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Brent Wolgamott Bio, Age, Husband, Job, The Staircase

Meet Brent Wolgamott, the escort Michael Peterson had hired before his wife’s death. Learn about his age, husband, job, and what he shared during the trial.

Brent was providing the escort service via a website. The purpose of the website was male-for-male escort review sites that were run by a third party, not by Brent himself. He was involved in the website since March 2001 and went by the name “Brad”. In August of 2001, Michael Peterson reached out to Brent Wolgamott as an M.P. Writer.

On the website, the clients who Brent served wrote reviews of their experiences with him. He involved himself in such activities around 2001 and continued all throughout 2001. The potential client reached out to him via email to know more information about his services and “M.P. Writer” was one of them.

Brent’s services included companionship for other males of legal age and sometimes se**** activities. He described the nature of se**** relationship as “just about anything under the sun”.

Scroll down this “Brent Wolgamott Bio” to learn more about him.

HBO Max’s The Staircase: Who Is Brent Wolgamott?

Freda, who question the witness, initiated the trial by showing him the pictures and documents of reviews from the website. He was active in Raleigh, North Carolina because it was an active area for escort business. Then, Freda showed him the email correspondences with someone identified as “M.P. Writer” AKA Michael Peterson.

Michael contacted Brent in August 2001. He reached out to Brent via email. He wanted to know more about him and get to know each other which is a normal course before they struck a deal.

Brent remembered M.P. Writer in particular because he was on active duty at the time. At first, when M.P. Writer reached out to him, he thought it was “Military Police Writer”, so he thought this was someone he should take notice of. They contacted each other through 20 different email correspondence during that period from August to September.

Like, Michael, his other clients would contact him to know that he was a “straight guy”, meaning he wasn’t someone who would physically harm him. He received an email where Michale asked Brent whether he had heard of Dirk Yates. Dirk was a man who produces porn videos of soldiers who were on active duty military or have since left active duty.

Peterson suggested that Brent should contact Dirk Yates.

Besides mail, he had one phone call of significant nature and the other two voice calls. He also sent his picture to Michael to let him know “what they were getting”. They made a deal and struck a price for his service which was $150 per hour.

While corresponding, Michael also mentioned his wife with Brent. In one email, Michael told Brent that he had a great marriage and he had a lot of warmth and affection for his wife. They were to hook up on 5 September 2001. However, Brent canceled and apologized to Michale after 25 days for not showing up as he was traveling to Palms Spring.

Where Is Brent Wolgamott Today?

Since then, Brent Wolgamott has become a small-time celebrity and appeared for interviews on podcasts. He has also been the returning guest in Reality NSFW (@RealityNSFW).

Brent was working as a podcaster and Reality TV commentator. He has shared his takes on formerly Rob Has A Podcast and currently UNAUTHORIZED Reality NSFW with Jonny Fairplay. He makes candid commentary on not only the Big Brother North American franchise but also pop culture.

Brent Wolgamott Age

Born in January 1975, Brent Wolgamott is 47 years old.

Brent Wolgamott Husband

Brent Wolgamott isn’t married yet to have a husband. However, he is currently in a relationship with Aurelio Rodriguez. He introduced his boyfriend for the first time in May 2021. In August 2021, he posted, “Out with my boyfriend for drinks. Well…he’s drinking. I’m having a Coke”.

In November 2021, Brent celebrated 9 months together with a FB or IG post.

Aurelio is a native of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. He went to Lino Padron Rivera and InterAmerican Recinto Metropolitano. He also studied at  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach Campus.

Aurelio had formerly worked as a Flight attendant at Major US Airlines and he is also the curator and owner at Art2go Gallery.

What Is Brent Wolgamott Job Now?

Brent Wolgamott was on active duty in the United States Army. He worked as a pharmacy specialist. He left the military on 8 March 2002.

During the trial, when prosecutor Freda Black asked if he had another occupation, his counsel intervened and advised him to not answer that question concerning he had right against incrimination. The judge then spoke that Brent was offered immunity by the district attorney of Durham county. All the testimony, he gave in this criminal activity would constitute a criminal offense in North Carolina relating to the homosexual escort business.

Brent enrolled at the North Carolina State University in 2003. He was pursuing a Chemistry degree at the time of Michael Peterson’s trial. Brent was involved in the escort business because he wanted to save money for education. He graduated from Indiana University (Bloomington).

Since January 2019, he has been working at Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Brent Wolgamott From?

Brent Wolgamott hailed from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is currently living in Hebron, Kentucky.

  • Is Brent Wolgamott On Instagram?

Yes, Brent Wolgamott was on Instagram (@oneluckygay). He is also on Twitter (@OneLuckyGay).

  • What Else Do We Know About Brent Wolgamott?

On Brent Wolgamott’s birthday in January 2022, his boyfriend took him to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

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