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Matt Borton Bio, Age, Job, Height, You, Me & My Ex

Matt Borton is kind-hearted — so kind-hearted that he sheltered his ex-girlfriend who had nowhere to go after selling her house. Now, here’s the problem. His new girlfriend also lived in the same house! A perfect drama to be featured on You, Me & My Ex.

Keep reading this Matt Borton Bio to learn more about him.

Matt Borton On You, Me & My Ex

TLC is well-known for its messy binge-worthy shows like 90 Day Fiance, and to spice up the list, the channel introduced yet another unconventional relationship show You, Me & My Ex in 2021. It followed followed several couples, where one partner was unwilling to let go of their ex for one reason or another.

Two years later, the show then returned for its second installment, and it brought back three old couples Loren, John, April, and Roy; Jennifer, Chantel, Danielle, and Josh; and Alex, Caroline, and Stephen; and two new couples DeAndre Asbury-Heath, Rowan, and Elodie; and Matt and his girlfriends.

Is Matt Borton Still In A Relationship With Kenzie?

Yes, as of April 2023, Matt Borton is still in a relationship with Kenzie. The two were last spotted cozy in arms of each other on Kenzie’s FB post dated April 24. Guess, the two were able to make it through the unconventional situation after all.

In case you missed the drama, Matt started dating Kenzie circa 2019 — a month after he broke up with Chelsea. Since his relationship with the latter lasted several years, and given the dramatic split, Chelsea wasn’t happy with her ex for moving on so quickly. But to make up for it, Matt remained her best friend even years later, dropping everything to help her, even if it means putting her above Kenzie.

No surprise, he didn’t think twice about inviting Chelsea to live with them when she sold her house and had nowhere to go after. Obviously, Kenzie didn’t like her new roomie, leaving Matt with a dilemma of whether to help her ex or please her current girlfriend.

Kenzie Leigh Edwards was born in July 1994. She has been teaching 1st grade for over 5 years, and only recently moved into teaching kindergarten at Christiana Elementary School. As for her education, she studied Elementary Education at MTSU and attended Rutherford County Schools for K-12. Find her on IG @kenzayyyyleigh and FB @kenzie.l.edwards.

On the other hand, Chelsea Inman, a Nashville, Tennessee native, is a realtor. She worked at Luxury Homes of Tennessee. “Real estate is more than just looking at beautiful homes. Selling and buying properties is a business and I want to grow my business while connecting to individuals and leaders of our local community,” she said.

Prior to this, Chelsea was a Property Manager at S & S Property Management, Inc and Beztak Properties.

Chelsea went to Fred J Page High School. Find her on IG @inmanathome and Facebook @chelsea.n.inman.

Trivia: Kenzie had a cat named Finely and a dog named Charleigh.

Matt Borton Age

Matt Borton was 31 years of age when he appeared on You, Me & My Ex in 2023.

He is 3 years older than Kenzie.

Matt Borton Job

Matt Borton works in sales and management.

In 2023, he was working as a Sales Manager at Hardwood Bargains for almost 5 years. He loves Hardwood Bargain’s culture of values over profit and commitment to customer service. His favorite part of the job is hearing people’s reactions after they have their beautiful new floors installed. “I hear terms like ‘life-changing and blown away’ regularly. It always puts a smile on my face!’” he explained.

Matt has been working in sales since 18. At the time, he was a swim instructor for his local Y and sold enrollment to their various swim classes. After getting his feet wet in sales, he then helped run a sales company specializing in blinds and shutters. This was where Matt really learned the trade and became great at in-home consultations. He continued to learn and grow over the 8 years he spent there while also taking in as much training and experience as he could get his hands on.

Besides Hardwood, Matt also worked as the Executive Vice President of Pinnacle Custom Blinds.

As for his education, Matt got his Business Administration and Management degree from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in 2011.

Did you know: Matt donated all new blinds for his Keller Williams Red Day project at Special Kids Therapy in Murfreesboro. The Special Kids administration staff was so excited to have new blinds!

Is Matt Borton On IG And Facebook?

As of April 2023, find Matt on Instagram @matt_borton. Sadly, his account was kept private.

But you can explore him on Facebook @matt.borton.5.

Matt Borton Family

Matt Borton comes from a family of at least four.

His parents are named Michael L and Lynn R Borton. They turned 63 and 66 years of age respectively in 2023.

As for his sister, Katie E Borton turned 30 on November 30, 2022.

Matt Borton Height

Matt Borton stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 11 inches

Mentioning his distinct features, Matt has brown hair and eyes and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Matt Borton From?

Matt hails from Nashville, TN.

  • When Is Matt Borton Birthday?

Matt receives his birthday wishes in May. This makes him either of Taurus or Gemini zodiac.

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