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Meet Brentt Leakes, NeNe Leakes Son! His Height, Girlfriend

The Leakes family is going through another tough time after NeNe Leakes’s son Brentt Leakes had a heart attack. NeNe addressed it on her IG story. While the fans are praying for him to recover soon, others are interested to learn more about him.

Keep on scrolling down this article as it unfolds details related to his girlfriend and height.

NeNe Leakes Son Brentt Leakes Suffered A Heart Attack

Reality star NeNe Leakes confirmed via Instagram post that her son Brentt Leakes suffered a heart attack earlier in September 2022. NeNe shared with her 4.3 million fans via an IG story that this isn’t the way she wished the story had come out. She said that Brentt suffered congested heart failure and a stroke.

She added in another part of the story, “He is only 23. He is young for something like that to happen to him.”

TMZ reported that Brentt – who appeared alongside his mom on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” – was transported to a hospital immediately after the medical emergency. NeNe spent several days in the hospital, but has since been released and is in rehab and hoping to make a full recovery, sources also told the outlet.

According to TMZ, Brentt has a long road before he is able to have a full recovery. The mother-son duo has been through difficult times in the past year after the death of Gregg Leakes, NeNe’s husband, and Brentt’s father. Gregg Leakes died on 1 Sept 2021, after losing his battle with colon cancer.

In 2018, Gregg received his initial stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis. His cancer-free status was announced by the family in 2019. Before his disease returned, he had been in remission for two years. Gregg and NeNe had been married for approximately 25 years at the time of his death. Their son was born in 1999 after their initial marriage in 1996. Following a difficult period, the couple filed for divorce in 2011. They did, however, remarry in 2013.

NeNe further added that Brentt was in “good spirits” but “struggling with speaking”. She chose not to reveal where Brentt currently is. She asked her followers not to send flowers and said that they would rather prefer balloons.

In December 2021, on NeNe’s first birthday after her husband’s death, Brentt shared a loving tribute for her online. He joked that it was his mother’s 25th birthday and posted a couple of pictures of himself and his mum. Although they had a difficult year, Brentt stated that her birthday would be “Problem Free.”

The death and diagnosis of Brentt’s father both had a significant impact on him. He encouraged his followers on Instagram to spend time with their loved ones because it is important, a lesson he learned through seeing his father struggle with illness. When Gregg was diagnosed, NeNe admitted that she was “a little concerned” about him because, to her knowledge, he did not weep. She did say that Brentt was a strong and responsible kid.

Brentt Leakes Drugs

Nene Leakes explained that doctor’s assumed that Brentt Leakes was on drugs or have some serious infection because of his young age. She confirmed that her son doesn’t drink or do drugs. The doctors then tested him if he had abused substances or had HIV. They believed that Brentt might’ve caught COVID and Brentt wasn’t aware of it.

Brentt had to go through a number of tests to narrow down what could’ve happened to him to have a heart attack. The cause of his heart attack is yet to be confirmed by doctors. So, no, Brentt doesn’t do drugs.

How Old Is Brentt Leakes?

In 2022, at the time of this writing, Brentt Leakes is 23 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 27 February.

Brentt Leakes Height

Brentt Leakes stands tall at around 6 feet 2 inches,

What Does Brentt Leakes Do For A Living?

Brentt Leakes is the co-owner of The Linnethia Lounge (@thelinnethialounge) with his mom NeNe. On his bio, he has stated that he also co-owns Who Want Some Hookahs (@whowantsmokehookahs) with his partner J.A.

In addition to owning these places, Brentt is also a YouTuber (@KingBrentt). He started uploading videos on the platform in December 2019. On YouTube, he currently has 7.27K subscribers. In May 2020, during the time of COVID, Brentt posted a Q&A video with his parents.

In the video, NeNe shared that she has no problem having a then-21-year-old Brentt in their house. She said, “We don’t wanna be empty-nesters.”

NeNe added, if he moves out, it would be once and for all time.

Brentt Leakes Net Worth

Going by his socials you can tell that Brentt Leakes is living a lavish lifestyle which he maintains with a net worth of above $600 thousand.

Brentt Leakes Girlfriend

While Brentt Leakes enjoys sharing his life on Instagram and other platforms, he is relatively private when it comes to sharing details about his personal life. It is not clear if he has a girlfriend or if he is dating someone currently.

The only thing we can say as of this writing is he likely prefers to keep his dating life away from the public eye.

Related FAQs

  • Is Brentt Leakes On Instagram?

Yes, Brentt Leakes is on Instagram (@kingbrentt), Twitter (@TheKingBrentt), and TikTok (@kingbrentt).

  • Where Does Brentt Leakes Reside?

Brentt Leakes is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

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