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Chris Kanik Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Food Stars

The founder of Smart Cups, Chris Kanik is aiming high again. To be the next great food and drink industry entrepreneur, he’s joined Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, where he’ll have to set himself apart from the other competitors and convince the celebrity chef to become his business partner.

Keep reading this Chris Kanik Bio to learn more.

Chris Kanik On Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Gordon Ramsay is expanding his search out of the kitchen. In Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, the celebrity chef is looking for an entrepreneur in the food and drink industry entrepreneur to invest his $250,000 and become their partner in their business.

“This is like nothing I have ever done before,” said Ramsay. “I’ve handpicked some of the most promising culinary innovators to compete for not only an investment but my partnership in business. They will have to hustle through tough challenges, break through, set themselves apart from the other competition, and make noise to prove they have what it takes to be successful.”

Chris Kanik was one of these 15 “promising culinary innovators” who took on the business challenges devised by the chef. 

So, in the first ep, Chris was assigned to the Yellow team alongside Kegan Cox, Elisa Strauss, Sydney Webb, and Chanel Goodson. While Queen Precious-Jewel Zabriskie, Luther Chen, Ashley Davies, Megan Meza, and Jake Aronskind were Team Red and Lan Ho, Jourdan Higgs, Tony Balestreri, Caroline D’Amore, and Aaron Valentine were Team Blue.

Sadly, his team made the least money in the first week, and Kegan had to leave the competition.

In ep 2, Elisa (from the blue team) went home as her presentation was not worthwhile for the judges when tasked with presting food and drinks with impactful displays to 100+ donors at a charity gala for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

In ep 3, Manhattan entrepreneur Jake Aronskind, Jourdan Higgs, and Chanel Goodson were eliminated.

Thus, at the time of writing this article, things were looking good for Chris.

How Much Is Chris Kanik Net Worth?

Chris Kanik flaunted a net worth of above $2 million.

A rare visionary, Chris is the CEO and Founder of Smart Cups. His revolutionary patented printed ingredient technology enables waterless transportation of consumer goods, saving space and reducing truck trips. From mouthwash to bone broth, energy drinks to medication, these are small cups with a big impact.

Besides Smart Cups, Chris has also founded the NuHo Online Film Festival.

Growing up, Chris was inspired to challenge the status quo and design better solutions to existing systems after witnessing the struggles and inequalities of those around him. Thus, he entered the lab at age 12 to study the chemical degradation of aspartame in diet sodas over extended storage periods at room temperature. Then, he became a part of a research team in the Nutritional Sciences Department at Rutgers University at 14.

But despite his impressive academic achievements, including a BA in Economics from Cornell University, Chris followed his passion for stand-up comedy. He was a regular on the New York comedy scene from 2004 to 2013.

Chris Kanik Wife

Chris Kanik married his wife Maria Kanik @maria_kanik before 2014.

The duo shares three kids — two sons and a daughter.

Their oldest, Vito Kanik (14 at the time) completed his 8th grade at Orange County Private School in 2023. The last we checked, he joined JSerra Catholic High School for higher studies and was aiming to be a part of their baseball team and the Dupont Business Magnet Program.

As for their middle child, Joey was 8 in 2023.

Their youngest turned 5 on April 9, 2023.

Trivia: Chris’s wife had to go through c-sections each time she had a baby.

How Old Is Chris Kanik?

Chris Kanik was reportedly born in 1984. That made him 39 years of age in 2023.

He is over 20 years younger than Gordon Ramsay.

Chris Kanik Family

Chris Kanik comes from a family of five.

Both of his parents are immigrants (mother from Cuba and father from Turkey) and neither one of them went to college. So, Spanish is his first language. He then learned Turkish and finally English.

His mother, Maria E Kanik (born: October 1961) once led a parent group at Union City’s George Washington Elementary School which was recognized by the White House for its achievements.

Talking about his family, Chris said, “I have a very fun family.  We all make fun of each other non-stop.  My brothers are the most creative people I have ever met.  Lazy, but creative.”

As for his siblings, Chris’s brother Michael Kanik (born: Dec 1989) is the co-owner of Major Bendies. He also started the Fanboy Film Festival – an internet festival celebrating sculpture, and Totally Pop Culture, a news site that prides itself on providing pop culture news to geeks, nerds, and comic book fanatics.

Sadly, we don’t know much about his other brother, Joseph Kanik (born: Jun 1987).

Fun Fact: While  Michael may be a supportive brother, he hoped that Gordon Ramsay “destroys Chris, calls him a stupid sandwich, and tells him to get a better haircut.”

Chris Kanik Height

Chris Kanik stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Chris Kanik Birthday?

Chris didn’t reveal his birthday.

  • Where Is Chris Kanik From?

Chris hails from Union City, New Jersey.

But he resided in Mission Viejo, CA, in 2023.

  • Is Chris Kanik On Instagram And Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @ceodadlife and Facebook @chris.kanik.

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