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Meet Britney Munday, Sam Munday Ex-Wife!

Britney Munday, Sam Munday’s ex-wife, was one of the people who spoke against Camille Muday (Sam’s current wife) during her 2022 controversy with fellow TikTok star Taylor Paul. However, after receiving a lot of hate from the internet, Britney shared that she was “not going to expand more” on the topic as it was triggering her past trauma.

Let’s delve into Britney’s life more as this article proceeds.

Meet Britney Munday, Sam Munday Ex-Wife

Britney Munday was married to Sam Munday for at least until 2015.

During their time together, Britney and Sam often graced each other’s IG. From their first time trick-or-treating in their new neighborhood to visiting Snowbasin’s free concert series, the couple regularly flaunted their daily adventures.

But what seemed like a fairy tale to many was infact an “unhealthy relationship.”

According to Britney, she felt like she was on a crumbling cliff. “Either I could stay on the cliff until it completely gave out underneath me or I had to muster up all my strength, leap and pray I was going to land on solid ground,” she explained.

This fighter then took the leap of courage and moved in with her parents. Eventually, Britney and Sam then divorced on good terms.

“We were two great people that weren’t great for each other. And despite trying everything to keep our marriage afloat ultimately all of us were better off living separately,” she confessed to having no ill feelings for her ex-husband.

And this was also exactly what Britney said when the internet began to hate on her (during the Camille – Taylor controversy).

In her words, “I’m not going to expand more, now. But the DM’s, stranger’s comments on Camille’s TikTok, and Reddit threads are all very triggering to my past trauma. I can only be strong for so long. I hope it’s never forgotten hope much I stood up for Camille and my kids’ dad as being good people prior to this situation. I’m disengaging.”

As for Britney’s kids with Sam, she shares a son named Jake (born: March 23, 2014) and a daughter named Chloe (born: on May 2, 2016) with him.

Also, between Jake and Chloe, Britney was pregnant with a baby boy. Sadly, he had Trisomy 18, and Britney missed carried at 14 weeks. The pain of losing that pregnancy was “agonizing.” Later, she and Sam then went up the canyon to release some blue balloons as a symbolic way of letting go of what was outside of their control.

Talking about parenting, Britney shared that she found out the “best-kept secrets” that women could experience only after being a mother. “Being a mother is the greatest. I’d choose it a thousand times over anything else I thought would ever bring me happiness,” she added.

What Is Britney Munday Relationship Status Today?

Britney Munday didn’t talk about her dating life after her divorce from Sam Munday.

But from the looks of it, she might have finally found her missing half in 2021. Her possible boyfriend is named Jordan Treasure. He once was even spotted carrying Britney in his arms on her FB.

Also, it seems Jordan was close to Britney’s family and had spent countless hours at the bedside of her grandpa during his hospitalizations.

“I am to have found him. If I had to endure every relationship hardship to meet him, I’d do it all over again knowing it led to him,” Britney talked about Jordan.

Britney Munday Age

Britney Munday was born on September 21, 1989. That made her 33 years of age in 2022.

As per her birthday, Britney is of the Virgo zodiac.

Trivia: For Britney’s 31st birthday celebration, Britney and her mother went to NYC.

Britney Munday Job

Britney Munday is a Registered Nurse (RN) with an experience of over 9 years.

As of 2022, she was working as a “clinical instructor” at Ameritech for over a year, and as a “Registered Nurse” at Intermountain Healthcare for over 4 years.

Prior to that, Britney was a registered nurse at Timpanogos Regional Hospital from July 2012 to July 2014.

Also, from Nov 2007 to March 2009, she took on a job as a snowboard instructor at Snowbasin Resort.

Talking about her academic qualifications, Britney received her “Associate of Science – As” in 2008, “Associate of Science – Nursing” in 2012, “Bachelor of Science – Nursing” in 2013, and “Master’s of Nursing Education” in 2021, all from  Weber State University.

And now, after graduating with a 4.0 GPA in her master’s, she’s pursuing her doctorate in the DNP-FNP program. This degree is completely separate from her Master’s and would allow her to practice and prescribe as a Nurse Practitioner (NP).

Is Britney Munday On Instagram?

Yes, as of September 2022, Britney was on Instagram (@britneywheelwright) and TikTok (@britneywheelwright).

But sadly, that very month she initiated her Instagram “moratorium” to focus on school and said she’d probably be back in December.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Britney Munday From?

Britney has resided in places like Lehi, UT; Orem, UT; and Ogden, UT, one of which is her hometown.

  • What Is Britney Munday Maiden Name?

Britney’s maiden name is “Wheelwright.”

She was born to parents, Paul H and Brenda M Wheelwright.

Her dad, Paul is an Ogden, Utah native who went on to become the president of Wheelwright Lumber Company, a position he held for over 20 years. Also, he has received the Purple Paw award in 2021 from the Weber State Emeritus Society.

As for Britney’s mother, Brenda (the most selfless person Britney knew)  is a Weber State University graduate who went on to become the “Chief Deputy Treasure” at Weber County Treasurer’s Office.

In 2022, Paul (60) and Brenda (58) were married for over 4 decades.

Besides Britney, they also share a son named Trevor Wheelwright.

Sadly, Britney lost her grandfather (the kindest, honest, and hardworking person she had ever known) in October 2021.

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