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Thomas Abreu Bio, Age, Family, New York Scooter Suspect

Thomas Abreu is the New York scooter suspect. He was recently charged with murder charges for killing an 86-year-old man and injuring the other three. Here is what we currently know about the incident with Thomas.
Tag along and learn all we know about Thomas.

Meet Thomas Abreu, The New York Scooter Suspect

According to ABC7, Thomas Abreu has been named as the person suspected of riding an illegal scooter across Brooklyn and Queens in New York City and shooting at random individuals, killing a man in his 80s. During a press conference, police commissioner Edward Caban stated that the culprit fired four “innocent people tragically killing one.”

A gun rampage took place on July 8, 2023. Despite authorities reporting that the deceased victim was 87 years old, ABC7 identified him as Hamoo Saeidi, age 86.

Edward Caban claims that the suspect traveled from one place to another using an illegal scooter without a license plate. According to him, using a vital message alert, cops pulled recordings and forwarded them to all of the on-duty New York police officers’ smartphones. Caban claims that it “became clear these shootings were carried out by the same perpetrator.”

The New York Post received information that the shooter was “extremely emotionally disturbed.”

Armed with a photo of the culprit, the officers “fanned out” across Queens, concentrating on busy streets, claims Caban. They discovered a 9mm pistol with an extended magazine as soon as they noticed the shooter on the scooter, according to Caban. He expressed gratitude to the police for catching the culprit and noted the “violence this individual was willing to carry out.”

Edward Caban praised the cops, saying, “You were relentless in your work.” The New York Post was informed by a source that the weapon was a “ghost gun.”

Five incidences happened in Brooklyn, and four happened in Queens, according to Joseph E. Kenny, Assistant Chief of the Detective Bureau, who spoke at the press conference. He said that the probe was ongoing. Authorities have not yet released the names of the victims.

According to Kenny, the first incident involved a 21-year-old Hispanic man who was shot once in the left shoulder. He is anticipated to live. A 9mm shell casing, according to Kenny, was discovered on the site. According to Kenny, detectives were able to swiftly collect video showing a Hispanic man riding a scooter up behind the victim and firing fire.

“We were inside and we heard like three shots — pow, pow, pow — one behind each other,” one proprietor of a nearby store told The Post. “I looked outside but I didn’t see him. People said he was on a motorcycle on the sidewalk just shooting randomly. People were screaming and running.”

At 11:27 a.m. or seventeen minutes after the initial shooting, a man was shot on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, according to Kenny. One shot was fired at him. According to Kenny, the Asian man in his 80s who opened fire at a nail salon while on a scooter has passed away. The New York Daily News reports that this victim can be seen walking down the sidewalk in one of the horror films that have surfaced.

The suspect, a “male Hispanic, 25,” was characterized by Kenny as having “one prior arrest in New York City.” He omitted to mention its purpose. According to a source cited by The Post, the arrest was related to a “forged instrument.” Police say they don’t know the reason for the shooting spree but think it was random.

Saeidi’s family is currently dealing with the tragedy and the victim‘s son, Alsaedi told CBS News, “My heart is broken and my family, all devastated … We couldn’t believe what’s happening. We all work hard. We never have any problem, and look what happened to him. He ended up getting killed for no reason. I need justice … It’s not only us. There are some other victims that are looking for justice.”

Alsaedi added that his father was shot while traveling to a mosque. Although they believe the perpetrator picked his victims at random, police have not yet provided any information regarding the suspect’s motivation.

According to Joseph Kenny, the NYPD’s Detective Bureau’s Assistant Chief. “We don’t know the motive. It seems that this is actually random. At this time, the video shows that he’s not targeting anybody, he’s not following anybody. As he’s driving on his scooter, he’s randomly shooting people.”

Thomas Abreu Age

Thomas Abreu is reportedly 25 years old in 2023. Hence his birth year is 1998.

Thomas Abreu Family

There is no information available about him except. The only thing that we currently know is that he is Dominican Republican by ethnicity.

Is Thomas Abreu Married?

The marital status of Thomas Abreu is unclear.

Thomas Abreu Job

Along with personal details, Thomas Abreu’s job details are not available.

Thomas Abreu Height

Thomas Abreu’s reported height is under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Thomas Abreu From?

Thomas Abreu hailed from Elton Street, Brooklyn.

  • When Is Thomas Abreu Birthday?

Currently, there is no information about Thomas Abreu’s birthday at this moment.

  • Is Thomas Abreu On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Thomas Abreu is not on Instagram or Facebook.

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