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Meet Leese Marie, Rick Ness Girlfriend! Age, Instagram

Following the release of Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 1, fans on the internet theorized that the ominous cliffhanger involving Rick Ness is an elaborate ruse staged by the showrunners and that the real reason he has not been in touch is that he just became a father. They believe Rick had a kid with his girlfriend, Leese Marie, or in another case, they gossiped, that he could have had one with someone else. So, is there any truth to all these assumptions?

Let’s find out in this writing about Rick Ness’s girlfriend!

Meet Leese Marie, Gold Rush Rick Ness’s Girlfriend

Viewers were introduced to Rick Ness’s girlfriend, Leese Marie during Season 12 of Gold Rush. She had accompanied Rick on his expedition that time around, even lending her hands to him while learning the ropes herself.

But, to her dismay, Leese met with unanticipated mixed reactions. To the point, that she even felt the need to slam those haters by writing several posts on Facebook. Not only did she decline all the wrong speculations they made about her, but Rick also spoke in her defense.

Not to miss, when people commented on her appearance saying she looked like she was suffering from an eating disorder. That was when Leese unveiled that she actually suffered from a chronic disease called colitis. The disease is an inflammation of the colon that requires Leese to restrict her diet to keep from aggravating it.

While the story behind ‘how they met’ was yet untold, according to Leese herself, they started dating officially on 13 November 2020. Also, it looked like that over the course, they had been spending quality time together in Yukon, unearthing gold, among other things. Yet, just when fans were starting to believe that they have a child and their affair is for life, there came around this time when they appeared like no more an item. This time these rumors mostly originated on the ground that their pictures were deleted from Rick’s IG @thebigrickness.

In March 2022, Leese also actually hinted at ‘no more Rick’ in a TikTok video. She was seen calling him “my ex”.

Speaking of Leese being the mother of Rick’s kid, Leese for sure has a son, and even admits to being a “boy mom” on social media, but Rick is not the baby daddy. Who it is, she has not cared to mention thus far.

How Old Is Leese Marie?

Leese Marie was born in 1977. So, she reached the age of 44 in 2022.

Gold Rush Rick Ness And Leese Marie Age Difference

Gold Rush Rick Ness was born on 5 March 1981. So, he reached the age of 41 in 2022. As for Marie, she is a few years older than him. So, they clearly have a couple of years of age difference between them.

Leese Marie Job

Leese Marie is an aspiring social media influencer liking wanting to make her way through TikTok @lil_hurricane_ and other social media platforms.

She reportedly had at least $100 thousand net worth as of 2022.

Leese also may have worked for or owned a business(s) of her own. All of it remained unconfirmed though.

Leese Marie Family

As of 2022 and there were no details as to who Leese Marie’s family is and where they lived and what they did for a living.

Is Leese Marie On Instagram And Facebook?

Leese Marie could be found on Instagram @leese_m_arie with 192 posts and 2,666 followers. She writes in her bio that “Everything Happens For A Reason”.

She also actively shared on TikTok @lil_hurricane (2126 followers) and Facebook.

Has Leese Marie Appeared On Gold Rush Yet?

Yes and we also prior discussed this. Leese Marie back in January 2022 filled in for an injured crew member.

As for Rick, Parker first hired him in season 3 of Gold Rush and he had never mined for gold before. Yet, the newbie had quickly proved himself and became Parker’s right hand man.

With time, after rising through the ranks, Rick risked everything to set up his own claim and set a Gold Rush record for most gold hauled in by a rookie mine boss in his first year.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Leese Marie’s Birthday?

Leese Marie’s birthday is on October 25th and that makes her a Scorpio.

  • Where Is Leese Marie From?

Leese Marie was born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although lately, in 2022, she was based around Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

While Rick is a native of Michigan who grew up around heavy machinery at his dad’s construction business.

  • How Tall Is Leese Marie?

Leese Marie stands 5 feet and 5 inches in height, though still shorter than Rick.

More about Leese’s bodily features, she weighed around 53 kilograms (116 lbs) and has multiple tattoos on her arms.

Leese also has opened up about breast implants, has pierced his lips, and is not scared to flaunt her stunning measurements of 35-25-36.

We have seen Leese also enjoy motorcycles and working out in the gym as Rick does. Although it is Rick only, building his tattoo collection. At college, Rick was a football hotshot, but when a head injury ended his playing career he took up music, learning to play the upright bass. He then formed a band called the .357 Stringband, released 3 albums, and toured the world.

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