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Santiba Webb Bio, Age, Job, IG, Talsey, Love During Lockup

It’s a different kind of thrill dating a partner behind the bars, and WE TV’s Love During Lockup was there to capture it. Our star, Santiba Webb was one of the show’s favorite waiting patiently for her then-imprisoned boyfriend Talsey.

Keep reading this Santiba Webb Bio to learn more about her.

Love During Lockup: Santiba Webb And Talsey’s Relationship

Santiba Webb was watching a TV documentary that featured the dating website “,” when she decided to give the adventurous lifestyle “a try”. “It was about a woman who married a murderer jailed for life,” she recalled.

So, the star joined the online agency in July 2019 and saw the tattooed felon, Talsey, with a “big and beautiful” smile. “He’s hot, he’s handsome,” the star recalled her first impression.

The two then started as pen pals and soon began sharing texts and emails. And it didn’t take Santiba long to realize that he was “everything” she was “looking for in a man.”

“He tells me I’m beautiful,” she shared, revealing that she sent him pictures of her “with legs crossed at a certain angle and arms covering (her) nipples.” 

Even Santiba’s friends were “supportive” of their relationship, while many thought that it was “stupid,” or she was “making a big mistake,” or she was “being used.”

But there wasn’t anything stopping Santiba from going to Georgia to meet Talsey. She shared, “I’m nervous about meeting him. But I’m also very excited about the whole thing.”

Talsey was sentenced to 10 years for possession of a firearm and drugs offenses.

Spoilers Alert: Santiba and Talsey didn’t make it. Though they hit it off at the beginning and spent some time together, they just couldn’t see eye to eye. Last we checked, Talsey was engaged to a Georgian girl named Kayla. The pair were together ever since Talsey’s release in May of 2020.

Who Is Santiba Webb Ex-Husband?

Santiba Webb labeled all her past relationships to be with the “wrong guys” and it included her ex-husband as well. However, she didn’t reveal his name, and the one kid she bears is probably from their marriage too.

Reportedly, Santiba divorced her ex-husband circa 2019.

Talking about her child, Deandre White was the Sr. Caption of the Red Riots basketball team in his high school. He graduate in 2017.

As for Talsey, he might be a married guy as well. His past relationships bear him a couple of daughters.

Santiba Webb Age

Santiba Webb was 41 years of age when she first appeared on Love During Lockup in 2022.

Speculatively, she is older than her Talsey.

Santiba Webb Job

Santiba Webb is a billing analyst, who’s been working in the field for over 12 years. However, we have no detailed information about her job.

As for her education, she graduated from Portland High School and went on to study Applied Science, Criminal Justice at the Southern Maine Community College.

Is Santiba Webb On IG, Facebook?

Yes, as of January 2022, find her on Instagram @santiba_loveduringlockup with 726 followers. Most of her posts then featured her selfies and a few vocalized her piece of mind.

Here’s her Facebook @santiba.webb.

Also, find her on Pinterest @santiba26.

How Tall Is Santiba Webb?

Santiba Webb stands tall at a height under 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Santiba has hazel eyes and rose tattoos over her arms and shoulders.

Also, Santiba looks beautiful for someone who is 40+, and even she admits it. On Jan 7, 2022, she wrote over FB, “Because at times, it’s simply necessary to doll up, look in the mirror, and tell yourself ‘dayum u look aight for 41’.”

But she wasn’t always happy with how she looked. Thus, over the last few years, she has shed over 45kg (100 lbs).

Looking back on her weight loss journey, she shared, “I did this.. and learned so much along the way.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Santiba Webb Birthday?

Santiba celebrates her birthday on June 27, making her of the Cancer zodiac.

On her 40th birthday, Santiba reflected on her past journey and took it to her FB to mention how amazing she felt not just appearance-wise but also based on strength and personal growth. “I finally found the independent women in me and at this point, I refuse to rely on others,” she added.

  • Where Is Santiba Webb From?

This Love During Lockup star hails from Providence, Rhode Island, and was living in South Portland, Maine before 2022.

The last we saw her, she was planning to relocate to her boyfriend’s home state of Georgia.

  • Has Santiba Webb Revealed Her Family?

Santiba Lynne’s maiden name is “Duncan”.

Her mother Marlene Duncan @marlene.duncan3 hails from South Portland, Maine, and is a South Portland High School graduate. She worked at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Marlene celebrates her birthday on June 11.

Besides her mother, Santiba didn’t reveal any of her other family members.

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