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Mark Maher Bio, Age, Job, MAFS, Lindsey Georgoulis

It’s a new year and in January and Married at First Sight is back in Boston for its 14th season.

The Lifetime show premiered on 5 January 2022, we knew right away what it is about. This season, the show features the five, Boston-based couples, before the reality of their lives together sets in.

Five romantic honeymoons are featured and appear to show some couples who are falling in love, unlike the last season which had no couples lasting past decision day.

So, among these pairs are Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis, and below is a ‘Mark Maher Bio’ telling you all about Mark’s MAFS journey, relationship with Lindsey Georgoulis, and more.

Are MAFS Couple Mark Maher And Lindsey Georgoulis Still Together?

As per the rules, this MAFS couple Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis had never met before. So, just like old times and just like the other MAFS couples, they will be guided along the way as they navigate marriage to a total stranger.

Lindsey Georgoulis, 34 in 2021, is a nurse from Boston, Massachusetts, who drew inspiration for love from her grandparents, who have been married for more than 70 years.

And also having learned a lot from her past relationships, she took to MAFS knowing what she wanted and confident that she knew exactly what she brings to the table. She firmly believed that the experts will be able to find her not just a man, but a life partner.

Mark, on the other hand, has wanted to be married his entire life. Desperate, he had been on multiple dating apps too. But meeting women who were not ready to be a wife was frustrating for him. That is the reason he applied to be on Married at First Sight the last time the experts were in Boston.

Lindsey is said to hold on tight, and sometimes say things with no filter, unlike Mark who is described as generous, kind, and loyal by his friends and family, and says he can sometimes be too much as he goes all in.

Now, so far in the show, we saw them write their vows to each other on their wedding day. Lindsey promised to bring excitement to Mark’s life and to make their family a priority.

Mark, in his, said — “I feel I’ve searched for a wife my whole life. I’ve looked all over for you. I can appreciate you’ve taken a leap of faith on this journey to find love with me today. I promise to show you love you never felt was possible.”

Their wedding went pretty well, but not without some slightly awkward moments, like when Mark exclaimed that Lindsey has a lot of energy and when the bride accidentally called Mark “Bill”.

Be that as it may, these two were still allegedly together as of today, i.e., (of course) after MAFS.

Mark Maher Age

At the time of the filming of MAFS, Mark Maher, aka “Mark The Shark”, was 37 years old.

Mark Maher Job

Mark Maher, when he came on MAFS, was a sales manager at CycleBar, where he had started working as of November 2021. Meanwhile, his LinkedIn unwinds that he has a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry.

With a BBA in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from Johnson & Wales University, Mark has also gone on to become the CEO and founder of the watch company, Switch Ups.

Is Mark Maher On Instagram?

Yes. Mark was certainly on Instagram as of 7 January 2022. But still, his account @mts550 (with 13,897 posts and 4,373 followers) was kept private.

Mark Maher Height

Reportedly, Mark Maher stands below 5’11” tall.

Mark Maher Family

Mark Maher is the only child of his parents. So, he has no siblings.

Further, Mark said that he just wanted to make his dad proud. Sadly though, John F. Maher is no longer alive. Mark’s dad passed away on 2 June 2019. “He was the husband of Rose (Masucci) Maher; devoted father of Mark Maher of Pawtucket”, a part of the deceased’s obituary read.

From MAFS, we also discovered, that Mark is now the sole caretaker for his mom Rosie and grandma Jo, both of whom are in a nursing home.

In August 2021, Mark took to his Facebook to wish his mom on her birthday and to tell her to stay strong during these hard times. “Happy Birthday Mom…I know life is hard these days – but it will get better…All I want is the best for you and your health…I love you so much…May God gives you the strength to get better… Happy birthday… Mark”.

Mark has also mentioned his aunt Mary Dowling on his social media.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mark Maher Birthday?

It was not understood when exactly Mark Maher celebrates his birthday.

  • Where Is Mark Maher From?

It looks like Mark never really stopped living in his hometown of Quincy, Massachusetts.

And because Mark also speaks Italian, other than English, fans were wondering if he acquires Italian family roots.

  • How Much Is Mark Maher Net Worth?

Mark Maher managed to save as much as $1 million net worth by January 2022.

While we do not exactly know if or not Mark was given a paycheck by Lifetime, his salary for working as a General Manager in Boston earned him on average $74,308 per year, according to Glassdoor.

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