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Katya Hall Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Hot Yachts: Miami

A new reality show called Hot Yachts Miami dropped on Paramount+ on 3 August 2023 and introduced to viewers a whole bunch of party-loving, glamorous people. Katya Hall, whom we are going to discuss now, was also one among them. Katya is presented on the show as one who is at the top of her game when it comes to selling superyachts. So, on this show, they are showing just that about her, her amid eye-watering sales figures and also her getting involved in all the drama and romance.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the writing, we are going to tell you all that is worth knowing about her.

Katya Hall On Hot Yachts: Miami

Katya Hall, just like her Nick Cardoza, AKA Mr. Yachts, is at the center of the eight-part series Hot Yachts: Miami.

While Nick is known to be “the guy celebrities go to for yachts”, Katya is the ice queen. She is a top broker at the international yacht agency IYC. Her clients are the likes of Prince Albert of Monaco. The boats she markets can go for £200 million.

So, in that manner, Kayta is presented to the audience. It is said she having worked her way up the ladder, is desperate to stay there.

Another cast member, i.e., Viktoriya Avramchuk, known as Vika, is introduced as Katya’s “protégée”. Both immigrants, Katya gave the other job as a favor to her mother Zhanna. So, at the time, their story played out on Hot Yachts: Miami, Vika had been working for Katya for 18 months and was yet to make a sale. Naturally very good at flirting with clients, when she turned her attention to the afore-mentioned Nick, Katya furiously warned Vika that he may not be all he seems.

Conversing with ahead of their show’s UK release, the cast including Katya gave away some of the wildest demands of their customers, and just how luxurious their industry really is.

When asked whether they had a similar reaction from their industry colleagues regarding Hot Yachts: Miami, Katya said Fotis and she has got mixed reviews. She said they had the vast majority of people tell them they found it to be a funny show. Yet, they also had a couple of people telling them they are a lot more serious and a lot more corporate than it was shown on the show.

As for Katya herself, she always liked the idea of shedding some light on what they do. She always thought some exposure, some PR is good for them.

How Much Is Katya Hall’s Net Worth?

Often referred to as the “Queen of Super Yachts”, Katya Hall reportedly had above $25 million net worth as of 2023.

When it comes to her secret of what it takes to become a top broker, Katya once joked it takes to “being a psychologist, a mind reader, and a combination of a poker player and a chess player.”

Now, a top broker at an exclusive, luxury international yachting firm, she loves to tell people she is not a yacht broker but a “SUPER YACHT broker”.

Katya Hall Age

In 2022, Katya Hall turned 39 years old.

Katya Hall Family

Here are rare few things known about Katya’s family. Her brother is Pavel Kalashnikov. He is married and currently based in Moscow, Russia working as a commercial director at Snabway. Back in 20005, he graduated from MISIS University. To Katya especially he is one very special childhood friend, a voice of wisdom in her life for over three decades, and so much more.

Katya’s mom is Irina Plyusnina. On 1 February 2019, Katya wished her “forever young mama” on her 60th birthday. Katya says she is always grateful for those rocking genetics that he mom gave to her.

Is Katya Hall Married?

Katya Hall is married to an attorney and tech founder named Issa Addae Hall. On his Instagram @issa.hall, Katya mentions being the founder of the sports brand JRZY, attorney, and sports tech.

Together with him, Katya lives in a penthouse overlooking Fort Lauderdale beach, so that she can keep an eye on the yachts coming in and out of the harbor.

Their wedding happened in South Beach Miami back in February 2021 exactly on their 6 months anniversary. “Barefoot, Pregnant, at Sunrise in South Beach I married a man who started calling me Queen Katya after our first date then Baby Mama after our second date…”, this is how Katya had announced it the same on social media.

Katya Hall as seen with her husband and their son during her 2021’s birthday (PIC: Instagram)

Later, on 21 August 21, Katya and Issa welcomed “Mr. Zane Vova Hall”, their first baby, a boy.

Katya alone also has a daughter from her previous relationship (with Milo Jaimes). She is Elena Jaimes and she is expecting to graduate from the University of Maryland in 2027. On 5 September 2022, when Elena turned 17, Katya took to her IG to gush about the world being a much better place with her daughter in it.

Katya Hall Height

As stunning as in the picture, Katya Hall stands above 5’7” in height.

Katya also is known to have a wardrobe to rival the Kardashians and a friends list including the cast of The Real Housewives.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Katya Hall From?

Katya Hall was born in Siberia, and now is living the American Dream. As of 2023, she seemed to be calling West Palm Beach, Florida home. Within the United States, she has also lived in places like New Orleans, Louisiana, and New York, New York.

  • When Is Katya Hall’s Birthday?

Katya Hall has been caught celebrating her birthdays on different dates like October 18th, 20th, and 21st, in different years,

  • Is Katya Hall On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Katya Hall can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 8 August 2023, her IG @yacht_setter included 892 posts and 5,933 followers and she also showed beautiful glimpses of her life on ‘Katya Hall’ Facebook.


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