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Meena Singh Bio, Age, Husband, Parents, Bad Hair Day

Meet Meena Singh. She is one of the trio experts on TLC’s new reality series, Bad Hair Day.

So, you know this medical programming slate on TLC is a six-episode series that premiered on 24 August 2022 and featured esteemed dermatologist Dr. Isha Lopez and expert hair restoration surgeons Dr. Angie Phipps and of course Dr. Meena Singh.

Having said that, this let us tell you all about Dr. Meena only in this writing called ‘Meena Singh Bio’.

Meena Singh On TLC’s Bad Hair Day

Meena Singh was super excited for everyone to catch her make her TV debut. Of course, when hyping the show on social media prior to its release she invited people to sure to have tissues on hand as they watched Bad Hair Day.

Producers of the show having seen Meena on a video her clinic posted to YouTube had reached out to her. Meena agreed of course hoping that it educates about how doctors like her help those who suffer from hair loss and associated issues.

Filming of the first episode with began in September 2021, with follow-up filming about seven months later, allowing time for Meena’s treatments to have an effect. Patients of Meena featured on the other five episodes of Bad Hair Day include Nellie, who suffers from hirsutism or facial hair growth.

Meena has said that of all things Bad Hair Day gave her the opportunity to better understand her patients’ emotional pain.

Meena Singh’s Net Worth

Meena Singh reportedly had less than $2 million net worth as of 2022.

She is a board-certified dermatologist and a graduate of Harvard Medical School who trained at Mayo Clinic. It is said she specializes in ethnic skin/hair and hair transplant.

Also, as per‘s calculation, Meena should make more or less $197,899 a year working as a dermatologist in the United States.

Is Meena Singh On Instagram?

Meena Singh could be found on Instagram @drmeenasingh and there were 1,853 posts and 16.5K followers as of 2 September 2022.

Meena also seemed active on Twitter @drmeenasingh and on TikTok @drflygirl.

Meena Singh Age

Born in 1981, Meena, with the full name Meena Kumari Singh, turned 41 years old in 2022.

Meena Singh Parents

Medicine runs in Meena Singh’s family as not only her parents but also her siblings are into medicine.

So, Meena also knew from an early age she wanted to follow her mother, Dr. Linda Singh of Saint Luke’s in Kansas City, into medicine. Her mom, at the time, was one of the first Black women to graduate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s six-year medical program. The matriarch was Meena’s influence to go into medicine. She is Linda Singh, a board certified in Internal Medicine, and she turned 67 in Jul 2022.

Meena recalls never wanting to do anything else but be a doctor. She was also equally fond of her father, Dr. Awadh Nath Singh, who is no more. He passed away on 10 November 2014 at the age of 76. He was a scientist, an entrepreneur, a historian, a scholar, and his family’s loudest cheerleader and greatest critic. Meena often recalls on her Instagram how he was always pushing his kids to be better even as adults. She just can not stop gushing about how this man, even with his chronic illness, never missed a practice, a game, a tournament, or a recital.

As for siblings, Meena has a bunch of them. There is brother Jaipal Singh of Overland Park. On IG @sir_knipps_alot and aged 33 in 2022, he graduated from Howard University College of Dentistry in 2021. Also, as of 2022, he was engaged to Anita Moudgal.

Then, there is Sarita Singh who is on Instagram at @saritak83. She turned 39 on 29 April 2022. Another sister Asha Singh is of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Brother, Arjuna Singh went to Olathe East Senior High and was inhabiting Los Angeles when he turned 38 in 2022.

Does Meena Singh Have A Husband?

Indeed. Meena Singh was married to Thomas Lewis Hamaguchi Hocker as of 2022.

Thomas also is a healthcare professional (a doctor) specializing in Dermatology. He went around as a Mohs surgeon, dermatopathologist, and general dermatologist at Advanced Dermatologic Surgery in Pennsylvania. Overland Park, Kansas-based Thomas is also the father of Meena’s kids.

Meena Singh as seen with her girls during a ski trip at Copper Mountain Ski Resort, Colorado back on 15 February 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

It was around March of 2008 when the couple got married during their final year at Harvard Medical School.

Today, they have three daughters joining them in life — Anjali, Avani, and Akari. Anjali turned 16 in July 2022 and the middle one, Avani turned 14 on 10 January 2022. Both Avani and Akari are into dancing.

Meena Singh Height

Naturally beautiful and curly-coiled-haired Meena Singh stands below 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Meena Singh From?

Meena hails from Kansas City, Missouri. While as of 2022, she was based around New York, New York.

  • When Is Meena Singh’s Birthday?

Meena Singh is a Gemini and her birthday is on May 26th.

  • What Is Meena Singh’s Ethnicity?

Meena Singh is the daughter of an Indian father and a Black mother, or “Blindian” as she calls herself. Therefore a mixed ethnicity.

Her father, born in Maidhara, Bihar, India had come to the States in 1967 to get a Master’s degree in Agricultural Chemistry from Michigan State University. He later earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Kansas State University.

  • Where Did Meena Singh Recieve Her Education?

Meena studied biomedical engineering at the University of Southern California as an undergrad. She then attended Harvard Medical School, trained at the Mayo Clinic, and completed a surgical fellowship in New York City. And because her husband at the time was interested in dermatology, she wrote up his research papers and they both wound up getting published. As soon as Meena did her first rotation, she knew right away that dermatology was for her.

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