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Meet Cassidy Hutchinson Family: Dad, Mom, Siblings!

Cassidy Hutchinson turned heads after her recent testimony in front of the United States House Select Committee regarding the Capitol Hill Riot. She shared some very disturbing facts that she witnessed. Many American people admired her patriotism and admired her for speaking out loud.

So, let us help you more about Cassidy Hutchinson’s family. Below you’ll learn the age, job, and current locations of her family members. Keep reading this article starting with!

Who Are Cassidy Hutchinson Family Members?

Cassidy Hutchinson comes from a family of four that includes her father Richard Hutchinson, mother Angela Hutchinson, and her brother Jack Hutchinson. Her parents raised her and her brother in her hometown of Hopewell Township, Mercer County, New Jersey.

Cassidy Hutchinson With Her Father Richard Hutchinson And Her Brother Jack Hutchinson (Pic: Facebook)

Her parents are currently divorced. But, they still keep in touch, and Richard seems to keep his wife in high regard.

Keep scrolling to learn more about her parents below.

Meet Cassidy Hutchinson Dad, Richard Hutchinson

Richard Hutchinson is the proud father of Cassidy Hutchinson. Richard, a 53-year-old who was born in August 1968, can be found often boasting about his two children on his socials. In January 2020, he posted a snap of Cassidy which showed her standing in the press conference room in the White House.

Richard captioned the post, “Our Beautiful super-intelligent daughter”. He expressed a similar sentiment when she graduated from high school. He echoed, “Cassidy made it…..:)))) Cassidy is such an awesome young Lady…. I could NEVER ask for a better daughter EVER….”

Richard Hutchinson’s Letter From White House For His 50th Birthday (Pic: Facebook)

In June 2015, when Cassidy won Hopewell’s Township Mayors Award, Richard posted on his Facebook and wrote, “My baby WON the Hopewell Township’s mayors award how awesome for Outstanding Civic Contribution!”

Richard is an entrepreneur by profession. He owns Arbor Barber Tree Service which he started in 1987, fresh out of high school, starting from a love of trees and plants. Eventually, he made a career out of it and has been running the business for more than 30 years.

His company and crew of six have served thousands of customers in the Mercer County, NJ, and Lower Bucks County, PA areas. The professional arborists at Arbor Barber are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide the proper care they deserve.

Richard and his business have also been featured on CommunityNews.Org.

Richard is a graduate of Hopewell Valley Central HS in 1987. Later on, he attended Rutgers University.

Meet Cassidy Hutchinson Mom, Angela Hutchinson

Richard Hutchinson believes that his daughter Cassidy Hutchinson inherited beauty and the brain both from his ex-wife and Cassidy’s mother Angela Hutchinson.

In 2022, Richard admired Angela for their daughter’s success Via a Facebook post.  With a picture of Cassidy at the White House, he captioned the post, “Super hard worker wonderful young lady super intelligent just like her brother….. Got their brains from their mommy”.

Angela is a very private person and hasn’t shared much about her life. Because Cassidy is not on any social media platforms, it is impossible to chronicle details regarding the nature of their relationship. But, Angela’s Facebook post suggests that they are close.

Angela posted a picture of her daughter Cassidy and son Jack from 2002. One of her Facebook friends asked her, “And how old are they now?”. She replied, “what a way to make me feel old. 21 & 25”.

Her current relationship status is unclear. In 2015, her now ex-husband Richard was engaged. He announced it via Facebook in January 2015. But, in 2022, his Facebook relationship status announced him single, so it appears, that the marriage never transpired.

Angela was born in September 1969. She turned 52 years old in 2022.

Does Cassidy Hutchinson Have Siblings?

Cassidy Hutchinson has one younger sibling, her brother Jack Hutchinson. In June 2022, her brother is 22 years old.

Cassidy Hutchinson With Her Younger Brother Jack Hutchinson (Pic: Facebook)

Jack Hutchinson is currently working as a child care specialist since July 2019. Furthermore, he also worked at Hopewell Valley YMCA in the same role before that from 2017 to 2020 in Pennington, New Jersey. Jack is currently attending The College of New Jersey. He is majoring in Clinical Psychology and working hard to earn a Master’s Degree by 2025.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Cassidy Hutchinson Family Live?

Cassidy Hutchinson’s family is currently living in Pennington, New Jersey.

  • Is Cassidy Hutchinson Family Close?

Yes, Cassidy Hutchinson’s family is close to each other.

  • Are The Cassidy Hutchinson Family Members Republicans?

While Cassidy Hutchinson’s father seems to be a Republican supporter, the political standing of the rest of the family members is unclear.

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