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Match Me Abroad Michaela Age, Job, A Man, Still With Harold?

Match Me Abroad wrapped up in August 2023 but are Michaela and Harold, the fan favorites, still together? Who is Michaela? How old is she? What is her job?

Get to know more via this article below.

Are Match Me Abroad Michaela And Harold Still Together?

Harold is an artist from New Mexico who was looking for someone to share his achievements within the health industry. He, who is autistic, is outspoken about the difficulties he has relating to people.

Harold went to Prague with Katarina, a matchmaker with a base in the Czech Republic, in search of a life companion. “American women, they’re playing games and they’re not serious,” Harold told producers. “I’ve had a hard time trying to relate to other people when they don’t say exactly what they want. So I really had my heart set on Eastern European women.”

It was immediately apparent that Katerina had her work cut out for her after Harold arrived in Prague. He received a wardrobe upgrade before being matched with Michaela, a woman with whom he had common interests. “On paper, Michaela sounds like she could be the one for me,” during the June 18 program, a radiation protection technician told the producers. “She enjoys sci-fi. We have the same love for the same things and I think we’ll be a good match.”

Harold and Michaela ended up clicking so well that Harold decided to pop the question after just two dates. Harold mentioned in the July 16 episode that he was considering getting a ring to propose to Michaela. Harold acknowledged feeling under strain because of his limited time in Prague despite Katarina’s best efforts to persuade him to take things more slowly.

“Our communication since Michaela has gone home hasn’t been that great but for her, she works, comes home, does her normal routine. I’m not in her routine yet,” he said. “So it’s not in her to respond to my messages in a timely manner, but at the same time, I’m on a time-dilated scale where an hour feels like a week and a month feels like an eternity.”

Harold asked Michaela to be his girlfriend in the episode that aired on July 30, but she refused, saying it was too soon. However, she was still intrigued by him and wished to get to know him better before putting a label on their relationship. Michaela appeared to be changing her mind, which was fortunate for Harold. She informed Harold that he was a “great man” with the “potential” to become her lover, according to a People preview of the August 6 season finale.

Of course, he wanted to go one step further and propose to her.

“She says it’s too soon, she doesn’t know me well enough, she needs more time,” Harold told the cameras. “But I feel the ring burning in my pocket. For me, it’s a do-or-die moment. I’m leaving in a few days and I can’t leave ‘what if’ on the table. I must live with no regrets.”

“I did buy this too,” Harold says to Michaela. He digs into his pocket and shockingly pulls out a ring, leaving her reaction on a cliffhanger.

In last week’s episode, Harold’s matchmaker said that she’s “nervous” about her client’s decision to propose so soon. “I am excited for Harold but I’m also nervous,” she shared. “This happens a lot with the clients who are far away and they have to make the decision fast. But none of my clients ever has made the decision this fast.”

Harold has admitted that he’s a little “hesitant,” but insists, “I’m not changing my mind.”

Harold recently took to his IG and wrote, “The closing moments of #MatchMeAbroad the long goodbye location that wasn’t shown, the train station as I came back to Prague, to my hotel, a meeting with Katarina where I discussed my final thoughts, there’s a little more to come. Keep an open eye, it is about to get really interesting and a little too real… #TLC.”

The question remains: Are they still together? The answer appears No. Michaela has stated on her Facebook that she is single.

Her favorite quote that she has written on Facebook translates, “Love is just a trick by which nature forces us to reproduce and I’m not interested in that 🙂 Nothing is so bad, so evil, so futile that it is not also beneficial, without something good, so that when misused it does not degenerate into abomination, even regret. Virtue is sometimes turned into an abomination, and abomination into virtue by what it does.”

Match Me Abroad Michaela Transgender: Is She A Man?

No, Michaela from Match Me Abroad is not transgender or a man. She has stated on her Facebook that she is a biologically born female.

Match Me Abroad Michaela Age

Michaela from Match Me Abroad is above 33 years old as of 2023.

What Is Match Me Abroad Michaela Last Name?

The last name of Michaela is Rajtmajerova. Her full name is Misa Rajtmajerova.

Match Me Abroad Michaela Job

Michaela from Match Me Abroad has revealed on her Facebook that she works at Komerční Banka, a commercial banking company. She has been working that job since December 2019.

Match Me Abroad Michaela Height

Match Me Abroad Michaela stands tall above the height of 5 feet 8 inches. She has tattooed a cat on the back of her leg that also writes enjoy.

Michaela likely had a cancer, type not known. In July 2023, she shared, “I think that after 18 chemo it is not bad at all 💪 I think that after 18 chemo it is not bad.”

She is currently undergoing treatment a year on from when she dated Harold and revealed on Facebook: “It’s not about me and Harold. From my last date with Harold, I went to the hospital. I have cancer, I had an operation, now I can’t have children and I am in rent now. I have to go on chemotherapy every 14 days. I can’t travel or move. I have to go on chemo until my life. It’s not possible.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Match Me Abroad Michaela From?

Match Me Abroad Michaela hailed from Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. The place is her hometown and her current residence both.

  • Is Match Me Abroad Michaela Autistic?

No, Match Me Abroad Michaela is not autistic.

  • Is Match Me Abroad Michaela On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Match Me Abroad Michaela is on Instagram (@misarajtmajerova) and Facebook (@minikanty.misa).

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