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Meet Caly Bevier Parents: Missy And Adam Bevier! Age, Job

The judges might be amazed when Caly Bevier returned to America’s Got Talent All Stars in 2023 — especially, Simon Cowell who claimed he could remember Caly’s AGT audition “like it was yesterday” — but even more amazed were Caly’s parents who got to hear their daughter’s songs repeatedly on local radio stations.

So, who are Caly Bevier’s parents? Get to know their age, job, and more as you scroll down.

Who Are Caly Bevier Parents?

Caly Bevier was born to her parents, Missy and Adam Bevier. They are her number one supporters and her biggest fans.

Proud of Caly, her dad said, “It makes me proud of Caly for all the hard work and passion she has put into her craft over the last year and a half.” Especially, since Caly’s time on AGT, her parents have also started receiving praise for giving birth to such an amazing talent.

Their daughter first appeared on AGT back in 2016. Blowing away the judge with her “Fight Song”, she was able to win Simon Cowell’s first Golden Buzzer on the show. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the semi-finals.

And now, after 6 years, the singer has returned to the stage of AGT to prove herself once again and also to win that stunning $500,000. The last we saw her, she slayed her original song called “Head Held High” in the auditions.

Meet Adam Bevier, Caly Bevier Father

Adam Bevier is Caly Bevier’s father who “lives his life to help and save others.” According to the AGT star, her dad works “late nights and extra hours to provide for his family. And he’s all around an awesome Dad and best friend.”

Also, Adam’s a supportive father. On Jan 2, 2023, he took to his FB to share a pic of his daughter from AGT, captioned, “Tonight! Caly is performing on AGT: All-Stars. Show starts at 8. Check it out on NBC. It’s the season premiere.”

  • Adam Bevier Age

Adam Bevier was born in October 1978. That made him 44 years of age in 2023.

Also, this means he had Caly when he was just 20.

  • Adam Bevier Job

Adam Bevier is a Firefighter/EMT at Toledo Fire & Rescue Department. He’s been helping the people of Toledo for as long as Caly can remember.

As for his education, Adam attended Otsego High School.

  • Is Adam Bevier On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @adam_bevier78.

Also, here’s his Facebook @adam.bevier.5 and Twitter @beveeay.

Meet Missy Bavier, Caly Bevier Mother

Missy Bavier is Caly Bevier’s mother who’s been there for her through thick and thin. Even the singer confessed that they’ve “been through the wringer” but her mother always found a way to “make [their] whole family happy.”

Like Adam, Missy is also very supportive of her daughter. On Jan 2, 2023, she took to her IG to share her daughter’s pic, captioned, “I know what I’m watching tomorrow night at 8. Happy New Year!”

  • Missy Bavier Age

Missy Bavier was born in March 1979. That made her 43 years of age in 2023.

She is a year younger than her husband Adam.

Her maiden name is “Mason.”

  • Missy Bavier Job

Missy states her job as a “Furniture Sales and Design Consultant.” But she also says, “My opinions and statements do not always reflect that of my employer.”

The last we checked, she was a member of All Trails.

Also, Missy is an LBGTQIA advocate.

When she’s not working, Missy loves to travel and eat.

Her motto — “Enjoy the little things that make life beautiful!”

  • Is Missy Bavier On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @every_day_mom.

Also, here’s his Facebook @missy.bevier.

Related FAQs

  • Are Caly Bevier Parents Still Married?

Yes, as of 2023, Caly’s parents are still married.

Only recently the two celebrated their 23rd anniversary on March 19, 2022.

A year before that, the two “climbed and jumped off waterfalls, celebrated fun holidays, went to some local beaches, and some that are not so local,” to commemorate their 22 years together.

Also, on their 20th anniversary, the duo booked a repelling and free-falling excursion on their trip. “We repelled down various waterfalls and cliffs the largest being 160ft high. Then we free fell into a swimming hole from at least 20ft up and crossed over a 200ft high hanging bridge,” Missy said.

Looking back, Missy revealed that their marriage wasn’t easy. There were days when she would cry from stress and days that she wanted to throw the towel in, but if they were willing to work together — “to the point of jumping off a cliff for your partner.” So, they made it!

  • Where Do Caly Bevier Parents Reside?

In 2023, Caly’s parents resided in Grand Rapids, OH.

  • How Many Children Do Caly Bevier Parents Have?

Caly’s parents share 4 kids — Caly, Lavaya, Adam, and Gavin.

Their daughter, Lavaya graduated in 2020 and is a good single as well. Find her on IG @lavayabevier and FB @lavaya.bevier.9.

As for their son Adam, he turned 11 on June 29, 2022.  Adam has a “soft gentle spirit” and he likes to play baseball and basketball

And their youngest, Gavin only reached 9 on August 11, 2022. Gavin has the kindest soul, so much so that back on his 6th birthday, he just wanted to eat in bed (basically breakfast-in-bed) as a present.

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