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Meet Brittani Mcliverty, Love Is Blind Jeramey Alleged Ex!

Star of Love is Blind Jeramey Lutinski was the target of speculations that he got engaged before season 6 of the show started. Since then, he has refuted rumors that surfaced after his purported ex-fiance Brittani Mcliverty declared they were “living together.”

Meet Brittani as we bring you details about her age, job, and current residence via this short bio here.

Love Is Blind: Meet Brittani Mcliverty, Jeramey Lutinski Alleged Ex

Love Is Blind participant Jeramey Lutinski wants to set the record straight on a completely unrelated matter that has nothing to do with how his pod fiancée Laura Dadisman discovered he spent the entire night out with his pod ex Sarah Ann. He was already exposed for a major lie during Love Is Blind season 6.

Jeramey disclosed on social media that, “a number of weeks” before appearing on the show, he was engaged to a different woman. Furthermore, he asserts that he told everyone—including the ladies he was interested in—about it.

“I want to quickly address the story that’s going around about my previous engagement prior to Love Is Blind,” Jeramey explained in a video posted to his Instagram. “Anybody that I was on dates with, my cast mates, and in multiple interviews, this topic was discussed. Nobody is surprised by this. It was something that was well documented. Unfortunately with all of the footage that is captured, not all of it makes it into the final cut. This just happened to not make it in there.”

Jeramey further stated that he wasn’t living with anyone at the time of his recruitment via Instagram direct message (DM), and that he didn’t apply to be on the show.

“I was out living on my own, and I didn’t seek this out,” he said. “I had already been out on my own for a number of weeks at that point.”

According to posts made on social media earlier this week by his ex-fiance Brittani Mcliverty and her mother Jenni Gelven Daniel, Jeramey was “engaged and living with” her when he applied to be on the show. They sold their house “a week or two” before production started.

“Did he ever tell you about his ex-fiancé from right before you? Surely not…” Brittani commented. “Or the house WE sold a week or two before he filmed for this show?”

“[I] just want all the info out there. You and Sarah Ann should know,” She went on, bringing up another romantic interest of Lutinski’s from the play. “I’m happy to share proof.”

Jenni, Brittani’s mother, also posted a photo of Jeramey looking quite comfy with a woman, whom Jenni claims to be Brittani, who has a large stone on her ring finger. It is implied that he was engaged to her, and that there’s a chance that the period of time he spent with Brittani coincided with his application for ‘LiB’. Although Jeramey hasn’t directly addressed her accusations—and given that the show is now airing.

While Jenni and Brittani don’t explicitly state that Jeramy was engaged when he appeared on the show, they do assert that he was engaged before that and that he ended his relationship with Brittani at the end of 2022. If this is accurate, he isn’t technically breaking any rules.

Jeramey has come forward with his explanations, he added, “I did not apply for this while I was living with anybody else. I was out living on my own. I was actually reached out to [by the casting team] over Instagram and I’ll add that message into the next slide.”

“I’d been on my own for a number of weeks at that point,” Jeramey revealed. “This whole process had not even begun until I was out and on my own. Additionally, yes my home sold a week or two before filming.”

“Listed in October or November, sold in March. Wasn’t living in it while it was listed. Idk if anyone else was trying to sell a place at that time, but it was not a short process,” adding that it’s the last Jeramey’ll speak on it.

Brittani Mcliverty Age

Born in March 1990, Brittani Mcliverty is 33 years old as of 2024.

Brittani Mcliverty Job

According to her Facebook, Brittani McLiverty is a Salon co-owner/Blonde Specialist/Extension Specialist at Fern & Ivy Hair haus. She began her current job in January 2021. Brittani is also an owner of Brittani Lee Hair.

Before that, Brittani worked as a Stylist at 8 The Salon from 2010 to 2016. From October 2009 to October 2010 as an Assistant and stylist at Salon Naman. She also worked at Heirloom Salon.

Brittani studied cosmetology, barber/styling, and nail instructor at Kemon Academy of Cosmetology.

Is Brittani Mcliverty On Instagram?

Yes, Brittani McLiverty is available on Instagram (@brittmcliv) but her profile is private. She is also on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Brittani Mcliverty From?

Brittani Mcliverty hailed from Nanuet, New York. She is now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • When Is Brittani Mcliverty Birthday?

Brittani Mcliverty celebrates her birthday in March.

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