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Meet Ashley Sparks, Dave “Heavy D” Sparks Wife! Age, Job

The self-labeled Stay-at-home Parent, Ashley Sparks might have hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media, but she’s more popular as Dave “Heavy D” Sparks’ wife. Her husband stars in the brand new season of Diesel Brothers.

Get to know Ashley Sparks in her own light as this article proceeds.

Meet Ashley Sparks, Diesel Brothers Star Dave “Heavy D” Sparks Wife

Ashley Sparks met Dave “Heavy D” Sparks at a church in 2008. And given they were smitten at first sight, the lovebirds married just a little over a year on August 12, 2010.

Recalling the moment he first met Ashley, the Diesel Brothers star mentioned that she was the prayer he always wished for with the Lord. “I was sitting in church minding my own business when in walks this new group of girls that I’d never seen before. Ashley was one of them,” he said.

But as cheesy as it may sound, Heavy D confessed that he knew on the spot that Ashley was his girl even before he had ever spoken a word to her. Then, he went to sit behind her and her friends in Sunday school and passed them a note that said, “Would you girls like to go boating sometime? A- Yes, B- No, C- You’re a creep.”

The girls then replied with D- Yes, but you’re still a creep.

A few days later, Heavy D took Ashley and her friends boating with some of his buddies. But since the star didn’t have “2 nickels to rub together” then, he took them on belonged to his buddy’s company, Rockwell watches. 

At the time, Heavy D was working for himself — running heavy equipment and pretty much living from one job to the next just trying to make it through the recession. 

But Ashley didn’t care about his lack of money or even a “real job”. She never asked about how he planned to make a living. “She just always believed in me and had confidence that I would do big things,” he explained.

No wonder, they ended up getting married a little over a year after they initially met and 2 months after their engagement.

Now, from Ashley’s perspective, she was skeptical about saying Yes. “If you know me, you know sometimes I struggle to make decisions,” she said in her defense. But looking back, over 12 years of marriage, she said, “Saying yes was easily the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Also, on their 11th wedding anniversary, she confessed that she still gets excited when I see his name light up on her phone, she still catches herself constantly checking him out, still prioritizes date nights, still gets butterflies when she hears his truck, still support all of his dreams, and the list goes on and on.

But with this being said, Ashley does admit that no marriage is perfect. She knows that her husband sometimes finds her “obnoxious as hell.” And when that happens, the two focus on the ups rather than the downs.

Ashley Sparks And Dave “Heavy D” Sparks Children

Ashley Sparks shares three children with Dave “Heavy D” Sparks named Charly, Beau, and Mack Sparks.

Their daughter, Charley Mae Sparks was born on October 19, 2011. She’s spunky and sweet, cool and confident, all wrapped into one. Ashley describes her as Chatty, Sarcastic, an Old soul, a Beautiful dancer, Boy crazy, and the Best big sister.

As for their son, Beau was born on May 30, 2015. He is a tender-hearted boy who is a little sentimental. “I cannot even begin to tell you how many times a day he’ll stop what he’s doing and say so sincerely, ‘I love you, Mom,’” Ashley explained. But don’t be fooled by his sensitivity. He is also as stubborn as they come. You won’t catch him doing something he doesn’t want to do.

Lastly, their youngest, Mack was born on May 10, 2017. He is a little introvert who doesn’t speak to people because they will comment on his speech and it embarrasses him. Also, the little one loves to twerk, mimic his mother meditate, and weirdly put his finger in the air and fart on demand and say “sorry I’m just a farter boy.”

In 2022, Charley was in 5th grade, Beau was in 2, and  Mack was still attending kindergarten.

Ashley Sparks Age

Ashley Sparks was 33 years of age in 2022.

She is two years younger than her husband  Dave “Heavy D” Sparks.

Is Ashley Sparks On Instagram?

As of November 2022, find her on Instagram @mrs.asparks with over 201K followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @ashley.b.sparks.

Ashley Sparks Height

Ashley Sparks stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

Did you know: Ashley has OCD. She always had a weird fascination with making sure that if the palm of her hand touches an object just right, then she has to touch the object with her other hand and then simultaneously with both hands.

Ashley Sparks Job

Ashley Sparks is an IG influencer. A Stay-at-home Parent, Ashley showcases her daily adventures with her kids on her IG. That’s her job, just living a normal life.

Also, Ashley was reportedly a director/producer. She’s worked on movies and shows including Martha (2005), Diesel Brothers (2016), and Rachael Ray (2006).

Back in 2019, this kind-hearted mom also working with Make-A-Wish Utah.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Ashley Sparks Maiden Name?

Ashley’s maiden name is “Bennett.”

She was born to her mother Joan Beecher Guthrie, a Davis High School graduate.

As for her siblings, she has three sisters — Cortney Jessop (a wife, mom, and a Weber State University graduate), Chelsea Bennett Covington @__chel.sea, and Lindsey Guthrie.

Her sister, Lindsey lived in  North Salt Lake, Utah with her husband Kenny Guthrie, and their beautiful kid. The last we checked, she worked for Delta Air Lines, Inc.

According to Ashley, she always loved growing up with her sisters. But having them as grown up now is even better. For her, family is everything. “There is something so special about it. There’s a reason you’re put together,” she explained.

  • Where Is Ashley Sparks From?

Ashley Sparks hails from Kaysville, Utah.

But as of 2022, she resided with her husband and kids in Kaysville, Utah.

  • When Is Ashley Sparks Birthday?

Ashley receives her birthday wishes on September 9 and is of the Virgo zodiac.

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