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Meet Anthony Magnuson, 60 Days In Sarah Anselment Partner!

60 Days In, the fan-favorite television docuseries on A&E returns with Season 8 on 15 June 2023. Like old times, the new highly-anticipated season follows seven individuals as they volunteer to go undercover, spending 60 days as inmates in jail (this time in North Carolina’s Pitt County Detention Center). Like Feli Flame, Sarah Anselment is one of the cast members. She is an entrepreneur herself and also helps others build health and wealth. She had similar valuable thoughts in mind when she volunteered for the 60 Days In program. In this writing though, we shall tell you about her partner, and the relationship they have had over the years.

Sarah Anselment has been with Anthony Magnuson for a while now and here’s what you need to know about him.

Meet Anthony Magnuson, 60 Days In Star Sarah Anselment Partner

On 28 March 2020, Sarah took to her Facebook to beautifully write a tribute to her “babe” Anthony Magnuson for being amazing and also wish him “Happy 5 years”. “God really knew what he was doing putting you in my path”, she gushed.

As of 2023 too, they continued to be together. Sarah believes that even after all these years, he looks at her the way he did when they first fell in love.

On social media, Sarah does not mind being expressive when it comes to her husband. She has always praised him for the way he loves her, the way he lives, and for generally the person he is. Even today, she thanks him for choosing her. And most importantly, she always gives him credit for “watering” her growth, for filling her life with adventure, wonder, and happiness.

In Sarah’s exact words, Anthony is “the whole package”.

Clearly, the couple is yet to get married. As for their engagement, it happened long ago, on 3 July 2016.

Anthony Magnuson Children

Together, Anthony Magnuson and Sarah also have had parenting roles to play over the years. They have been bringing up a bunch of beautiful young kids in the best way possible. The children are Tony, Reya, Lilly, and JJ, and it seems the only former two are likely both their kids. Anthony happens to mention Lillian Samuelson, AKA Lilly, as his stepdaughter. Lillian, nonetheless, has a very father-daughter-like relationship with him. She can be found on IG @lilliansamuelson2, and by the look at it, one can tell she is into volleyball, silhouettes dance team and softball.

Tony, meanwhile, is named after his father as his full name is Anthony Magnuson. On his IG @savage_flip_boy, which is likely handled by his parents, he describes himself as a 4-year-old who likes to do flips.

Reya Rose, meanwhile, turned 2 years and months old on 25 December 2021. This is also the amount of time, Sarah breastfed her for. Proud of the milestone, Sarah had taken to social media to share her journey with breastfeeding with all her kids. She said this one thing was one of the hardest things she has done. “Mommy is so proud of herself”, said in her beautifully written long message to Reya. Also, she said with Reya’s big sissy, she made it 3 months and with her brother, she made it 18 months.

Anthony also has two other kids from his past relationship. They are his daughter Aaliyah Anaika Haggenmiller and a son. Aaliyah turned 20 on 4 June 2023. On 9 April 2022, when the other turned 25 years old, Anthony took to his social media to tell him he is proud of the man he is becoming.

Anthony Magnuson Age

Anthony A Magnuson was born in 1981. So, he reached the age of 42 in 2023.

As for Sarah, she reached the age of 34 in May 2023. In May this year, Sarah also celebrated 3104 days clean from Meth and needles. “This fight was extremely difficult but worth EVERYTHING”, she said about it.

Where Is Anthony Magnuson From?

It is not known where Anthony Magnuson was born or brought up in. But, on Facebook, he briefly mentioned moving to Mora, Minnesota in 2001 and from there to Brainerd, Minnesota in 2009.

Anthony Magnuson Job

On his Facebook, Anthony Magnuson mentioned working as a union laborer at Laborers Union Hall Local 563 since 7 January 2016. Before that, he worked at Lyft from 7 June 2018 until 2019, and at Frattalone Companies, Inc. from 7 June 2018 until 2019. Even before, he worked at Morcon Construction (7 June 2016 – 2017).

For college, Anthony went to Mn Adult & Teen Challenge Brainerd in the Class of 2010.

Speaking of Sarah, she was introduced on 60 Days In as a mom of six, a digital creator, and an entrepreneur, residing in Hoffman, Minnesota. They also mentioned that she is in the process of launching her own clothing line, Savage Mother Hustler. While sporting beautiful colorful hairstyles, she also has been handling affairs as an executive director at Modere and BELLAME Beauty. Both of these are marketing platforms.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Anthony Magnuson’s Birthday?

Anthony Magnuson’s birthday is in May. What day exactly was not known though.

  • Is Anthony Magnuson On Instagram And Facebook?

Anthony Magnuson was on Facebook but not on Instagram as of 14 June 2023. He seemed quite active on ‘Anthony Magnuson’ Facebook. “If opportunity knocks answer the door!!!” he wrote on its BIO.

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