is a climbing-yoga-fitness world-class climbing center in Barcelona, Spain, designed and owned by Chris himself. It was reviewed with 4.5 stars on social media and had 19,768 people follow it for its great service.

Speaking of the past, she worked at TEATRO- CINE and went to Universidad Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin and the high school Colegio Mater Salvatoris.

How Much Is Jimena Alarcon’s Net Worth?

Jimena Alarcon has not acknowledged this herself but, she was reportedly said to have a net worth above $1 million as of early 2023.

Even her husband’s net worth was seemingly yet to be calculated so far.

Chris, besides owning the two successful climbing gym companies, Sharma Climbing and Sender One also recently co-created The Climb, a first of its kind, with Jason Momoa.

Chris is one of the prominent and most influential rock climbers of all time. His craft is distinguished by his preternatural ability and visionary first ascents. He has set the standard for world-class climbing while pushing the sport forward via new disciplines.

Even after all this, he believes that there is a lot left to achieve. He says he is still hoping to do everything. Of course, he also wants to keep climbing.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jimena Alarcon’s Birthday?

Jimena Alarcon’s birthday is on November 6th and that makes her a Scorpio.

  • Is Jimena Alarcon On Instagram?

Jimena Alarcon could be found on Instagram @alarconjimena with 389 posts and 34.6K followers as of 13 January 2023.

Besides, she was also followed by some 4.5K on Facebook, by 2,844 on Twitter @alarconjimena. Jimena also had some beautiful TikTok videos on her account @jimenasharma.

  • What Are Jimena Alarcon Measurements?

Beautiful Jimena Alarcon stands below 5′ 4” in height and her measurements were reported as 36-23-36 inches.

Her “one of the first climbing-gym-generation kids” dubbed husband meanwhile stands 6′ 0″ next to her.

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