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Matt Takimoto Bio, Married, Instagram, Family, Jeopardy

With the new (Season 38) of the popular game show, Jeopardy, doing its rounds viewers were introduced to a brand new contestant Matt Takimoto in the 17 February 2022 episode.

Now, let us take you through ‘Matt Takimoto Bio’ and expose you to his married life, family background, and more.

Matt Takimoto On Jeopardy!

Matt Takimoto, full name Matthew Takimoto, made his mark on the show with his infectious personality and beaming smile that the audience quickly fell in love with.

He said he entered the show to win and had been prepping for a while.

During the 18 February 2022-episode, the Final Jeopardy: Plays, Matt won $21,400. In Game 2, he took on two players Bridget Kranz, a communications specialist from Minnesota, and Carter Lockwood, an attorney from South Carolina.

Be sure to tune in to the upcoming episodes of Jeopardy! every weeknight for more updates.

Is Matt Takimoto Married?

Matt Takimoto seemed to have been married as of sometime in 2021. As evidence, there are myriads of wife-related tweets on his Twitter. He, however, did not care to give away her name or other information.

When Matt’s grandfather Junichi “Junior” Takimoto passed away on 31 December 2021, his obituary did not include Matt’s wife.

The same way Matt mentioned ‘wife’ in his everyday tweets he used to do it with his girlfriend. He used to write random “my girlfriend” did this, said this, kind of tweets. But as of December 2020, these girlfriend-tweets were replaced by the wife ones.

Matt Takimoto Age

Because Matt Takimoto was born in 1987, he turned 35 years old early in 2022.

Matt Takimoto Job And Career

Matt Takimoto has been working as a full-time fifth-grade teacher at Oakland Unified School District as of August 2020.

Word has it, he is successful in his teaching career that he started in 2015 acquiring a multiple subject teaching credential.

Aside from working as a teaching assistant for Change Public Schools during his studies, Matt had not officially started teaching until then. He got his first teaching job as a 4th-grade teacher at Glenview Elementary School. He worked there for five years before starting his role at his current school in 2020.

For the longest time, i.e. from September 2009 to August 2018, Matt was the blog manager for SB Nation.

Hint on his current salary: as per, a typical Oakland Unified School District teacher salary is $54,695 per year. As per this estimation, teachers’ salaries at Oakland Unified School District can range from $44,658 – $102,252 per year.

All along, Matt never stopped working as an editor at Addicted To Quack, the job he has been doing since November 2009. He says he writes Tako Tuesdays, a weekly editorial column, and any other articles that tickle his fancy.

Is Matt Takimoto On Instagram?

Yes. Matt Takimoto could be found on Instagram. However, as of 19 February 2022, the account @takimoto23x was kept on private mode.

Matt also occasionally posted on Twitter @takimoto23x and ‘Matt Takimoto’ Facebook.

During the first wave of the COVID pandemic, he also taught topics like ‘Divison with Decimals’, ‘Fractional/Decimal conversions’, ‘Night Sky, Day Sky’ on his YouTube self-titled YouTube channel.

Matt Takimoto Height

The height that Matt Takimoto stands to is 6′ 0½” (1.84 meters).

Matt Takimoto Family

Matt’s mother is Linda Martin Takimoto and she could be found on Instagram @lindatakimoto.

Then, there is Marty Takimoto, Matt’s father, who on his Facebook writes “Its good to be Marty”. Marty hails from San Jose in California and is currently based in El Cerrito with likely his wife.

Other people in Matt’s family are his sisters Keeley Takimoto and Lizzie Takimoto.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Matt Takimoto Born?

Matt was born in his hometown of El Cerrito, California. In 2010, he relocated to Oakland, California, and has been there ever since.

  • When Is Matt Takimoto Birthday?

Every year the 22nd of February marks Matt Takimoto’s birthday, meaning his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

  • How Much Is Matt Takimoto Net Worth?

Matt Takimotto reportedly hoarded less than $400 thousand net worth as of February 2022.

On the musical side, IMDB credited him as the composer of the 2016 short film Finding June, a story through the eyes of a deaf woman just diagnosed with breast cancer as she explores communication’s role in truly understanding one another.

(Of course) Matt also plays trumpet, trombone, and toy piano in the folk-rock band The Crane and The Crow.

Matt first learned to play trumpet in 4th grade at Castro Elementary School. Later, he went to study Bachelor of Science in General Music at the University of Oregon (2005 – 2010). Here, he studied trumpet with Dave Bender, Brian McWhorter, and Josh Deutsch, and composition with Terry McQuilkin and David Crumb. For his senior thesis, he gave a presentation on “The music of James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic and its influence on West Coast gangsta rap”.

In 2012, Matt started teaching music to 2nd – 8th graders at Raskob Learning Institute and Day School in Oakland.

For a year from 2014 to 2015, he also studied M.A. in Elementary education at the University of California, Berkeley.

As for high school, Matt went to El Cerrito High School and completed it in 2005.

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