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Meet Actress Nimra Bucha Family: Sister, Husband, Parents!

Nimra Bucha’s family comprises her sister, husband, and parents. Actress Nimra Bucha appeared on Disney+ Ms. Marvel in the role of Najma. Her career is an open book, fans are interested to learn more about her family members.

In addition, we also bring you information related to her marriage and husband. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Nimra Bucha Family.

Meet Actress Nimra Bucha Family

Based on social media posts of Nimra Bucha, she is very close to her parents and her siblings. Nimra often dedicates posts to her family members and they reciprocate the same. Learn more about her family in this article below.

Who Is Nimra Bucha Sister, Sana Bucha?

Nimra Bucha’s sister Sana Bucha is a journalist by profession. Sana, in November 2021, wished her sister a birthday via an IG post. She wrote on her Instagram, “Happy birthday you gorgeous creature! I wish I was there with you to celebrate the day. More so I wish mum was here like she was last year….Love you to the moon and back and then some more….”

Sana is a journalist and a filmmaker. She began her career as a Production Development Associate and later as the producer of GEO News Bulletin, the First English Bulletin, which she hosted.

Sana joined Dunya News after quitting GEO News. She also created News Day, the Channel’s first English-language show. She also served as the Crisis Cell’s Executive Director.

Sana covered topics such as Pakistani politics, foreign relations, and America’s civic role in the region. She played Sadia, a reporter, in the film Yalghaar. In 2016, she produced the Pakistani drama film Quetta: A City of Forgotten Dreams under the Filmsaaz brand. When asked how she copes with criticism and trolls, Sana said she reads the Quran on a regular basis, which brings her calm and positivity.

Sana celebrates her birthday on 25 August. Born in 1970, she turned 51 years old.

Who Is Nimra Bucha Husband, Mohammed Hanif?

Nimra Bucha is married to her author and journalist husband Mohammed Hanif. Born in November 1964 in Okra, Punjab, Mohammed is 57 years old. They married in 1995. In 2008 Hanif wrote The Dictators Wife which was devised and performed by Nimra at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That was followed by a career in television and film in Pakistan and more recently in Britain and the United States.

According to New Yorker, when Hanif got an offer from the BBC to come to London and work for the Urdu-language service, he was newly married, to Nimra Bucha. “We thought we’d stay two years and that turned into five and then into 10, and we had a mortgage and a child…”

While Nimra ran a cafe in south London and worked as an actor, Hanif moonlighted on a novel. “But with my job and then my son it was start-stop,” he says, so he decided to take a break.

With their son approaching high-school age, the family decided to move back to Karachi in 2008, where they found friends awaiting their arrival with trepidation. “A lot of them said: ‘What have you done?’ But I was pretty sure they were being alarmist. People in the Pakistan army don’t read books and particularly not novels.”

Mohammed resumed his previous career as a media firebrand. He started wiring in both Urdu and English and driving around the city with only his dog for security at a time when many people were scared to go out without guns or bodyguards. “I knew if I went out at night with my dog, no terrorist or police or robber was going to come near me,” he told Guardian

Due to the political instability in Pakistan and lack of safety in the country, Mohammed once questioned his and his family’s future in the country. According to NewYorker, Nimra even asked Mohammed to stop appearing on television, out of concern for his safety.

“It’s something I think about all the time,” she told me. “In Pakistan, you don’t have to be outspoken to be killed. The people we might be afraid of are people we don’t even know.” She and Hanif talk about whether the family should leave the country again. In the meantime, he sometimes encourages rumors that he’s living abroad.

The couple shares two children, but rarely revealed any details about their kids or each other marriage. The only time she featured her husband on her IG is in November 2019. She captioned the post, “Omg! I had no idea he was a pilot too”.

Who Are Nimra Bucha Parents, Malik Noor Asghar Bucha & Nasima Bucha?

Nimra Bucha was born to her father Malik Noor Asghar Bucha and her mother Nasima Bucha. Her father reportedly worked as a Pakistani airline Captain. So, she traveled a lot growing up. Her father celebrates his birthday on 24 December. Meanwhile, her mother Nasima, who was born in December 1949, died in January 2021. She was 71 years old at the time of her death.

Moreover, her parents were fans of the late Indian actor Rishi Kapoor.

Nimra shared a close relationship with her mother. She featured her mother a few times and her IG posts suggest that January brings back a bitter memory of losing her mother. She featured her mother a few times on Instagram. In November 2021 and in Nasima’s first death anniversary in January 2021. She captioned the post, “Mama put your hand on mine.”

Nimra was one of the four children born to her parents. She also had a sister named Bisma Bucha (@bisma_bichoo) and a brother named Babar Bucha (@babarbuchaa). Babar celebrates his birthday on 11 May.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Nimra Bucha Family Live Now?

Most of the family members of Nimra Bucha still live in Pakistan.

  • Does Nimra Bucha Family Appear On Her Instagram?

Yes, Nimra Bucha has featured her sisters, her brother, and her parents on her Instagram.

  • Is Nimra Bucha Family Close?

Yes, Nimra Bucha’s family is very close to each other.

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