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Meet Catey Benson, Love Is Blind Cole Barnett Ex-Wife!

Catey Benson is the ex-wife of Love Is Blind‘s, Cole Barnett. Season 3’s newcomer Cole Barnett shared in one of the episodes of the show that he was previously married briefly as a young guy. So, who is Love Is Blind Cole’s wife? How old is she? What does she do for a living?

We’ve gathered a few pieces of information available about her. So, tag along with this article to learn more about Cole Barnett’s ex-wife Catey Benson.

Meet Catey Benson, Love Is Blind Star Cole Barnett Ex-Wife

Before Cole Barnett made his way to Love Is Blind, Distractify reported that he was previously married to his now ex-wife Catey Benson. Per, Cole and Catey had registered for their wedding on 23 June 2019. It is unclear how and when they met each other.

However, The Knot has also offered a few additional details regarding their wedding that happened at Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas, TX. The guests were requested to appear in formal attire. Guests had various options for wedding gifts such as Paul Marrot Garden Carafe, Agate Chutney Bowl, Moonside Cake Stand, Veru Dinner Plate, Primrose Quilt, and a few other items.

Furthermore, it remains unclear when they tied the knots. Moreover, there are no dockets available regarding their divorce considering that Cole joined Love Is Blind in 2022.

Love Is Blind season 3 premiered on 19 October 2022 as the show brought a new line-up of singletons who were willing to find love in the show. There are 30 singles from Dallas, Texas area who will attempt to forge connections, and even get engaged before they ever lay eyes on each other.

The group consists of individuals in the real estate and health industries as well as engineers, coaches, salespeople, and more. The reality show on Netflix debuts on October 19 2022 and will air new episodes every Wednesday through November 9.

Catey Benson Relationship Status

Catey Benson appears to be a very reserved person. She hasn’t updated her socials for a long time. Hence, her current relationship status remains unclear.

As for Cole, in the show, Early on, Cole shows a passing interest in ballet dancer Colleen Reed, but he soon develops a stronger bond with Zanab. In the pods, the pair converses in-depth and addresses several significant issues. Cole reveals that he was briefly married when he was younger, so he has a better understanding of what he’s looking for in a relationship now. Zanab tells that both of her parents passed away when she was a teenager. You two are off to a beautiful start!

These two connect strongly during their conversations due to their common religious convictions. When Zanab tells Cole that she prayed for him on one of their pod dates, Cole melts like butter. And it appears that both are looking for a spouse who also holds Christian values. They are both realtors as well.

It is hardly surprising that Cole asks Zanab to marry him when they are in the pods. Even before they met, they appeared to be completely obsessed with one another. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when they are finally able to meet after becoming engaged, things start to heat up.

There aren’t many spoilers about what happens following filming because the first four episodes of the show just debuted. But there are some hints.

As of October 13th, Cole is still following Zanab on Instagram, although he has only so far liked one of her posts. Zanab does not follow him back, which is not irrational considering that she only has 82 individuals she is following.

Is Catey Benson On Instagram?

No, Catey Benson is not on Instagram. But, you can find her on Twitter (@cateybenson) and Facebook (@catey.benson).

Catey Benson Age

Reportedly Born in 1996, Catey Benson should be at least 26 years old in 2022.

Catey Benson Job

As already stated, Catey Benson is very private about her personal life. The same can be said about her professional life. Although there is Catey Benson’s LinkedIn, she hasn’t shared anything except that she was a student at TCU High School. Other reports suggest that while at TCU, she was a student-athlete competing on Track and Field.

Catey competed in the 2013 Plano West Invitational (100m H, 300m H, 4 X 400m Relay) in March 2013. At the TCU High School Invite 2013, she competed in two events (4 X 400m Relay and 100m H).

As for her current job, there is no information currently available.

Whereas, her ex-husband Cole is working as a real estate agent. His LinkedIn reveals that he founded Bdellium Real Estate in August 2019. Cole graduated from King’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2017.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Catey Benson From?

Public records show that Catey Benson hailed from Arlington, Texas.

  • When Is Catey Benson Birthday?

Catey Benson’s birthday is yet to be revealed publicly.

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