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McKenna Breinholt Bio, Parents, Boyfriend, American Idol

American Idol season debut on ABC marked the first time American Idol candidate McKenna Breinholt saw her birth family. Who are her parents? Does she have a boyfriend?

Read all that we know about her in this article below.

McKenna Breinholt On American Idol

Fans of American Idol saw McKenna Breinholt audition for the new season but her singing wasn’t the only highlight of her audition. During the ABC premiere of American Idol’s new season, McKenna got to meet her biological family which was very shocking for the singer as well.

McKenna performed There Was Jesus by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton.

Initially, American Idol judge Katy requested the “Lopezes on the right” and the “Breinholts on the left” because McKenna revealed that her late mother Amy Ross Lopez, who put her up for adoption, had given her musical talent.

Before captivating the judges with her vocals, McKenna shared intimate details about her musical path with the esteemed judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. In response to their question about whether music runs in her family, the Gilbert, Arizona, native disclosed that she was adopted.

“I found out I was adopted as early as I could understand it,” she explained. “My mom struggled for several years trying to get pregnant, and eventually, they decided to go through the adoption process. I have the best family in the world.”

McKenna added further, “When I was 21, I sat my parents down and told them to tell me any information they had on my birth mom. They told me her name was Amy Ross Lopez. She was a musician, and she had passed away. I just wanted to know where I came from.”

This past summer was the first time McKenna had communicated with her birth family after years of assiduous search. The American Idol candidate immediately replied, “No, we’re meeting in three weeks,” when Katy inquired if she had met them. “I feel like I’ve known them my whole life.”

However, veteran host Ryan Seacrest was preparing an incredible surprise; McKenna’s biological and adoptive families were standing by to support her.

Following her emotional audition, Katy asked McKenna if she would like to bring her family along to hear the decision. McKenna nodded and grinned and opened the door to see her folks there. At that moment, emotions ran wild. McKenna could hardly speak when the three esteemed judges questioned her about what was making her so emotional: “They’re here! This is my birth family!”

Who Are McKenna Breinholt Parents?

McKenna Breinholt is the biological daughter of singer Amy Ross Lopez and Derrick Ross. Amy was born in Billings, Montana, on September 11, 1973, and her life proceeded with amazing elegance. Her early years in the Tongue River School District in Ranchester, Wyoming, were distinguished by her exceptional musical ability and stellar academic standing.

Amy’s life took a fantastic turn in her early 20s when she met Derrick Ross, a resident of Phoenix. Joined in marriage, their bond developed into a timeless love tale that surpassed individual limitations to create one of the most exquisite alliances in life and music. As the folk duo Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl, Amy and Derrick set off on a musical adventure together that will never be forgotten, creating a lasting impression on the music business.

Amy reportedly struggled with lupus towards the end of her life and spent several years receiving dialysis. Amy passed away in the Tucson Medical Center on October 14, 2023, as a result of systemic lupus complications. At the time of her death, her age was forty.

Whereas Derrick committed suicide, the Arizona Daily Star revealed less than twenty-four hours later. He was 39.

However, she was adopted with a provision of closed adoption, so she couldn’t receive any information about her birth family until she was 21.

McKenna’s adoptive parents are Lisa Kindred Breinholt and Garin Breinholt. Her dad Garin is working as an Executive VP at Forever Living Products.

On Lisa’s birthday in December 2023, McKenna wished her mom, “To know my mom is to love her. Happy birthday to the woman who does it all and more for me. She has been my biggest fan since day 1 and I cannot express the full extent of my gratitude for her. Thank you for always choosing me, wanting me, loving me, forgiving me, motivating me, and fighting for me. I’m so excited for even more great memories with you this next year 💗.”

The singer also has two younger brothers named Cameron and Caden Breinholt. Caden turned 16 in November 2023. Cameron turned 23 in July 2023.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to find out any sooner than that,” McKenna told AZ Central, “just because, I think, of the state of maturity I was in and just the stages of life that I was in, it wouldn’t have done me any good to know who my birth mother was and where I came from, I think.”

However, McKenna told the judges during her audition that she was in contact with her grandmother and other members of her birth family via FaceTime, and that she planned to meet some of them a few weeks after the audition.

But some of her blood relatives were flown in by her adoptive parents to surprise her at the audition. Breinholt was invited to bring her family onto the set when the judges were ready to give her her golden ticket.

As her birth family and adoptive parents walked through the door, McKenna knelt in tears.

McKenna Breinholt Age

In August 2023, McKenna Breinholt reached 25 years old.

McKenna Breinholt Boyfriend

No, McKenna Breinholt doesn’t appear to have a boyfriend. Simply put, she appears happily single and focused on her career as a singer. But the chances are she avoids publicly showing off her relationship so she may as well be dating in secret.

McKenna Breinholt Height

McKenna Breinholt stands tall above the height of 5 feet 5.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is McKenna Breinholt From?

McKenna Breinholt hailed from Gilbert, Arizona.

  • When Is McKenna Breinholt Birthday?

McKenna Breinholt celebrates her birthday on 20 August.

  • Is McKenna Breinholt On Instagram?

Yes, McKenna Breinholt is available on Instagram (@mckennafaithbreinholt) and Facebook (@mckenna.breinholt).

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