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Matt Bolton Bio, Parents, Age, Height, Love Is Blind

Meet Matt Bolton, one of the fresh new faces on Netflix’s dating show Love Is Blind. Learn about his job, family, and his age in this article below.

We cover it all here in this article below.

Love Is Blind 3: Are Matt Bolton And Collen Reed Still Together?

Although the first few interactions Colleen Reed had with Matt Bolton were undoubtedly interesting, two guys Brennon Lemieux and Cole Barnett initially piqued her interest at first. She had thought that their shared sense of humor and exuberant personalities would make them a good match, but it didn’t work out because they both rejected her shortly after.

While Brennon established connections with Alexa Alfia, Cole had a genuine desire for a life companion who would not only match his banter but also go much deeper than that. Cole found all of it with Zanab Jaffrey.

At this point, the vivacious dancer made the decision to look into a potential relationship with Matt, especially since she had the sensation that “there’s something there. Like, I know there’s something there.” It was noteworthy that during their first genuine chat, she shared her concern about being exposed in the event of an injury, and he responded with his positive perspective.

He even revealed he is divorced after his high school girlfriend cheated and became pregnant as a result, which brought this couple closer together in his Matthew McConaughey-like drawl.

Matt soon admitted in a confessional, “With Colleen, I don’t know what it is, but it’s natural. I’ve opened up more to her than I have to anybody in the last ten years.”  She contrasted this by saying, “With Matt…, I’m just so happy. And I’m so shocked that I’m feeling this way… In less than a week, I’m waking up smiling about him. I’m just so up in the clouds.”

They accepted that they had fallen in love because their aims, guiding principles, values, and expectations from their future families all lined up. Naturally, Colleen responded joyfully and emotionally when Matt finally got down on one knee to pop the question.

But are they still together?

Matt and Colleen’s journey to the altar is not without its challenges. A family member of Matt’s is heard telling Colleen in a teaser for the future episodes that “he loves, but he runs.” Additionally, Matt has a conversation with Cole Barnett, who once dated Colleen in the pods. When Matt asked Cole if he had any reservations, Cole advised him to be wary.

Who Are Matt Bolton Parents?

Matt Bolton was reportedly born to his mother Becky Fitzgerald. They seem to share a close bond with each other. His parents are reportedly divorced and his mother’s marriage blessed him with two step-sisters; Kylie and Lauren.

Moreover, he also has a brother-in-law named Taylor.

Matt had been dating the woman he would wed at age 18, right after graduating from high school, since he was about 14. But when Matt was 24, he and his high school sweetheart filed for divorce because of what was allegedly infidelity on his wife’s part. The news that his wife was allegedly carrying another man’s child broke his heart, but he made the decision to carry on and not give up on love.

How Old Is Matt Bolton?

In 2022, Matt Bolton is 28 years old. He was reportedly born in 1994.

Matt Bolton Height

Talking about the appearance, Matt Bolton’s height measures under 6 feet.

Matt Bolton Job

Matt Bolton currently has a job as a Charter sales executive at Leviate Air Group. He joined the company in September 2022. Before that, he served as a vice president of LFC industries for four years. His job lasted from 2018 to 2022.

Moreover, his LinkedIn states that he started his career as a shop manager at Universal Machining Industries.

Now in 2022, Matt has been able to establish himself as a reality star. Fans have loved Matt and rooting for him to click with Colleen.

One person tweeted that they thought that Matt “was a dark horse” and more said that he “popped out of nowhere” in the pods episodes. Another said that they were happy to see who Matt had made a connection within the pods: “Okay Colleen and Matt are everything”. Another added about Matt’s accent and another added: “Okay Colleen and Matt are actually super cute”.

Talking about his academic qualifications, Matt attended Texas State Technical College where he studied He is also into sports. He is an avid golf and football player.

How Much Is Matt Bolton Net Worth?

Matt Bolton’s net worth should be above $450 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Matt Bolton From?

Matt Bolton calls Fort Worth, Texas his home. He is currently based in the same location.

  • When Is Matt Bolton Birthday?

Details regarding Matt Bolton’s birthday are currently unavailable.

  • Is Matt Bolton On Instagram?

Yes, Matt Bolton is on Instagram (@matt_bolton24) and Facebook (@matt.bolton.587).

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