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Toby Foster Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Bangers And Cash Narrator

Toby Foster’s talent for narration is second to none. And fans of Yesterday’s Bangers & Cash know it! He’s been the show’s narrator ever since its inaugural season in 2019 and remains its storyteller as of 2022. Let’s learn more about him as this Toby Foster Bio proceeds.

Meet Toby Foster,  Bangers And Cash Narrator

Yesterdays’ Bangers And Cash followed the Mathewsons family, who hunted for rare vehicles to resell, and also in doing so, uncover some remarkable and heart-warming stories behind the cars. But those “heartwarming stories” wouldn’t be so heartwarming if it wasn’t shared in the voice of Toby Foster. 

“Each car has a unique story to tell. It was the dad’s car, the car you first bought as a teenager, the car you always wanted but never had the cash to buy,” Derek (the family’s patriarch) explained.

Other members of the Mathewsons included — Paul and Dave (sons), Charlie (grandson), and Sarah Crabtree (who isn’t a Mathewsons).

Airing its first season on April 18, 2019, Bangers And Cash has already made it far to its fifth installment, which premiered in January 2022. Also, its spin-off Bangers And Cash: Restoring Classics was being filmed then.

In case you’re interested, Mathewsons stated way back in 1970, first offering modern car and commercial vehicles in Bedfordshire. Over time, the company expanded its branches throughout the UK, and wow, it offers a variety of Classic and Vintage cars.

Someday, the company hopes to hold all of its total operations in one location.

Did you know: Toby drove a white Mercedes S80 with an image on the bonnet designed to reflect Radio Sheffield’s place in the community, during the 2018  Bangers and Cash car rally from Sheffield to Monte Carlo.

Toby Foster Wife, Is He Married?

Yes, Toby Foster is married. He has a wife named Nikki Foster, with whom he shares two daughters.

Reportedly, the duo tied the knot in April 2000 and was going strong as of 2022. Their secret? Well, Toby was a loving and thoughtful husband. The narrator often took his family out for vacations (especially on birthdays) and never refrained from showing love over his socials as well.

Back on Christmas 2017, he even bought his wife a cord-free vacuum cleaner. She never looked happier.

As for their kids, their oldest Maisie @maisie.foster.x turned 18 on September 10, 2021, while the younger one Bel turned 16 on Feb 27, 2022. (Also, while we’re on the matter of birthdays, Toby’s wife celebrates hers on June 30.)

Besides their two beautiful daughters, Toby and Nikki shared three dogs. Yes, three! “I remember telling my wife that we could easily handle having a third dog. I now also remember that I am an idiot,” the narrator tweeted.

Toby Foster Net Worth

Toby Foster garnered a net worth of above $1 million by 2022.

This talented narrator first started his career working as a national sales manager at Mansfield Brewery PLC from Jan 1992 to Jan 1997. Then, Toby went on to become the MD of the Don’t Shoot Production Ltd for 10 long years during which he also appeared as an actor in a few shows like That Peter Kay Thing (2000), Phoenix Nights (2002), Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere (2004), Extras (2007), and Taxi for the Comedian (2007).

Finally, after 2011, Toby was hired by the BBC as its presenter where he hosted Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (from 2013 – 2016) and the Breakfast show at BBC Radio Sheffield.

Also, he was the promoter and compere of Sheffield’s Last Laugh comedy club at the time.

Ever since Toby joined BBC Radio Sheffield, he has been nominated for three Sony Radio Academy Awards, The Entertainment Award, Best Interview Award, and 2012 Sony Speech Broadcaster of the Year.

But Toby’s BBC journey has not always been a bed of roses. Back in 2013, the narrator was under fire after a foul-mouthed rant on Facebook. Well, he did give his fellow comedians pretty offensive names then. No wonder, he was suspended from Radio Sheffield from December 2013 to January 2014.

Fun Fact: Toby briefly took from an ongoing breakfast show in May 2021 after a fire alarm went off. He returned to the show after 15 mins, letting his viewers know that there was no fire and they did not know what had triggered the alarm.

How Tall Is Toby Foster?

Toby Foster stands tall at a height under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

His distinct features included — hazel eyes, reduced hairline, and an always-happy oval face.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Toby Foster Born?

Toby was reportedly born in Rotherham, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. However, some sites mentioned that he was Barnsley-born.

  • How Old Is Toby Foster?

“Banger and Cash” narrator Toby Foster turned 52 years of age on August 13, 2021.

As per his birthday, Toby is of the Leo zodiac.

  • Is Toby Foster On Instagram?

Yes, as of Feb 2022, Toby entered 4.6K followers over Instagram @tobyfoster. Most of his posts then just featured his happy face and his touches of humor.

Also, here’s his Facebook @tobyfostercomedy.

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