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Maxine Carr New Identity, Now Picture, Ian Huntley

One who covers a crime is also a criminal. No wonder, Maxine Carr, Ian Huntley’s girlfriend was given a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for perverting the course of justice after her boyfriend was convicted of murdering two ten-year-olds.

However, Maxine was released early released on probation and granted lifelong anonymity. So, what’s Maxine’s new identity now? Is there a picture of her? Find answers as this article proceeds.

Meet Maxine Carr, Ian Huntley Girlfriend

Maxine Carr was a name only known to a few until Channel 5’s series Maxine explored her relationship with her boyfriend, Ian Huntley. On the other hand, Ian was infamous in 2002 for murdering two schoolgirls Holly Wells and ­Jessica Chapman in Soham.

For those who don’t know, Ian worked as a caretaker at East Anglia’s Soham Village College where Holly and Jessica studied. On August 4, 2002, the two girls decided to go exploring without telling anyone and unfortunately, got lured into Ian’s home where they were subsequently murdered.

Ian’s girlfriend, Maxine also knew the two kids personally for she was a teaching assistant at the girls’ primary school.

But Sadly, when Ian was arrested, Maxine made up a story during testimony to save her boyfriend. But truth can never hide! So, when Ian was finally convicted of the murders and sentenced to two life sentences, Carr pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was given a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence in 2003. (Modafinil)

After serving 21 months in prison, Maxine was then released on probation, and thus, given “lifelong anonymity” for her life would be in danger if she were to be identified.

Now, talking about how she met Ian, Maxine met her 3 years older boyfriend at a nightclub in Grimsby in 1999. She was “instantly attracted” to Ian’s self-confident and pleasant persona, and began dating him that same evening.

Soon, she would then move to the murder’s flat in Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire.

Fun fact: Maxine turned on Ian as he sat in the dock during his murder trial, describing him as “that thing in the box.”

Maxine Carr New Identity

Maxine Carr’s new identity was exposed online in early 2020. Her alleged alias, location in the country, and details of her work were even posted on a photo (which was deleted asap by the authorities).

Thereafter, police were quick to move her to a safe house until arrangements were made to relocate her.

A source mentioned, “The authorities are determined that her new identity will not be seriously compromised. The posting blew her cover. It was as bad as it gets.”

Besides relocating, if Maxine were to get a completely new identity, it could cost up to £500,000.

Did you know: Maxine was one of only four former UK prisoners protected by a lifelong anonymity order — alongside child killer Mary Bell and James Bulger’s murderers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

Maxine Carr Now Picture

There are no current pictures of Maxine Carr. The photos you receive online on typing her name are that of the actress Jemma Carlton who played Maxine Carr in the series Maxine.

Maxine was Jemma’s first big movie. Most of Jemma’s acting credits before that included stage performances. You might have also seen her as “Max Mayfield” in Stranger Things, “Kelly” in Shut Up and Drive, and “young Melinda” in Dead Lies.

Are There Photos From Maxine Carr Wedding?

Maxine Carr wedded her second husband at a luxury venue in 2014. The wedding pictures showed Maxine flaunting a £2,000 ivory dress as she walked the aisle. Sadly, the pictures are no more available.

Reportedly, she was away by her 71-year-old mother who was once jailed for six months in 2004 after intimidating a witness who gave evidence against her daughter.

Wondering if Maxine’s new boyfriend knew about her past? Yes, he did and he still agreed to marry her. However, her new husband’s relatives were said to be stunned at his decision to marry Carr after learning of her past.

Related FAQs

  • Where Did Maxine Carr Grow Up?

Maxine Carr was born on Feb. 16, 1977, in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and likely grew up in the same area.

During her childhood, he friends view her as a timid outcast. But even though she had few friends and performed poorly academically, she always aspired to become a teacher.

In 2002, she then took up a position as a voluntary support assistant at St Andrew’s primary school.

  • Has Maxine Carr Had A Baby? 

Maxine Carr welcomed her baby boy in October 2011. She delivered the baby with a midwife at the secret address where Carr lived under the new identity.

Prior to welcoming her first baby, Maxine miscarried twice since 2006 after becoming pregnant by different lovers.  And because of this and also the past traumas, she developed eating ­disorders and bouts of depression. Now, being a mother has given her a reason to look forward to a better life.

  • When Was Maxine Carr Last Interview?

Maxine’s original interview was never made public. There was no video footage of her online interview anywhere.

The only time we heard from her direct was after she got her new identity. “People have been polite and I am grateful for that. An elderly couple recognized me when I was out and came over to say hello and say how the way I had been treated was shocking. That was nice,” she said at the time.

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