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Elodie Vincent Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, You, Me & My Ex

TLC You, Me & My Ex Season 1 came in 2021 and explored several couples. One thing was common in each one of these couples. One partner was reluctant to let go of their ex for one reason or another. After two years, when some of these cast members returned for Season 2, the network also introduced to its viewers two new additions. One of the newbie groups comprises De’Andre, his girlfriend Elodie, and his ex Rowan. Unlike De’Andre who people also remember from Love Island Season 2, Elodie Vincent is new in the scene. So, in this writing, let us tell you who she is in You, Me & My Ex and IRL.

Elodie Vincent On You, Me & My Ex

In You, Me & My Ex Season 2, De’Andre’s storyline will revolve around his ex, Rowan, and girlfriend, Elodie Vincent.

De’Andre was in a relationship with his ex for four years until they broke up due to the former’s lack of love and care for the other and their bunny, Muffin. But, as seen in the show, the problem is such that Rowan is still close with De’Andre’s mom and De’Andre is moving on with his new girlfriend Elodie, who he met on social media. Things get even more complicated when De’Andre’s mom and his ex time and gain remind him that he first has to figure out if he is ready to be a stepdad to Elodie’s kid.

It is said that in the show De’Andre will try to prove he does not have lingering feelings for his ex. But, viewers so far have believed otherwise. They think the Florida native likes his girlfriend as much as Rowan.

The premiere episode also showed De’Andre visiting his ex to play with their pet. While Elodie in a confessional revealed that she was not aware of them sharing a bunny and also of her having an issue with Rowan and her boyfriend’s mom’s bond.

Back in the day, as a 25-year-old De’Andre had made his debut on Love Island Season 2 as part of the scandalous Casa Amor twist.

Is Elodie Vincent Still With De’Andre Asbury-Heath?

If Elodie Vincent and De’Andre Asbury-Heath were still together as of April 2023, it was not known.

At this point, there was no hint of it on Elodie’s social media or on Rowan and De’Andre’s respective Instagrams.

Elodie Vincent Daughter

Viewers of You, Me & My Ex were also surprised to learn that Elodie has a daughter and that she had been encouraging De’Andre to build a relationship with the kid.

Elodie’s daughter turned 3 in 2023. Often on social media, Elodie can be seen boasting that she is proud of her young one. Also, she often confesses things like she will do everything for her and will never stop making her proud. Then she signs off these heartfelt messages to her daughter with the likes of “♥️ it’s me and you against the world baby ♥️”.

Is Elodie Vincent On Instagram?

Yes. Elodie Vincent can be found on Instagram. As of 26 April 2023, her IG @iamelodievincent included 79 posts and 22.8K followers. Here, she quoted about God being first for her and highlighted the belief that “Everything happens for a reason”.

One could also give her a follow on ‘Elodie Vincent’ Facebook.

Among other things, on her social media, Elodie also has mentioned her siblings: sisters Taylor Laughery and Taylor Elizabeth Shaw, and brother/best friend Nick Bradley.

Elodie Vincent Age

Because Elodie Vincent was born in 1993, she turned 29 years old in 2022.

Elodie Vincent Job

Elodie Vincent, whose real name is Elodie Latson, is a model and influencer. Back in 2018, she even went in this contest to become MAXIM’s cover girl.

On her LinkedIn, she gives away these important details about her career:

Elodie is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where she majored in Telecommunications and Film with a minor in criminal justice. Since she was a little girl she knew she wanted to one day become a television broadcaster, so she says she has done all she can to make sure she succeeds. Elodie further gushed that her experience in film, editing, newspapers, magazines, and working on several different news packages has allowed her to advance in her desired career choice.

In her career, Elodie also collaborated in a film, with sound editors during the post synchronization. Then one time, she was an assistant to a newspaper and for Tele Europe as an editor. ( She also loves to tell everyone that she has done package work for class at the University of Alabama.

Elodie, as a model and influencer, also has done paid partnerships with the likes of SHEIN.COM and other brands.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Elodie Vincent’s Birthday?

Elodie Vincent’s birthday is on December 9th and that makes her a Sagittarius.

  • Where Is Elodie Vincent From?

Elodie Vincent was born in Draguignan, a commune in the Var department in the administrative region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, southeastern France.

Being born in France, she said, allowed her to work in international environments as well as achieve bilingual fluidity in both English and French.

As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Tall Is Elodie Vincent?

Elodie Vincent stands above 5’8” in height.

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