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Marvin Adonis Allen Bio, Age, Family, Job, Ready To Love

The new season of Ready to Love returned with a brand new season on 7 July 2023 and featured a new group of singles as they attempted to find love. There were grown men and women in their 30s and 40s seeking the special relationship of a lifetime that they were eluded from thus far. Marvin Adonis Allen, like Maurier Turner, was one of them.

So, in this writing, let us tell you all that you have been wondering.

Marvin Adonis Allen OWN’s On Ready To Love: Dallas

Marvin Adonis Allen seemed pretty excited when he was telling people to watch his journey on Ready To Love: Dallas. Teasing the show on his social media on 16 June 2023, he had said one of the reasons he moved to Dallas was to find his wife because it was not happening in Detroit. Not shying away, he even termed it as his life goal.

Other than that, not much has been made known about Maurier’s journey in Ready To Love. But, here are a few things that we know about the show in general. The show is said to begin with a Mansion Mixer in Dallas during which all of the cast meet each other for the first time. Also, it is known two of the cast members said their goodbyes even before the night ended. After interacting with the men, the female contestants were told to decide which male single they don’t want to get to know further and the men were told to do the same. It was even not understood if Marvin made it past that challenge.

Is Marvin Adonis Allen Dating Anyone?

As of July 2023, Marvin on his Facebook marked his relationship status as ‘single’. In addition to that, we discovered that he is a father of a beautiful daughter named Malayah. “I make pretty babies ❤️❤️”, Marvin wrote once as a caption to a picture of just his daughter.

Another time, on 11 October 2022, he asked people to join him in wishing his “amazing and beautiful” daughter a happy 17th birthday. “She’s got a 4.0 her senior year and is an incredible young lady and Im so proud of her”, Marvin also gushed about his princess. That same time around Marvin had also flown back to Detroit to surprise his daughter at her Senior homecoming dance. Marvin said he had told his daughter when he moved to Dallas, he would be there for every major event her senior year. And so that was him keeping his promise to his “baby girl”.

Marvin Adonis Allen Age

Marvin Adonis Allen was born in 1981. So, he reached the age of 41 in 2022.

Marvin Adonis Allen Family

Every now and then, Marvin Adonis Allen has come up with tweets like “As long as I make my parents and daughter proud I’m good..”.

On 11 November 2022, Marvin wished his father a happy birthday and called him “Marvin Allen I, first of his name, Warden of the North and Father of Dragons… Cooler than the other side of the pillow.”

In December 2022, Marvin said that the last time he helped his father with yard work he was still in high school. He said, then he was raking leaves in Detroit and now he is helping him work the land and clean up mango and avocado tree leaves on the side of a hill in the country in St. Thomas. He added that his dad was showing him how to work the land so when he moves there someday he can take care of a Villa by himself.

And now we have Tanya R. Hill. She is Marvin’s mother. According to her Facebook, she is the founder, president & CEO of ForeverFresh Disposable Undies. As of 2023, she had been residing in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. About her, Marvin has said he is so thankful for her and so much of who he is now is because of her. Once he even admitted to her being “50% of the reason” why she is going to be such an amazing husband one day.

For siblings, Marvin has a sister named Athena Allen, AKA Boa Allen, and a brother called Sunchez Smith. He is proud of both of them.

How Tall Is Marvin Adonis Allen?

As of now, Marvin Adonis Allen stood above 5’11” in height.

Marvin Adonis Allen Job

Marvin Adonis Allen is the author of the book Body Of Adonis, which he wrote from some of his experiences, likes and interests, and the wild imagination that he has been blessed with. During his adventures in past relationships and as a single man, he observed many double standards that he “absolutely” did not agree with. So, he wanted his partner to be as sexually liberated as he is and for her to fully enjoy her sexuality without fear of judgment or shame from society, Marvin has said.

Another book that he wrote is Boa Erotica.

Some time ago, he designed The Dirty Show!, Dallas’ first Black Erotica Expo.

Marvin also has taken to share his expertise as an erotica author on The Boa Experience show.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Marvin Adonis Allen From?

Detroit, Michigan originally comes from Detroit, Michigan. From there, he moved to Dallas, Texas in 2022. He has lived there ever since.

  • When Is Marvin Adonis Allen’s Birthday?

Marvin Adonis Allen’s birthday is on October 13th, making him a Libra.

  • Is Marvin Adonis Allen On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Marvin Adonis Allen can be found on Instagram as well as Facebook. As of 10 July 2023, Marvin’s IG @boa.erotica included 75 posts and 257 followers.

He was also followed by some 2.3K followers on ‘Adonis Allen’ Facebook and some 4.9K on ‘Marvin Lee’ Facebook.


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