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Matthias De Dona Bio, Summer Job, Age, Height, Instagram

Contestants on Summer Job got a lot out of it — mainly, Matthias De Dona. The self-admitted layabout now tries his best to impress his bosses. Also, he’s come out of the closet!

Keep reading this Matthias De Dona Bio to learn more about him.

Matthias De Dona On Netflix’s Summer Job

Netflix’s Summer Job brought together a group of lazy bones including Matthias De Dona — “used to doing nothing all day long” — and baited them to spend a “paid” luxurious vacation in Mexico. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with all as they spoke up about the “betrayal”  and it also made fans question the authenticity of the show. After all, why would an owner not fire a contestant tight on the first day after showing a huge level of incompetence?

But as per Netflix, the show’s unscripted. This means the producers weren’t allowed to interrupt the narrative at any given time. At least, that’s the rule. Furthermore, a show like this does not follow a specific script and does not re-enact any pre-recorded or pre-rehearsed scene. It’s just cumbersome.

Also, look at the contestants, it’s pretty apparent that the twist of having to work to earn a place in the house took them all by surprise. Only a few submitted to the rules and accepted their fate, whilst all spoke up about the “betrayal.” Some even went as far as to claim they would have never agreed to be on the show if they knew the truth.

If this doesn’t convenience you, also note that all the workplaces featured on the show were real businesses in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This means the contestants were authentic in their interpersonal interactions.

Summer Job was filmed in Mexico and Italy; especially around the Riviera Maya and Milan.

Where Is Matthias De Dona Today?

Today, Matthias De Dona resides in Veneto, a small town near Treviso in Italy, close to his family. It seems he earns his living as a blogger keeping his fans updated on his personal life. Guess, Matthias has found a job he loves after all.

Initially, the star was unwilling to take on jobs like most of his co-stars. On Summer Job, Matthias then eventually learned the importance of hard work once his bosses began appreciating his efforts. Furthermore, he even earned his castmates’ trust and came out as bisexual.

First revealing his sexuality, Matthias shared to Pit, “You are an amazing guy, a very nice person I admit. I no longer want to hide behind masks and a thousand insecurities. This is my chance to tell the world who I really am without filters and fears.”

Unfortunately, Pit revealed that he was absolutely straight and he took Matthias’ statement as a compliment.

Matthias’ revelation also comes moments after he broke down a budding connection with Sofia Carollo. Although the two hit it off, Matthias’ at the time was seeing someone outside the show. “Her feelings are ahead of mine and I don’t want to deceive her. Out of here, I’m talking to someone. I know now that I am hurting the person outside anyway. Inside I feel like an ugly person,” he said.

On the bright side, Sofia Carollo went to show real development after that as she learned how to handle commitment and responsibility and won the 100,000 euros cash prize. Seem like this cinematography student, who was once sent back home early from her job at a beauty salon on the very first day, took the failure to heart and worked extra hard to prove herself.

Matthias De Dona Age

Matthias De Dona was 19 years of age when he appeared on Summer Job in 2022. However, at the time of filming the show, he was only 18.

He is a year younger than Sofia.

Matthias De Dona Height

Matthias De Dona stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

His district features include — a long face, a skinny body, and a wide smile.

As for his hobby, the star likes to travel around the world. So far, he’s been to Zanzibar, Tanzania; Los Angeles, California; London, United Kingdom; and Santorini, Greece.

Is Matthias De Dona On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @matthiasdedona.

Also, here’s his Facebook @matthias.dedona.9 and Youtube @matthiasdedona2383.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Matthias De Dona From?

Matthias didn’t reveal his hometown. But in 2022, he resided in Treviso, Italy.

As for his education, he attended The Wellington Academy.

  • When Is Matthias De Dona Birthday?

Matthias receives his birthday wishes on August 27 and is of the Virgo zodiac.

On his 19th birthday, his sister Sofia took to her IG to write, “Happy Birthday Pancakes! Thank you for always letting yourself do everything when you were little…Thanks for coming along and unknowingly changing my life forever.”

  • What Do We Know About Matthias De Dona Family?

Matthias comes from a family of at least four — his parents, himself, and his sister.

His sister, Sofia Giaele Dona is the owner of an eponymous fashion brand and has garnered over 128K followers on her IG @sofiagiaelededona. You may have also seen her on the Italian version of Big Brother.

According to Matthias, his sister is an incredibly strong woman, with a big soul and an equally big heart. “Show everyone the bad b*tches you are and don’t forget, be yourself. She learns to listen and to shut up a bit, that when you go out I don’t want to hear you complain anymore, but above all, she learns to make coffee,” Matthias wrote on his IG on Sofia’s birthday (i.e. on October 13) in 2022.

Sadly, Matthias’ mother isn’t well and needs a wheelchair to move around.

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