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Matthew Muller Wife: Who Is Huei Dai? Where Is She Now?

Huei Dai is the wife of Matthew Muller who is the subject of Netflix’s newest offering American Nightmare. The recently released three-part documentary series delves into the 2015 case of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn. It premiered on January 17, 2024. The California couple was asleep one night in March when they heard a break-in.

When Denise was abducted and subsequently freed a few days later, the local police did not accept the couple’s account. However, a turn of events in the case led to the identification of Matthew Muller as the real culprit.

Where is Huei now? What does she do as a job? Where is she from? We got the answers here.

Meet Huei Dai, Matthew Muller Wife

Matthew Muller was once married to his wife Huei Dai. After Huei discovered his card at an ATM in 2012, they went into a brief romantic relationship, but their friendship lasted forever.

Matthew and Huei reportedly got married the day after his sentencing. After hearing about Matthew’s arrest on the news, she visited him every week.

In a dimly lit room at the Sacramento County Main Jail, they were married. Despite her disapproval of the union and her regrets that Huei was committing to a tough life, Matthew’s mother attended the wedding with a small group of family members; Huei’s friends and relatives did not show up. Matthew was taken outside by security personnel wearing an iron cage and handcuffs.

Wearing lovely attire, Huei stood a few steps away because she was not permitted to touch her husband. Following a quick exchange of vows in front of the court, Matthew was taken away. The ceremony took five minutes in total.

However, according to the documents on UniCourt, Huei filed for separation/divorce on 28 December 2022 at the San Mateo County Superior Courts, Southern Branch Hall of Justice and Records located in San Mateo, California.

Matthew became infamous after he kidnapped Denise in March 2015. One evening, he broke into her and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn’s house, bound and gagged them by covering their eyes, and then gave them drugs. Huskins was kidnapped by Muller, who took her to his mother’s cabin in South Lake Tahoe in Northern California.

There, he se*ually assaulted her twice while filming the incidents. If Huskins or Quinn ever informed the authorities, Muller threatened to post the tapes online.

Matthew gave her another dose of drugs and drove her to Hunting Beach, California when she saw a broadcast of Huskins’ father speaking to the media. Muller made it clear to Huskins when she awoke that if she ever told anyone about the kidnapping or that Muller was in the military, he would “always be watching.”

He enlisted in the Marine Corps upon his high school graduation. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he practiced immigration law until his disbarment in 2013.

At FCI Tucson in Arizona, Matthew is completing his prison terms. In 2017, he entered a guilty plea to a federal charge of kidnapping and was subsequently sentenced to 40 years. Matthew entered a plea of guilty to the accusations of robbery of an unoccupied residence, domestic burglary, and false imprisonment in 2022, and as a result, he was sentenced to an extra 31 years in prison.

Matthew was married before and his ex-wife said in divorce filings that he once confessed “he had indeed broken into a woman’s apartment in 2009 and that he would do the same to me and people who were close to me.” For this reason, and because of Muller’s crimes in Vallejo and Dublin, she came to believe that her ex-husband was the person who, after their divorce, had terrified her housemate one night. “I was lucky to escape the fate of Matthew’s prior and subsequent female victims who were assaulted and raped,” she stated in a court document.

Matthew refuted committing the offenses in Silicon Valley in a court document. He denied breaking into his ex-wife’s house in an interview, saying he didn’t remember telling her anything. He dismissed as “mere coincidence” the fact that one of the victims had attended an event he had organized at Harvard and claimed that the police would “fix on you and that’s it.” They perceive nothing to be inconsistent and everything to be consistent with that. Currently, the cases are still pending.

Where Is Matthew Muller Wife Huei Dai Now?

Matthew Muller’s wife Huei Dai is currently based in Union City, California.

Huei Dai Age

As of January 2024, Huei Dai is 44 years of age.

Where Is Huei Dai From?

According to Atavist Magazine, Huei Dai is originally from Taiwan.

Huei Dai Job

Huei Dai had worked as an office and human resources manager. She felt that her husband had been unfairly depicted in the media and in court, and she sympathized with his challenges with mental illness. She soon abandoned her job to type emails and file legal documents for Muller and other inmates he was coaching on their own cases, turning into his unofficial paralegal.

Additionally, Huei contributed to the creation of the website, which presented Muller’s version of events and highlighted the severity of his condition at the time of the Vallejo crime. The now-defunct website claimed that his “current legal predicament” was the result of “extended psychosis.” However, Matthew’s understanding of what had transpired would soon shift.

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  • Is Huei Dai On Instagram?

No, Huei Dai is not available on Instagram.

  • When Is Huei Dai Birthday?

Huei Dai’s birthday is in May.

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