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Matthew Adesuyan Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Armenian

Matthew Adesuyan might be the owner of the label Bad Habit but he is more popular as the boyfriend of Shanina Shaik. And now, this bad boy is about to be a father. Yes! model Shanina is pregnant.

Stick with this Matthew Adesuyan Bio to learn more about him. 

Meet Matthew Adesuyan, Shanina Shaik Boyfriend

It was Feb 15, 2021, when Matthew Adesuyan and Shanina Shaik first made their relationship IG official — sharing a black-and-white picture of them, captioned “My Valentine… Happy Valentine’s Day” (on Shanina’s IG).

Since then, the two never shied away from sharing action-packed PDA posts on their socials. In August 2021, the pair even packed on the PDA as they enjoyed a romantic lunch at the popular Beverly Hills eatery Il Pastio. At the time, the lovebirds kissed and cuddled outside of the restaurant and clearly didn’t care who saw.

Matthew and Shanina then also welcomed 2022 with suggestive pics and in May that year, Shanina took it to her IG to share the good news about her pregnancy. “To the new love of my life, Thank you for choosing me to be your Mum,” Shanina started the caption followed by long paragraphs of love. To summarize, with each month of the pregnancy she what learning what the role of being a mother entailed. And since she was raised by an amazing woman, she wanted to learn her unborn child to know that he/she will be supported and loved through every moment of life. 

For those who are here as a fan of Matthew, and know less about her baby mother — Shanina is a model and an actress who started her career at the mere age of 8. She’s walked for many popular fashion brands including the likes of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and acted in the series Love Advent (2017) and the movie The Mummy (2017).

Before Matthew, she was married to DJ Ruckus for over a year.

Also, in the past, Shanina has dated Ryan Leslie, Justin Bieber, Sean Combs, Julian Posey, and Tyson Beckford.

Matthew Adesuyan Age

Matthew Adesuyan was 32 years of age in 2022.

He is a year older than his girlfriend Shanina.

What Do We Know About Matthew Adesuyan Family?

Matthew Adesuyan comes from a family of at least five.

His father, Olu Adesuyan was the CEO of Cal-Society Insurance Services Inc for over 20 years, and the co-founder of Society Insurance Services, Inc. Also, Matthew’s mother, Julliet Adesuyan, a North/west College 1987 graduate, worked as a broker at Cal-Society Insurance Services Inc.

Olu and Julliet (birthday: June 10) turned 70 and 60 years of age respectively in 2022.

Talking a little about his parents, Matthew shared that her mother raised him “with love like no other” while his father gave him “endless ambition and dreams with no ceilings.” Also, Matthew added that his father shaped his love for creating a world of impossible feats.

As for his siblings, Matthew’s sister Melody Adesuyan officially became a doctor in March 2021. She studied medicine at St. George’s University and went on to complete her physician residency at UCSF Fresno. Also, previously, she studied B.A. in health and humanity at the University of Southern California from 2009 to 2013 and is an Oakwood School 2009 graduate.

Melody celebrated her 30th birthday in April 2022.

As for Matthew’s brother, we don’t know much about him; except he was into rap music.

Matthew Adesuyan Net Worth

Matthew Adesuyan garnered a net worth of under $1.5 million by 2022.

He initially started his career in the music industry working as an A&R producer at High Valley Entertainment in 2009. He then joined Neuro Creative as its consultant for 10 months before going on to become the CEO/Co-creator of I Versus Eye in July 2001.

In August 2012, Matthew then joined The Neighbourhood as its creative director and went on to work there for 4½ years. Finally, in April 2013, he co-founded MADEBUYUS, and in June 2015, co-founded Bad Habit, and he’s been working as its CEO ever since.

The last we checked, artists on his label included Bakar, Dora JAR, Goody Grace, Health, Jany Green, Jesse, Ralph Castelli, The Neighborhood, Tiffany Day, Umi, and Yeek.

Also, Matthew and his business partner, Kirk Harding signed Burna Boy after meeting the talented artist over dinner at 805 Restaurant in South London in 2017.

Surprisingly, Matthew ignored Wizkid! “At first it was like 2Face, which was like when I was 14. 2Face had a song called ‘African Queen’… Then [My dad] put me on to Wizkid and Wizkid was close to my age and I was just like ‘Naw, this ain’t it.” he explained.

Matthew Adesuyan Height

Matthew Adesuyan stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Is Matthew Adesuyan On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @bausmatthew.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Matthew Adesuyan Birthday?

Matthew celebrates his birthday on December 26.

  • What Is Matthew Adesuyan Nationality?

Matthew probably flaunts American nationality.

As of 2022, he resided in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Is Matthew Adesuyan Armenian?

It isn’t confirmed that Matthew is Armenian. But his father indeed holds Nigerian roots, and his mother’s probably Iranian.

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