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Meet Amber Lynn Conklin, Bryan Spears Girlfriend! Age, Job

Amber Lynn Conklin, the girlfriend of Britney Spear’s brother Bryan Spears, turned heads after Britney lost her cool on Instagram. Less than a week after she got married, she posted on Instagram aiming at her brother and clarifying that he wasn’t at her wedding not by choice but because of lack of invitation.

So, who is Amber Lynn, a 20 years younger girlfriend of Bryan Spears? This article answers questions regarding her age, career, and her family members.

Meet Bryan Spears Girlfriend, Amber Lynn Conklin

According to a private Instagram account named Bryberlynn, Bryan Spears met his girlfriend Amber Lynn Conklin in Las Vegas, Nevada. On 18 February 2022, it has been two years since they met each other. But based on Amber’s Instagram post, they didn’t start dating each other immediately.

In June 2019, she was with one other guy. The couple who were allegedly dating at the time appeared on several posts.

It was only in February 2020, that Amber introduced Bryan on her Instagram. Fans of Britney were infuriated once they knew that she and Bryan were dating. In February 2021 post, one IG user wrote, “How do you sleep at night knowing your boyfriend is enslaving Britney and taking her money?”

Another added to the post, “Sooooo you’re the reason Bryan did that self-exposing interview with Drew”.

In the same way, another wrote, “Where is Bryan? He is not speaking up for his sis Brit?”

On Valentine’s Day, Amber posted: “Our 1st Valentine’s Day & almost 1 year ♥️ Ily B”.

On Bryan’s birthday in April 2022, Amber wished her boyfriend via an IG post. He wrote, “Happy birthday B I still can’t believe this is your 3rd birthday in a row I get to spend with you…. Time flies”.

Did Amber Lynn Conklin Attend Britney Spears’s Wedding?

No, Amber Lynn Conklin and her boyfriend Bryan Conklin weren’t even invited to the Britney Spear’s wedding. Britney is enraged at her brother just a few days after her wedding, who is now married to Sam Asghari. A joint IG account Bryberlynn run by Amber and Bryan responded to fans who were claiming that Amber and Bryan will be attending Britney’s wedding.

When one follower asked why they couldn’t make it out to the wedding of the Toxic singer, the account responded by saying that Bryan’s daughter Lexie had her 5th-grade graduation. Because of the timing of the two events, Bryan couldn’t make it to his sister’s wedding.

The IG account further claimed that Bryan felt terrible that he had to be there for his daughter who he had with his ex-wife Graciella Sanchez. The account wrote further, “We are so sad to miss such an important moment but so so happy for Britney and Sam’s Marriage”.

However, Britney decided to put the end to these false claims once and for all. She wrote in a now-deleted post, “Bryan!! You were never invited to my wedding, so why even respond”. She added, “Do you honestly think I want my brother there who told me no to a Jack and Coke for 4 years”.

Amber Lynn Conklin Age

In November 2021, Amber Lynn Conklin turned age 25.

Amber Lynn Conklin Job

Based in Los Angeles, Amber Lynn Conklin is an IG model. She landed her first gig appearing on a hair straightener commercial in 6th grade. She has posed for several photographers and clothing brands including Pretty Little Things. Meanwhile, her LinkedIn revealed that she is working for Launch DRTV as a production assistant since December 2019.

Furthermore, Amber also served as the brand ambassador at Eaze from 2020 to 2022. She also trained as an airline flight attendant at Aircare FACTS training classes. She had also worked as a bartender at Horseshoe Tavern, Barista at Specialty’s Cafe/Petes Coffee, and Manager at Deharty’s Cafe & Grill.

In 2017, Amber also briefly lived in South Africa with her sister Dana where she worked in an orphanage. She posted in November 2017, “Never usually double post buuuut it’s Thanksgiving! First time without my mom, dad, and friends, a big feast… but still the best Thanksgiving I have ever had. It’s not about family and food or whatever.. *THANKS – I am so thankful to be here *GIVING – I am so happy to give all I can even if it’s not much”.

She concluded the post, “Thanksgiving is about being grateful and I have never been more grateful in my entire life. Happy holidays everyone & thanks to my sister @danalee311 for giving me the opportunity to be here”.

Amber also started pole dancing in June 2018. She revealed that she had to quit all of her favorite sports like volleyball and lacrosse after she broke her shoulder.

What’s more, Amber is a 2015 graduate of Morristown High School.

Is Amber Lynn Conklin On Instagram?

Meet Amber Lynn Conklin on Instagram (@x3amberlynn). Also, find her on TikTok (@x3amberlynn).

Amber Lynn Conklin Family

Amber Lynn Conklin was born to her mother Pamela Auld Gilday.

Pamela is currently married to her husband James F Gilday. They tied the knots on 1 June 2007. The married couple celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and 24 years together in June 2022.

Amber has featured her mother on her IG a few times on Mother’s Day.

As for her father, he celebrates his birthday on 19 August. In May 2018, Amber revealed that her father was diagnosed with cancer a few months before the time she broke the news. He was going through surgery. She never shared any updates on the progress in his health.

Coming to her siblings, Amber has at least three. She has a brother named Jessee Hunter Conklin who is serving in the US military. Her sister Dana Lee celebrates her birthday on 10 March meanwhile her other sister Krystal celebrates hers on 12 March.

Krystal married her husband Stoyaan in August 2021 in Iceland. The wedding was also attended by her father.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Amber Lynn Conklin From?

Amber Lynn Conklin is a native of Morristown, New Jersey. She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Amber Lynn Conklin Birthday?

According to her Instagram post, Amber Lynn Conklin celebrates her birthday on 29 November.

  • How Tall Is Amber Lynn Conklin?

Amber Lynn Conlin stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches.

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