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Stephanie Dana Bio, Age, Job, Height, Tyler Austin Wife

Meet Stephanie Dana, wife of Tyler baseball star Tyler Austin. They have been together for a very long time and growing as a power couple together. Learn more about her in this Stephanie Dana Bio.

Here, you’ll learn about her age, her job, her height, and details related to her family.

Meet Stephanie Dana, Tyler Austin Wife!

Stephanie Dana and her husband MLB star husband Tyler Austin met each other while Tyler was attending Heritage High School in 2009. They were high school juniors at the time. At the time, Stephanie was the manager of her school’s baseball team which was the rival of Tyler’s school team.

Stephanie and Tyler met each other at a party but they didn’t hit it off immediately. At their first meeting, Tyler boasted about how many home runs he was going to beat Salem High School, which Stephanie attended, with. Listening to that, Stephanie walked away annoyed at him.

But, on the game day between Salem and Heritage high, Tyler struck out the first time. He was booed and was name-called, and Stephanie was furious at her friends’ behavior. The second time he came out, Stephanie was the only one cheering for him from her team’s dugout. She was chastised for supporting the opposing team, especially after Austin hit many home runs. Stephanie Dana was always standing up for Tyler Austin and cheering him on from that point forward.

Soon the couple started dating each other and have been together ever since.

Stephanie and Tyler got engaged on 12 January 2018. She wrote on her Instagram post, “On July 4, 2009, you asked me to be your girlfriend for the first time. Last night, on January 12, 2018, you asked me to marry you. We grew up together, and now we will grow old together. I love you Christopher Tyler!”

Furthermore, a year later on 26 January 2019, the engaged couple tied the knots. After 1 month of getting married, Stephanie updated on her IG, “1 month married!! 1 month, 2 moves, 3 beach runs, 4 furniture store visits, 5 trips to Home Goods (just discovered that treasure trove), 6 Girl Scout cookie boxes devoured, 15 hrs on the road, over/ under 800 steps climbed (living at a 3rd story walk-up) and countless “I love you. I’m so lucky to have you, Chi Ty!”.

On her second wedding anniversary, Stephanie posted a photo collage of herself and her husband. She wrote, “I’m so happy I get to exist at the same time as you!! I love you @taustin2121! Happy anniversary stud muffin!! (I think year 2 is the year you get a nickname)”.

Stephanie Dana Age

Born on 17 March 1992, Stephanie Dana is 29 years old.

Stephanie Dana Job

Talking about her job, Stephanie Dana is a fashion model. She has done multiple projects and some of her notable projects are fashion week of MAXIM and competing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. In September 2020, she shared on her Instagram that she was selected to move on to the next round of SwimSearch2020. She made it to Top 60 but when it was her turn to photoshoot she froze.

What’s more, Stephanie shared that she physically stopped breathing and almost passed out.

Also, Stephanie revealed that she was practicing for another shot which came as Sports Illustrated. Unlike the last time, she was prepared for that. She said, “I want to inspire others to keep fighting for their dreams. This is my 3rd year auditioning for you, and every year I make it a step close.”

If you go through her IG then you can see that Stephanie is mostly active indulging herself in different outdoor activities. She loves sweating off her calories at the gym, kick-boxing because she believes in #StrongisSexy, fishing for fun, surfing, and anything that involves physical movement.

Moreover, as for Stephanie’s modeling career, BMG models represent her. Furthermore, she also did as an anchor for Charter Channel 15 back in 2014. She also worked for CBS 46.

Moving on, to her education, Stephanie attended and graduated from Salem High School. Then, she enrolled at the University of Georgia and graduated with 2 degrees; a degree in Digital and Broadcast Journalism and another degree in Communications.

Furthermore, Stephanie shared on her IG, “My Communications degree (think speech communications) was focused more around pre-law classes; how to write persuasive speeches for trial, manipulation, public speaking, etc. And with my Journalism degree, I learned how to tell stories through images, how to film/ edit, and how to share information through multiple platforms (tv, social media, website, etc).”

Fun Fact: Stephanie Dana is fluent in English and Spanish.

Is Stephanie Dana On Instagram?

Stephanie Dana is on Facebook (@stephanie.dana.9), Instagram (@smdana), and Twitter (@smdana17).

How Tall Is Stephanie Dana?

About her height, Stephanie Dana stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Stephanie Dana From?

Stephanie Dana hailed from Conyers, Georgia. But, she is passionate about traveling has been to countries like Japan and Dubai.

  • Who Are Stephanie Dana’s Parents And Siblings?

Stephanie Dana was born to her parents Larry DeFloria and mother Elizabeth DeFloria. Sadly, Larry passed away on 6 April 2021 at the age of 65 after battling lung cancer. Larry worked for the State of Georgia Department of Corrections at Georgia Correctional Industries for 30 years. He was a member at St. Pius X Catholic Church, in Conyers GA.

Also, Larry and his wife Elizabeth married in 1996.

Elizabeth and Stephanie are very close to each other. Stephanie claims that her mother is her manager although her mother believes that she is Stephanie’s assistant.

To speak about siblings, Stephanie has a sister named Maria Bush. Maria married her husband Jason Bush and has three children; Anthony J, Brandon J, and Isabella R. Bush.

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