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Matthew Muller Parents: Monty Muller And Joyce Muller

Matthew Muller’s parents are named Monty Muller and Joyce Muller.

Matthew is the subject of Netflix’s latest true crime offering American Nightmare. Are his parents still together? What do they do for a living?

Here is what we’ve discovered about Matthew’s parents.

Who Are Matthew Muller Parents?

Monty Muller and Joyce Muller, the parents of Matthew Muller, raised him in the suburbs of Sacramento. The family would go on hikes in the Sierra Nevada, go abalone diving in Bodega Bay, or just kick back at a Michigan lakeside cottage during the summer. They had a party on their cul-de-sac every Christmas, and Monty would dress up as Santa.

Matthew was an introverted child with a strong determination. He preferred to run, ski, or walk the dog by himself rather than participate in football or wrestling, despite his father’s best attempts. In addition to reading dystopian books like Yevgeny Zamyatin, Aldous Huxley, and George Orwell, he was a trumpet player in the school band.

One of his favorite short stories, “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury, tells the scenario of two kids who project their imaginations onto the walls of a virtual reality “nursery,” only to have imaginary lions come to life and devour their parents.

At school, Matthew had a close-knit circle of friends, but bullies made fun of his weight. Having been teased nourished his natural tendency to defend the weaker person, which he occasionally overreached. Their mother became concerned when their younger brother, Kent, became reticent to speak and took on the role of spokesperson. Joyce remembered thinking, “If you keep speaking for him, he’s never going to have a vocabulary.” Later, after the girl had made fun of someone during a music competition, Matthew stuck gum in the trumpet.

Matthew found out about his father’s infidelity during his final year of high school. Monty and Joyce got divorced, and he moved in with the woman he was seeing. He informed Joyce that he required discipline and wanted to become in shape before deciding to join the Marines. Actually, he was concerned that she wouldn’t have enough money to pay for college.

Matthew’s roommate from boot camp subsequently noted that he “was a round peg struggling to fit into a square hole” in the Marines. He shed over fifty pounds in the first thirteen weeks. Instead of going on weekend excursions with his unit, he squeezed in more exercise. He survived for a while on Powerade and garlic rice. His deadpan manner earned him the nickname Sergeant Mulder, after the FBI agent on The X-Files.

Matthew was enraged by recruits who took advantage of people’s perceived weaknesses. He defended his roommate from bullies. He played trumpet for the Marine Corps band for three years while stationed in Japan and California. While there, he founded a charity organization to instruct people on Internet usage. He deployed to the Middle East in 1999 to train soldiers. He was promoted and received multiple awards prior to being honorably discharged.

Matthew began a nonprofit organization to educate communities about the Internet while serving as a trumpet player in the Marine Corps band for three years at bases in California and Japan. He deployed to the Middle East in 1999 to train soldiers. He was promoted and received multiple awards prior to being honorably discharged. While attending Pomona College back home in California,

Matthew pushed himself into charity work, assisting the destitute in obtaining government assistance and overseeing an outdoor program, among other voluntary endeavors. His companion Eve Florin later stated, “He strived to be noble, to be kind, and to be generous—more than anyone I had ever met.”

Mathew married first married to a woman from Kyrgyzstan. Then he married a Taiwanese woman named Huei Dai.

Meet Monty Muller, Matthew Muller Father

Matthew Muller’s father is named Monty Muller. In November 2023, Monty turned 77 years of age.

Monty worked as a school administrator and wrestling coach. Moreover, Monty was a long time very successful, respected, and well-liked school administrator in the San Juan School District (Sacramento) for over 30 years. He was an outstanding wrestler at both American River College and San Francisco State but his fame is in the world of officiating.

For most of his wrestling officiating career, Monty has been recognized as THE top official in the state of California. He retired from high school officiating a few years ago but still does “selective” tournaments (including the TOC since 2011), is a top college-level official, and serves as the lead official at the Sac Joaquin Section and California State tournaments. He was an early inductee into the California Wrestling Hall of Fame and currently serves on the HOF selection committee.

Meet Joyce Muller, Matthew Muller Mother

Matthew Muller’s mother is named Joyce Zarback Muller. Born in 1945, Joyce reached 78 years of age in 2023.

Joyce is a retired teacher now. She worked as an English teacher at SJUSD.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Matthew Muller Parents Reside?

Both of Matthew Muller’s parents reside in Orangevale, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Matthew Muller Parents Have?

Matthew Muller may have other siblings but their identity is concealed now.

  • Are Matthew Muller Parents Still Together?

No, Matthew Muller’s parents are divorced now.

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