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Max K Bio, Age, Job, Height, Family, Love During Lockup

Amid adding a new batch of titles to its library, WE tv is set to release Love During Lockup on 12 January 2022.

Love During Lockup, however, is not the newest show altogether, but the third edition for the Lockup franchise.

Unlike the other two franchises that followed inmates leading up to and after their prion release, Love During Lockup follows the inmates while they are still in prison serving out their time. So, the new series documents couples through the early stages of love when one partner is behind the bars.

And among the ones looking for love behind bars, this season is Max K whom we are going to discuss in the rest of the writing.

Love During Lockup: Max K And Tara’s Relationship

So far, we get a hint that Max is in a kind of relationship with inmate Tara.

But Max was seen worried that Tara could be catfishing him and also considering this thing with Tara, an inmate, the biggest challenge he had found so far. Especially because when dating an inmate, he felt the time they take to reply to his messages is tiring. He said — If Tara and I were to get into a fight… I’d have to wait for her to call me…”.

While is it also said that Max is not exactly in a relationship and he is instead sharing his journey of finding love through the date an inmate online portal.

Meanwhile, Max is also turning heads and making viewers question if he is for real. The fact, that he is not only handsome but has a pretty extensive and impressive background, has made people wonder why he would have to look for love online. Better yet, with someone who is serving sentence in prison.

People also have speculated that he might be using the popularity of this show to boost his career.

Max K Ideal Girlfriend

Max K, who himself is pretty invested in his physical appearance, has always really wanted a long-term relationship with someone open-minded and good-looking.

However, when not even physique and good looks got him lucky in the dating department, he decided to try something new with someone named Tara, who is serving time in prison, as part of his journey on Love During Lockup.

While that was about his ideal girlfriend, Max is also every woman (and man’s) dream, as Starcasm puts it. He is very much straight and not gay, according to his profile.

How Old Is Max K?

Max K turned 24 years old in 2021.

Max K Job had it reported in January 2022 that Max K is studying to obtain his master’s in biochemistry at Georgetown University.

Max himself also introduces himself as a bodybuilder, fitness model, biochemist, and an OnlyF*ns (@maxkfit) model. On his BIO, Max also claims to be someone with “EITJ” personality traits, full form to which is extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging.

(Of course) the former division 1 college football recruit also earned his bills as an esc*rt.

If he is working as a chemist just as he claimed, that would mean he makes on average $54,477 per year working in Washington State, based on a report by

Max K Height

From what Max K states on his social media BIO, he stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall; also that he lately weighed 250 pounds.

In a WeTV exclusive clip of the new series, Max took some time to tell about his daily beauty routine. She said it takes him between 30 to 45 minutes. “First I do my skincare routine which is pretty long and elaborate. I just want to be as optimal as possible and it ends up taking me a lot of time but I think it’s worth it in the end.”

Is Max K On Instagram And Facebook?

Max K did have an account on Instagram but not on Facebook until 10 January 2022. So, the Instagram handle @maxkfitofficial included 191 posts and 9,098 followers.

He also joined Twitter @MaxKfit in July 2020 and started a YouTube channel: Maxkfit Official on the 31st of December the same year.

Max was also on TikTok @maxkfit where he acquired 73K followers and 1.1M likes; on Snapchat @maxkfitness and Reddit.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Max K Birthday?

It was not understood when exactly Max K celebrated his birthday.

  • Where Is Max K From?

Max K, a reality TV debutant, hails from Washington DC. In a YouTube video, he also revealed that he was raised in Northern Virginia.

  • Has Max K Revealed Her Family?

Max K acquires a blended Czech-American lineage from his immigrant parents.

He goes on to recall his childhood and how “shy” and “awkward” he was as a kid and teenager. Max also admitted to being on the “fatter” side during his youth and using it as inspiration to become a ripped bodybuilder in his latter years. He was body-shamed and one of the names I was called a lot was “cankles” in high school. But still, Max feels lucky to have graduated from a “prestigious” high school.

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